Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 17

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Time passed slowly and peacefully.

And now Lumina is 17 years old, entered the Nobility Academy the year before last, and this will be her senior year.

Sophie is two years younger than Lumina, and she and His Highness are finally getting to know each other.

Although Lumina has not confirmed this, Sophie and Stephan should have had a fateful encounter at a tea party when they were ten years old.

——I have tried to prevent it dozens of times, but fate seems to be fixed, and I have never been able to prevent it in the end, so they probably met.

In the morning of the entrance ceremony, Lumina went with Sophie to the school and was about to get off the carriage.

“Oneesama, I’m really looking forward to it!”

Lumina says, smiling at the cheerful Sophie.

“I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful school life. Have fun.”

Lumina and Sophie are getting along well, and Lumina no longer hates Sophie like she has all her life.

——I didn’t realize how much easier it was to give up.

“Good morning, Lumina.”

Lumina looked up to see Stephan smiling as he extended his hand to her outside the carriage.

——I’ve seen this many times.

Lumina smiled and was about to take his hand when Sophie stumbled and Stephan caught her in a hurry.



Sophie’s face flushed bright red as she jumped into Stephan’s chest, and Stephan rolled his eyes at the sight of her, but quickly recovered and smiled.

“Are you okay?”

“U-Um.. I’m sorry. Yes. I’m fine.”

Lumina stared at the scene with somewhat cold eyes.

——No matter how many times I see it, it still makes my heart ache.

Then, a warm voice called out to her.

“Miss Lumina. Good morning… Your Highness, Miss Lumina is waiting for you.”

“Hm? Ah, yes.”

At Sharon’s prompting, Stephan releases Sophie and reaches out to Lumina.

Lumina smiled without taking his hand.

“I’m sorry that my sister Sophie was so careless.”

Stephan smiled bitterly as he withdrew his empty hand.

“Well, Miss Sophie started school this year. Congratulations on entering the school.”

“T-Thank you very much!”

She smiled like a beautiful flower opening its beautiful blossoms.

Stephan looked dazzled for a moment and then hurriedly turned his attention to Lumina and said,

“Let’s go. I want to discuss a few things before the entrance ceremony.”

“Yes. Your Highness.”

Lumina and Stephan were standing in line, with Sharon and Sophie following behind them.

She feels Sharon’s concerned gaze on her back, making her tingle.

“Hey Lumina…was Miss Sophie at the tea party to choose my fiancée?”

As they walked, he called out, and Lumina nodded.

“Yes, it was in the form of an attendant. Is there something wrong?

“N-No. Nothing. Let’s go.


Lumina thinks quietly.

She and Stephan have never been on bad terms. Lumina disciplined herself not to fall in love with Stephan again and had become a close friend-like fiancée.

——In a way, this is the first time that we have ever had such a friendship.

Simultaneously, she realized that Stephan, whom he had said he would make an effort to love, felt the same way about her.

——Love is not something you can work for.

Lumina bit her lip as if to spite herself for thinking such a self-deprecating thought.

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