Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 16

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Sharon discussed the matter with her father, who in turn passed it on to His Majesty the King and the Queen.

At first, the King said that it would not be necessary, but Lumina’s own wishes, and the Queen, who had seen Stephan’s ambiguous attitude, convinced the King to agree.

In case the temporary engagement was called off, Lumina and Sharon would get married. This was told to the Dukes.

At first, Edwin told Lumina that she did not have to accept the temporary engagement because of her feelings, but she rejected her father and became his temporary fiancée.

The nobles were informed that this form of temporary royal betrothal would become official when the first prince came of age.

No one could say why it was temporary, but Lumina and Stephan’s temporary engagement was approved, and Stephan became the Crown Prince, with the Dukes backing him.

Stephan accompanied Sharon to Lumina’s house with a bouquet of flowers.

After greeting her parents, they go out into the garden.

Sharon is following Stephan and Lumina from a little behind because they can’t be alone.

Sharon doesn’t look at Lumina as if the conversation the other day was a lie, but Lumina already knows the reason in a letter.

If the relationship between the two grows too deep before they turn 18, it will be a disaster. Therefore, permission for private contact was basically not an option.

This was perfectly normal, and Lumina agreed.

“The duke’s garden is also very nice.”

She had heard Stephan’s words many times in the previous loops.

So Lumina responded with the words that had elicited the best reaction from Stephan.

“The garden always looks fresh when I walk with Your Highness.”

Normally, Stephan would have smiled with pleasure, but not this time.

“What? Are you going to let the cat out of the bag now?”


“You don’t have to say what you don’t think.”

Lumina felt a pang deep in her chest.

It was true that she had disrespected Stephan in their previous conversations.

But to be told this by Stephan, the man she had always loved and adored, even if she didn’t think he had a drop of love in his heart for her, made her bitter.

“Your Highness, Stephan. Since Miss Lumina is making advances towards you, then you must be open and honest with her.”

Sharon, who had been standing a little behind them, opened his mouth, and Stephan sighed.

“Don’t nag me too much just because my mother gave you the job as my chaperone.”

“His Highness also said he would make an effort to love Miss Lumina, right? Compromise is necessary.”

Stephan sighed heavily and looked at Lumina.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so mean.”

“No, it’s alright”

A different reaction.

Stephan looks different.

For a moment, Lumina had a faint hope in the corner of her mind that Stephan would actually love her this time around.

This upsets her and she disciplines herself.

——Don’t be fooled.

——Don’t let it get to you.

——I’ve decided I’ll never love him again.

Lumina glances at Sharon, and his gentle eyes calm her down.

——It will be alright.

——Sharon is with me.

Lumina calmed herself down and hoped that she could make it until she was eighteen years old.

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