Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 11

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Lumina’s parents were prepared for the fact that Stephan had summoned Lumina to the royal castle and that she would probably be chosen as his fiancée, but they had not heard from the royal family since then and were somewhat disappointed.

Edwin looked at Lumina at the breakfast table and opened his mouth.

“Lumina… When His Highness summoned you the other day, did he say anything to you?”

Lumina smiled prettily and answered.

“Nothing was said. But I did teach him what the Queen’s education was all about.”

“Hm? The queen’s education?”

“Yes. His Highness seems to know nothing about the Queen’s education. Ah, Father. Just to be clear: I’m not interested in becoming his fiancée.”

When Edwin tilted his head at his daughter’s somewhat mature words, Lumina said with a smile.

“Because His Highness does not love me. And I want to be a couple who loves and is loved, just like my father and mother.”

At these words, her “mother,” Vivian, raised her eyebrows and glanced at Edwin.

Edwin looked a little surprised, then smiled softly and nodded his head.

“Well, Lumina is now an adult, isn’t she? Yes, I am. I certainly love Vivian. Of course, I loved your mother, Megan. And when I was sad about losing Megan, it was Vivian who supported me. So I thank Vivian and I love her with all my heart.”

Lumina was not surprised by these outrageous words.

But Vivian rolled her eyes in surprise, blushed, and opened her mouth.

“Edwin-sama…is that true?”

“Hm? Of course, right?Didn’t you get it?”

“N-No, I mean… I love you too.”

Sophie, who had witnessed her parents’ love affair, clapped her hands happily.

Lumina let out a small breath, smiled, and said,

“If I could marry a couple like my father and mother, I would be happy.”

Edwin smiled, and Vivian nodded a little awkwardly.

In truth, Vivian had always thought that Edwin didn’t love her. That was why she wanted her daughter Sophie to stand out from the others and be a suitable fiancée for the Crown Prince.

Even though she was afraid that Edwin wouldn’t love her, Lumina’s words quickly put that fear to rest.

“That’s why I don’t want to be engaged to His Highness.”

Edwin asked after staring at Lumina.

“I am sure that you and His Highness will be able to develop your love for each other in the future, right?”

As a family, it has the merit of marrying into the royal family. That’s why Lumina shook her head at her father’s comment and said.

“Both at the tea ceremony and when I was invited to the royal palace, His Highness only saw me as a necessary fiancée to become Crown Prince. I am sure that for His Highness, I am not an object of love, but a means to a political end. I think I am no more and no less than that”.

Both Edwin and Vivian opened their eyes, slightly surprised at their daughter’s mature statement, but they could not say they were wrong.

It would be good for the dukes if they could marry into the royal family, but it wouldn’t be a disadvantage if they couldn’t.

Edwin nodded and looked at Vivian.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s okay to prioritize Lumina’s feelings. Do you mind Vivian?”

“Eh? Umm. I know how it feels to want to be with the person you love… I understand very well.”

“Thank you. I hope I can find a fiance who loves me soon.”

The meal ended peacefully, and Lumina exhaled heavily as she returned to her room.

Now her father would not push for Stephan to be her fiancé.

And Lumina breathed a sigh of relief that her mother’s fears, which she had been harboring for a long time, had been put to rest.

In the end, Lumina will become Stephan’s fiancee. Vivian gets colder and colder to Lumina every day.

It comes from jealousy of Lumina marrying into the royal family rather than Sophie.

During the first loop, she realized that her mother mistakenly believed that her father did not love her. However, once engaged, Vivian did not listen to Lumina at all, and all attempts to explain to her how much her father loved her were futile.

“Mother is loved… It must have been hard for her to keep misunderstanding.”

Because she was never loved, Vivian’s feelings were as painful as hers.

That’s why Lumina was so happy that she had succeeded today.

“I have to teach my father that he has to whisper love to her every day.”

With this, her father began to show his love for her, and with it, the relationship between Lumina and her mother began to change.

They had never laughed together in her previous life, but Lumina’s heart warmed in this life because she, her mother, and Sophie now drink tea and go shopping together.

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