My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 106

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟔: 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 (2)

The Lead Core of the Vehlpciaarct has notified the Local Group that they have declared war on the Parahtoria.

➖The Lead Core, authorized with the official leadership of the Vehlpciaarct, declares with its authority,

➖There was an armed clash between Deal Core, who was dispatched to the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy for diplomacy with the Teterek, and the Parahtoria, and Deal Core was annihilated by the Parahtoria.

➖The Parahtoria has occupied the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy with its unique vitality and expansion, and has even annihilated the Teterek and the Mahadto that existed in that galaxy.

➖Therefore, the Vehlpciaarct regards the Parahtoria as a universal threat, and it is clear that the two races have entered a state of war since the time of the clash between Deal Core and the Parahtoria.

That fact was widely known through the news sources of humans, the Aooa, and other highly civilized races with names.

So now, in front of Kreion sitting on the throne, there is the Elite who has become the host of the Parahtoria.

“We are guaranteed survival under the shadow of the Chimeraz. Kreion.”

“I intend to keep my promise to you. If the Vehlpciaarct threatens your survival, we should help.”

“Thank you.”

“But the opponent is the Vehlpciaarct, who has humanity behind them. They are the leaders and pioneers of transcending machinery. From our standpoint, they will not be an easy opponent.”

Kreion asserts.

It’s a ‘duty’ for the Chimeraz to help the Parahtoria now, but the fact that the opponent is not easy, so there’s some ‘favor’ involved.

“We may abandon you. It might be a rational choice to give up a small vassal race, rather than fight a powerful enemy called the Vehlpciaarct while burning down the entire population of the race.

“Kreion. Without the help of the Chimeraz, our survival will be threatened and we will decline greatly. Of course, I know that the Vehlpciaarct is a burden to the Chimeraz as well. But we are just about to make a leap by becoming your vassal race.”

The Parahtoria, who spoke so, became humble in front of Kreion.

Kreion, who confirmed that appearance, emphasizes his favor once again.

“We cannot actively intervene militarily from the beginning. Because the opponent is the Vehlpciaarct, we need to check more things and come up with a meticulous plan.”

“Then at least the Chimeraz fleet and ground forces. . . .”

“I’ll give it to you. Instead, there is a condition.”

“Let’s hear it.”


As Kreion rose from his throne, the tentacles of unknown origin that were connected to the back of his head were torn off.

“I will protect you from the mighty Vehlpciaarct. We will help you, the Parahtoria, to continue to exist in the midst of the great flames of war, by consuming many of our resources and taking risks.”

Kreion walked a few steps towards the Parahtoria as it was.

He stopped two steps in front of the Parahtoria.

“So be sincerely loyal. So that we can trust you even after we have consumed a lot.”

” . . . .”

“Become our ‘vassal’ with all your heart. Parahtoria.”


Ludwig couldn’t help but be impressed.

“It’s amazing. . . . Just a few words from you, and you’ve made the Parahtoria your confidant. . . . They will be a very loyal race since they will receive considerable favor from our race in the future. . . .”

“The Parahtoria will soon be invaded by the Vehlpciaarct. Perhaps that triple star system will be the first target.”

“Maybe the invasion has already begun at this very moment. . . .”

“Didn’t you say last time that there was a leader who wanted to have the Parahtoria under him?”

“Yes. . . . It’s Drexus, rank 19th. . . .”

“Give Drexus one bio-planet and 50 fleets. And send that child to the colony of the triple star system in Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.”

“If the Vehlpciaarct is invading the triple star system colony. . . . Is Drexus stepping in. . .?”

“He won’t come out in person and will maintain an appropriate distance. First of all, he will support the Chimeraz individuals as hosts to the Parahtoria.”

“Ah. . . .”

“It was the Parahtoria who insisted that the Vehlpciaarct was waging war.”

Kreion’s thinking ability saw beyond the current events.

“Ludwig. What do you think this declaration of war is?”

Ludwig, who has undergone military learning, answers right away.

“A declaration of war is a doctrine and custom of war that humans emphasize. . . . So, if a declaration of war is not made, it can have a negative impact on the reputation of that race. . . . However, it is also a concept that it is not necessary to keep it if it is for victory. . . .”

“Yeah. But the Vehlpciaarct ‘deliberately’ showed the appearance of declaring war on the Parahtoria. What do you think is the reason?”

” . . . . . .Ah.”

Ludwig realized at once what Kreion was trying to say.

“The Parahtoria recently declared that it has become a vassal race of the Chimeraz. . . . If the Vehlpciaarct attacks the Parahtoria like that. . . . We have no choice but to punish the Vehlpciaarct. . . .”

“This means they are telling us to come in.”

The Chimeraz comes forward to break the dramatic peace agreement between the powerful races.

“Master. . . . In that case, our reputation will be tarnished. . . . If you don’t know about the vassal race and do it, they will say that you have no sense of responsibility. . . . If you declare war on the Vehlpciaarct, they will say you are bellicose and aggressive. . . .”

“Those machines forced our actions. If our reputation will be tarnished regardless of which side we choose, we have no choice but to choose to help the vassal race.”

“They’re tricky guys. . . . Trying to pin the role of a villain who spoils the peace on the Chimeraz. . . .”

“That’s why they declared war so openly. If the Vehlpciaarct really aimed for the Parahtoria, they would have made a surprise attack without declaring war.”

“Yes. . . . If the Vehlpciaarct appears like this. . . . It seems that they are making thorough preparations and carrying out the war strategically. . . . However, we do not know the exact size of the Vehlpciaarct. . . .”

“It will be a difficult war.”

Ludwig’s tentacles trembled at the corners of his mouth.

“We have been preparing a lot. . . . I think there are many means that can be used both internally and externally to the race. . . . We can wipe out the Vehlpciaarct. . . .”

The Vehlpciaarct must have been fully prepared. It can only be seen that they declared war on the Parahtoria because they had their own plans.

The Chimeraz will send troops to protect the vassal race, and they have decided not to avoid declaring war on the Vehlpciaarct depending on the situation.

In the end, if the Chimeraz and the Vehlpciaarct go to war, it is impossible to say which side will win.

This is because the Vehlpciaarct does not know the entire size of the Chimeraz and the Chimeraz does not know the entire size of the Vehlpciaarct.

‘It was an antimatter sublight missile. . . . ‘

Of course, that missile won’t be all of it.

In the past, Gorgo’s Star and the Nanozator fleet fought a battle. So, the Vehlpciaarct side must have been preparing strategies to counter the Chimeraz all this time.

Of course, we have also prepared strategic elements to counter the Vehlpciaarct, so they will not be easily defeated.

‘The problem is humanity.’

Humans and the Vehlpciaarct have a deep bond. To be exact, they don’t know how humans think of the Vehlpciaarct, but the Vehlpciaarct see humans as idols.

Nevertheless, the humans and Vehlpciaarct are not allies. So, even if the Chimeraz declares war on the Vehlpciaarct, humans are not obliged to help the Vehlpciaarct and fight the Chimeraz.

‘But if humans help the Vehlpciaarct and attack us. . . . ‘

At that time, not only the Parahtoria but the entire Chimeraz race could be in danger.

‘In the end, it’s Lopez who determines humanity’s attitude. Because he controls everything about humans.’

Ludwig read Kreion’s thoughts.

“In order to predict what humans will do, we need to find out at least a little bit of Lopez’s intentions. . . .”

“Of course.”

Because Lopez’s will is the will of humanity.

Kreion briefly recalled the 20 years of memories he had received from Lopez.

➖But the race you designed by mobilizing all my technological capabilities will inevitably become stronger than humans in the long term. Would it be okay if the influence of that race surpasses humanity someday?

➖I don’t care as long as the influence of that race can keep humanity safe.

The value Lopez valued the most was the safety of humanity. That’s why he tried to use the power of the Chimeraz on a grand scale. Even now, it can be seen that he is using the power of the Chimeraz in some ways.

Anyway, the Chimeraz brought down the Crolr, which had been making humanity uneasy all this time. They completely shattered them so that they could never resume their conquest. And now, the Chimeraz and humanity are almost on an equal footing, entering the Cold War and leading the semi-forced peace of the Local Group of Galaxies.

What Lopez intended was accomplished by the Chimeraz, and the Chimeraz wisely made the best choice according to Lopez’s intentions.

That’s when what Lopez said at Asilomar Ziggurat came true.

➖Since the great war has been suppressed, we can achieve semi-permanent long peace until either humans or the Chimeraz collapse.

As a result, Lopez achieved peace.

But it’s a crisis that could be broken in just a month.

No, it is not a crisis.

This peace was precarious from the beginning.

It just came a little early.

‘What choice will you make? Lopez. . . . ‘


“What do you think we should do? Lopez-nim.”

Lopez is facing Sheamus Pollan, who is projected as a hologram in his office.

“What do Pollan-nim’s people want?”

Pollan, the stellar president of the Defaulstellay stellar nation, put his people first.

“My people are mostly clamoring to stay out of it. The people eventually acknowledged the fact that the Chimeraz protected us from the Crolr in the past.”

“So, you’re saying that they want to watch this situation that could escalate into a full-scale war between the Vehlpciaarct and the Chimeraz. . . . Do you agree with that, Pollan-nim?”

“To be honest, yes. I think it is better to watch it without getting involved.”

“Other nations, except for Defaulstellay, are all saying that we should help the Vehlpciaarct, humanity’s long-time ally.”

“Even if the whole world says that we should help the Vehlpciaarct, I believe that my people are right. It is a very dangerous and unstable situation, so aren’t you also watching it for now, Lopez-nim?”

“That’s right.”

“And strictly speaking, the Vehlpciaarct and humanity are not allies. We are not obligated to help them against the Chimeraz. In fact, if humanity steps forward, the war will only get bigger.”

Then, Lopez brings up the story of Lead Core, who recently visited the Drake stellar nation.

“Lead Core came to see me. The person they wanted to meet was not Pollan-nim, who is the UNF’s leading figure, or Ark, the artificial intelligence that helped them.”

“Then who. . . ?”

“They came to deliver a message to me. The Vehlpciaarct was convinced that humanity was behind me.”

“What did they say to Lopez-nim?”

“They conveyed to me their wish that the humans would also make a wise decision.”

“The Vehlpciaarct declared war on the Parahtoria and intends to go to war with the Chimeraz. Why are they suddenly asking us to make a wise decision?”

“The Chimeraz’s dangerousness, I guess.”

“The Chimeraz is not dangerous. . . .”

Pollan, who was about to say that the Chimeraz was not dangerous, unknowingly closed his mouth.

The fragmented Apoptology.

The invasion of the Nemea Star Nation.

The Battle of Babylonia Fleet.

The Hecartra Battle.

The invasion of the Drake stellar nation.

And the living planet that appeared in the solar system, which caused cosmic horror.

“The Vehlpciaarct is more calculating than any other race. At the same time, they are perfect machines, but they have the pure spirit of their biological days.”

The Crolr, who were driven to the brink of extinction.

The Aooa, who are becoming closer to the Chimeraz than humans.

The Hyraguroa, who keep trading something with the Chimeraz.

The Ririm, who declared an alliance with the Chimeraz.

The Parahtoria’s declaration of being a dependent race.

The Human Galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud, and now the Canis Minor Dwarf Galaxy.

Pollan shook his head to get rid of the thoughts swirling in his head.

“Lopez-nim. That is the Vehlpciaarct’s inferiority complex.”

“Inferiority complex?”

“The Vehlpciaarct could not accept the fact that the Chimeraz received more abilities from humanity than they did. So, they started doing things like this, claiming that the Chimeraz is dangerous. And then they wrap it up with something like salvation or belief.”

“I don’t think it’s an inferiority complex.”


Lopez clasped his hands together.

“It’s fear.”

An unstoppable force.

A race that will control the Local Group.

“This is not just the Vehlpciaarct’s story.”

“. . . .”

“The fear of the Chimeraz is in a corner of everyone’s heart. People all over the world are saying that we should help the Vehlpciaarct against the Chimeraz at this time. . . . Even if peace is broken and the Chimeraz and humanity go to war, they say that we should help our machine friends.”

Because everyone is afraid.

Because everyone has a desire to eliminate the source of that fear, even if the current peace is broken, even if they are not aware of it.

“You, Pollan-nim, are also afraid of the Chimeraz. So am I. Today, there will be no one who sees the Chimeraz and is not even a little afraid, except for those with impaired cognitive abilities or children.”

“. . . . . .Then Lopez-nim is going to help the Vehlpciaarct, following the public opinion all over the world. . . ?”

“I’ll watch it a little longer, but yes. I think I will probably side with the Vehlpciaarct and mediate the situation. So that neither side goes ‘extinct’.”

It means that neither the Chimeraz nor the Vehlpciaarct should disappear, and that humanity will step forward at the right time to restore peace.

“Do you understand?”

Pollan vaguely felt an indescribable fear in his heart.

And he gulped.

“. . . .Yes. I understand what you mean.”

“Then I will ask for your cooperation so that the UNF’s movements can flow in that direction.”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Go. . . . I have something to do.”

Pollan’s hologram ended,

And Lopez looked at the being who was hidden by Pollan’s hologram.

“Come this way and sit down.”

It was a Chimeraz wearing a suit.

“Nice to meet you for the first time. Lopez-nim.”

“You heard the conversation I just had, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Haha. . . .”

“Then you know what I’m thinking, roughly.”

“Actually, I came to see you to learn a little bit about Lopez-nim’s intentions. I wonder if you showed me everything without hiding anything, or if it was an action you took to show me the opposite.”

“Kreion will judge whether my recent conversation was true or false. . . .Mr. Rundalti.”

Rundalt wiggled his hands playfully at Lopez’s cold expression.

“I wish Lopez-nim would hide something moderately. It annoys me whenever your story comes up. . . . Haha.”

Then, Rundalt grinned with a strange smile.

It was an expression he made to give the other person a sense of discomfort and tension.

Perhaps, if it were ordinary opponents, they would have fallen for that strange expression.

“Is that also Kreion’s message?”

“No. It’s just like that.”


Rundalt pulled a chair roughly and sat down, thinking.

‘A boring kid. . . . ’

At that moment, Lopez had cold eyes.

Eyes in which no emotion could be found.

“Mr. Rundalti.”


“I am not a very gentle and kind person.”


“I can erase you without a trace and clean up the aftermath neatly right here.”

Silence ensued.

For a while, their eyes clashed in the air.

“Oh, that’s scary. I thought humans were all weak and cowardly. . . . Do you, our great Lopez-nim, know that you’re really strong?”

“Yes. So I want you to know that I have no intention of laughing and indulging you when you act like an asshole. Unlike Kreion, you are not in a position to do that to me.”

“. . . .”

“Stop playing mind games that you can’t win and just deliver the message properly. Unless Kreion ordered you to act like that.”

It was surprising that Lopez spoke so confidently,

“Aha. . . .”

But Rundalt’s reaction that followed was very strange.

“. . . . . .I made a mistake! I’m not that old. Haha! I apologize for my attitude earlier!”

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