Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 12

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The next day, she received a letter from Stephan, and Lumina was holding her head.

No matter how much her father might not want her to get engaged, she would have to if it was an order from His Majesty the King.

That is why she wanted nothing to do with Stephan as much as possible.

However, the letter stated that he would like to meet her again to talk, and Lumina had no reason to refuse it.

A week later, Lumina walked through the gates of the royal castle with a heavy sigh.

As she stepped out of the carriage, Sharon was at the door, smiling and offering his hand.

“Miss Lumina, thank you for coming. Please take my hand so I can lead you to His Highness.”

The gentle smile made Lumina feel relieved that Sharon was there.

It would be heartbreaking if she saw Stephan as soon as she got out of the car.

“Thank you, Sharon-sama.”

Sharon led Lumina down a long corridor and into a guest room.

But when she entered the room, Lumina was surprised to see who was there, and though she was quite upset inside, she bowed nicely and greeted her.

“Thank you for inviting me here today. Duchess Lumina Larache has just arrived.

A friendly voice called out to her as she lowered her head and maintained her posture.

“My goodness. What a beautiful bow. No wonder Alma was impressed with you.”

A loud, clear voice called out.

“Lift your head. You must be wondering why I was here without notice, right?”

Lumina raised her head and looked again at Silvia, the Queen of the Land and Stephen’s mother.

“Yes, I was surprised to see her majesty here. But it is an honor to meet you.”

At Lumina’s smile, Sylvia looked at something with a smile and then chuckled.

“Oh my! Indeed, Alma is right about your beautiful gestures and your smile. I see what you mean.”

“Mother. She’s my guest. If you’re satisfied, you can leave.”

Sylvia said she smiled bitterly at Stephan’s words, sitting next to her.

“Fufufu… Do you think it’s okay for me to leave? I’m telling you, you will never be able to change this lady’s mind.”

At these words, Stephan’s face contorted, and he turned his gaze to Lumina.

“You don’t know that.”

“No, your mother can understand. I’m telling you clearly that an inexperienced person like you can’t stand up to this lady.”

Sylvia smiled and motioned for Lumina to sit down, and Alma, who was standing by, made tea.

Sharon got behind Stephan and Sylvia ignored Stephan and said to Lumina

“Miss Lumina, I know you have a lot on your mind, but are you sure you don’t want to be Stephan’s fiancée? With your earlier gestures, you’re by far the best of all the ladies I’ve ever seen.”

Lumina smiled, a little troubled as the warm tea lay on the table.

“I am flattered by such excessive praise, but it is not true. I am still a novice. Besides, I think… finding someone to love and be loved is the true happiness.

Stephan, Sharon, and Sylvia look a little surprised, as if they didn’t expect such words to come out of Lumina’s mouth.

Lumina smiled inwardly, but blushed shyly on the surface.

“My dream is to have a family that loves and is loved like my parents.”

These were Lumina’s true feelings as well.

Lumina’s dearest wish

Lumina wanted to build a family with Stephan that she would love and be loved. That’s why she went through the loop dozens of times.

But it was impossible.

Stephan does not love her, no matter how hard she tries.

Sharon noticed the shadow in Lumina’s eyes and almost asked her if she was okay.

But this is not the place for him to express himself.

That’s why Sylvia smiles as she looks at Lumina.

“That’s nice. Then why don’t you and Stephan start a family like that?”


Stephan’s eyes widened.

Lumina looked at Stephan for a moment and said.

“Your Highness, What do you think of me?

Lumina tilted her head and asked.

Sylvia’s expression darkens for a moment, and she gives Stephan a warning look.

Stephan hastily puts on a smile and says.

“Of course, I’ll never stop making that effort.

But those words were enough for Lumina.

Then Lumina turns her troubled gaze to Silvia.

Silvia’s brow wrinkles in disappointment at her son’s words, and she senses that the young girl in front of her is no ordinary person.

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