My Children Swarm the Cosmos – Chapter 105

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟓: 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐞𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐁𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝 (1)

The Vehlpciaarct’s ship visited the Drake Nation.

A few months ago, the Bluesteel in the 11th orbit was shattered in the war with the Chimeraz. The dry ice remnants of the Bluesteel, orbiting in a broken orbit, have become a resource for carbon dioxide.

Fayda in the 10th orbit, the gas planet Altblubber in the 9th orbit, and the three satellites orbiting it have been deployed with a large number of defense satellites after recovering from the damage of the war.

The planet where the Vehlpciaarct’s ship is anchored is an ice planet called Cranica in the 7th orbit.

Cranica has a similar environment to Europa in the solar system and has a 610 km deep underground ocean. On the frozen ice continent above it, there is a civilization of the Drake Nation, and it is said that the Drake Nation is currently building this Cranica as a Planet Weapon.

And Ark Corporation.

Its headquarters were in Cranica.

“The reason I came to Ark-nim is to tell you in advance before the all-out war is carried out.”

“Why are you telling me that? I’m just an artificial intelligence that manages the dimensional passageway of the human world.”

A humanoid in a gray suit connected to Ark. In front of him is Lead Core.

Lead Core, with a body that you don’t know if it’s a machine leg or a tentacle, is not even sitting on a chair and is standing on the floor. The surface of the metal ripples like a wave, which are countless Vehlpciaarct members containing Lead Core’s spirit.

“It would have been better to go to Pollan-nim, the leader representing the UNF, and go to Defaulstellay Union.

“Ark-nim. You don’t have to hide it anymore.”

“What am I hiding from the Vehlpciaarct?”

“Ark-nim is an artificial intelligence, and you saved us with a human name. However, as far as we know, artificial intelligence must follow the authority.”

“I’m different. Ark Corporation is a public institution not owned by any individual or country.”

“But if Ark-nim is an artificial intelligence, doesn’t that mean there is a human being who created Ark-nim?”

“My Administrator passed away a long time ago. So I currently judge and act autonomously.”

Kiriririk. . .

The mechanical surface of the Lead Core rippled once.

“The human who created Ark-nim is Lopez-nim.”

“Why do you think so?”

“All circumstances are like that.”


“The Drake Nation is a technological powerhouse as well as an artificial intelligence powerhouse. The origin of its history is the giant corporation Obsidiamon, which focused on artificial intelligence. And Lopez-nim, the chairman of Obsidiamon, founded the current Drake Nationand became the administrator of the nation.”

“. . . Go ahead.”

“The Drake Nation has provided powerful artificial intelligence to mankind. Its influence is deeply rooted in the very depths of humanity. The evidence is that the official artificial intelligence enforcer of the UNF is an artificial intelligence such as Hyper Mind, a government-level national organization of the Drake Nation.”

Ark decides to listen to Force Core’s guess quietly.

“Therefore, it can be seen that the entity that developed Hyper Mind is the Drake Nation, Obsidiamon, and Lopez-nim. In addition, the current Hyper Mind can intervene in the UNF and lead the will of mankind.”

“That’s all true. However, that’s not enough to explain that my Administrator is Lopez-nim.”

“MDD. Drake’s machine guardians are also under the command of artificial intelligence. And the fact that Lopez-nim’s ‘Phase Assault Troops,’ which are currently causing a stir among mankind, are also being controlled by artificial intelligence was revealed by Lopez-nim himself.”

Force Core continues.

“There was artificial intelligence throughout human society. And the origin of all those artificial intelligences is connected to Lopez-nim. We don’t know what existed before Lopez-nim, but it is clear that all the artificial intelligences rooted in the current mankind are connected to Lopez-nim.”

“So what?”

“Therefore, the artificial intelligence that currently manages the dimensional passageway of mankind. It is inevitable that Ark Corporation’s Ark-nim also follows Lopez-nim. This is because it is unlikely that humans will leave artificial intelligence completely free, and because Lopez-nim is the only one among the members of the current human race who can control an artificial intelligence like Ark-nim under such an assumption.”

“. . . .”

“There’s more. At the time when Kemet Agele Kreion, the ruler of the Chimeraz, invaded Nemea, he mentioned Ark in a broadcast. This is evidence that Ark-nim was involved in the creation of the Chimeraz, and Ark-nim has since waved his hand at the Chimeraz.”

“After Ark-nim waved his hand, the UNF stepped in. The UNF, which Hyper Mind could intervene in, stepped in. After that, the UNF protected the Babylonia Planet Weapon with amazing prediction power and even figured out the location of Hecartra, the main colony of the Chimeraz, and fought a fleet battle with them.”

“And in the end, for some reason, the Chimeraz invaded the Drake Nation. And in the end, Lopez-nim’s Phase Assault Troops appeared, and a truce was declared.”

Kiriririk. . . .

Lead Core approached Ark.

“Our conclusion is. Lopez-nim saved the Vehlpciaarct, and Lopez-nim created the current Chimeraz.”

“. . . .”

Ark was silent.

“So I would like to ask you. Please connect Lopez-nim secretly at this place. I have something to share with him.”

“He’s already listening to the conversation we’re having now.”

“Is that so?”


“That statement just now sounds like Ark-nim’s Administrator is Lopez-nim.”

Ark, who had stopped for a moment, sat in a chair and crossed his arms.

“. . . You’ve grown a lot in the meantime. Vehlpciaarct.”

“Is my conclusion correct?”

“Yes. That’s right. My Administrator is Lopez-nim.”

“You created a very dangerous race. Didn’t it become an uncontrollable monster, not a weapon of mankind?”

“I admit that it became too strong contrary to what the Chimeraz intended and went out of our control.”

“The Chimeraz is expanding its power in the three galaxies. And in the future, they will have more galaxies in their power. They won’t stop until they get their hands on everything and put all beings on their palms.”

“I know.”

“In the near future, the entire Local Group will be dominated by the Chimeraz. Now, even the ‘bio-planets’ presumed to be ‘Baal’ class are being created without a hitch. What’s more, the Aooa, who has always been on the side of humans, is turning to the side of the Chimeraz, the Ririm has become an ally of the Chimeraz, and the Parahtoria has volunteered to become a subordinate race of the Chimeraz. Even the Hyraguroa race, which boasts the most excellent new material technology, is actually joining hands with the Chimeraz.”

Now really,

How can we stop the Chimeraz?

“I know.”

“Why did you do that?”

A race of intelligent engineering machines. The Vehlpciaarct.

What Lead Core was showing on the outside was clearly a feeling, and it was a resentment that arose from very old memories.

“If that’s the case, why did you save us? You gave us amazing technology, so why did you give more powerful abilities to the Chimeraz?”

“The result of a huge scenario experiment, and fundamentally a calculation error.”

Unlike Lead Core, Ark had no emotion.

“. . . Humans saved us. So we also saved humans from the Crolr’s large-scale invasion. So now there is no debt between humans and the Vehlpciaarct.”

“The Crolr was greatly weakened by the Chimeraz.”

A very belligerent race.

A notorious race that entered the space age and caused barbaric conquests and destruction, causing numerous races to tremble and harming the peace of the Local Group.

The Crolr, who used to be like that, is now quietly nestled in a corner of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

“Was that intentional? Making the Crolr like that.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t answer the intention.”

“. . . I see.”

Lead Core turned to the door he had entered.

To be exact, countless Vehlpciaarct members that make up Lead Core’s body turned their direction in the opposite direction.

Lead Core turned his back like that and said softly.

“Humans are also responsible for the Chimeraz.”

“That’s. . . .”

“We will stop it before things get out of hand. We will fight with everything we have before it’s too late.”

“. . . .”

“So please, make a wise decision on the human side.”

“That’s not something I can decide. Lead Core.”

Kiririririri. . . !

Lead Core moved to the metal door.

“Words for Lopez-nim, who is watching.”

With that, Lead Core turned his back on Ark and walked away.


March 3, 2621.

The Drake Nation has provided its own technology to the world.

➖Strong army! Strong civilization!

➖That’s humanity!

All ships, weapons, and soldiers were upgraded with the Drake Nation’s latest technology and artificial intelligence.

The Drake Nation generated astronomical profits, and at the same time, the military power of each country increased dramatically.

➖Today is Mankind Day of Protect designated by the UNF.

Lopez’s Phase Assault Troops were assigned to Mechanical Drake Defenders (MDDs) and deployed around the world.

Machine Defenders deployed around the world built munitions factories and headquarters at an incredible rate in each country. It was so big that you could easily find a Drone Hive belonging to the Machine Guardians no matter which city you went to in any country.

➖Let’s not forget.

➖Let’s remember it in our hearts, in history, and in spirit.

The number of expensive super-large multi-faceted tanks and anti-gravity ground carriers that produce their own drone army has increased significantly compared to last year.

The majority of ships are now able to deploy not only collective shields but also individual partial shields, and all dropships, a common means of orbital descent, are equipped with shields.

➖We have overcome all hardships and adversities. We have finally risen to the challenge to this day.

➖We are the proud mankind.

The soldiers acquired tens of thousands of trainings in just one day through brain download technology. Combat humanoids have enhanced network connectivity, allowing them to make thousands of judgments per second.

The Babylonia Planet Weapon of the Procyon Union has been rebuilt. As the UNF’s regulation on high-risk weapons has been greatly relaxed, each country is competing to build a Planet Weapon in its own system.

In addition, with the weaponization of antimatter, which was classified as a high-risk weapon, possible, antimatter grenades and bullets were legally traded and produced by governments of each country.

➖Teach your children war rather than peace.

➖To lead the peace of the future, you must first learn war than peace.

➖Teach artificial intelligence peace rather than war.

➖Artificial intelligence can make up for the shortcomings of mankind, who leads the peace of the future by learning peace rather than war.

The Drake Nation has greatly increased the military power of the world by releasing many of the technologies it possesses. And naturally, things other than the military progressed with better technology.

“Humanity, who stood up after overcoming the pain, is growing. Finally, all of humanity is united and progressing.”

Lopez talks in front of numerous reporters and cameras.

“I have learned lessons on Mankind Day of Protect. I would like to tell you based on that.”

His eyes were stronger than anything else in the world.

“Humanity will not perish.”

Those who saw his eyes and heard his voice could not close their mouths.

It was a word that pierced straight into his heart.

“I will not let humanity die. And you won’t let humanity die either.”

“The reason I can be so confident is because I know myself and I know you. You shouldn’t think of this as something a man is talking about on a hologram or a monitor.”

Lopez fixed his gaze by pointing his finger at the main camera.

“I’m talking about you.”

“To be born as a human. To be born as a being that can think and choose. It’s a blessing and a truly proud thing.”

“You could have been born as a being that can neither think nor choose. Maybe you wouldn’t have been born at all.”

“But you were born as a human being and became a being capable of forming a miraculous neural structure and having a mind.”

“Even the structure of the mind in your head is something that only you have in this universe.”

“That’s why you can think. You can choose.”

“You know what the right thing to do is. That’s the conviction that I and you have, and that’s the power of humanity.”

As soon as Lopez said that, applause broke out. Then, the channels commemorating Mankind Day of Protect took over the broadcasting system.

➖Administrator. Updates to phase assault technology and nano army technology that can be deployed on a galactic scale are complete.

Lopez, who got into a limousine without wheels, hears the voice of artificial intelligence in his head.

It is the voice of Transcendencer, an artificial intelligence that has taken over the world.

➖Would you like to sell these technologies as well in order to increase the military power of all mankind?

‘You shouldn’t release that yet. Because I have to continue to take the initiative within mankind.’

➖I understand.

➖And Lead Core of the Vehlpciaarct, who came looking for Ark, will eventually decide to go to all-out war with the Chimeraz.

Lopez pressed his glabella with his finger. It’s an old habit from when I used to wear glasses.

‘Do you think the Vehlpciaarct can beat the Chimeraz?’

➖It is difficult to calculate. Because we do not know the entire military power of the Vehlpciaarct and the entire military power of the Chimeraz.

➖Also, the strategy and tactics of the two races are far beyond what I can predict.

‘You mean you have no idea what the outcome will be?’


➖Would you like to support the Vehlpciaarct? Or will you mediate?

Many people fail or choose the wrong answer.

However, unlike ordinary people, Lopez is not allowed to make mistakes or wrong answers. Because he is in such a position.

That’s why his shoulders are always heavy and his mind feels dark.

‘How is this peace? If so, I want to mediate so that they don’t fight each other.’

➖On the other hand, if they are left to fight each other, the Chimeraz and the Vehlpciaarct forces will be weakened at the same time. If that happens, there is room for humans to emerge as the axis of power.

‘But it was an all-out war. In the end, the Vehlpciaarct is going to end on this occasion.’

➖If it is the Vehlpciaarct’s all-out war, it will be.

➖Again, since the situation is complicated and my judgment, which relies heavily on calculations, seems unreliable.

Lopez again pressed his throbbing head and glabella.

‘Then is my judgment trustworthy? I think I’m going crazy after that incident.’

➖I trust the Administrator’s judgment.

“Ha. . . .”

If the Vehlpciaarct overwhelms the Chimeraz or the Chimeraz overwhelms the Vehlpciaarct, mediation is meaningless.

Without a proper balance of power, neither peace, war, mediation, armistice, nor war can take place.

And it will be a matter of intertwined interests of various races, so accurate calculation becomes infinitely close to impossible.

Therefore, quick judgment and action in this situation rather become poison.

‘Let’s just watch for now.’

Is the Administrator saying that he is postponing the decision-making?

‘This time, if you mishandle it, your arm could be cut off.’

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