Miss Loop, Whose Engagement Had Been Broken Off, Decided to Give Up This Time – Chapter 1

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There is a flaw between reality and fantasy.

Can a world created from a bug become reality?

Perhaps it depends on one’s own thoughts.

How can it happen?

“Lumina. I will break off my engagement with you.”

says the Crown Prince of this country, His Highness Stephen, coolly to her.

How many times have I heard this line?

His Highness Stephan’s blue eyes stare at me with hatred.

Why doesn’t he love me?

I have looped my life from the age of ten to the age of eighteen, over and over again.

And in the end, it always ends up breaking off the engagement like this.

At first, I was very arrogant, thinking that I was the only one who could be engaged to the Crown Prince and that I would be the Crown Princess.

So I kept those who disturbed him in check and lived my days arrogantly.

And then the engagement was broken.

My sister Sophie, whose eyes are moist, is seated beside the Crown Prince.

After the same thing happened again and again in my first and subsequent lives, the engagement was broken off, and I corrected my character and tried again and again.

And yet, in the end, he always breaks off the engagement.

I try to be nice, but it doesn’t work.

Admonishment is pointless.

It’s no use to play the role of the calm and collected lady.

No matter how hard I try, His Highness Stephan loves my sister, who is as lovely as a flower.

No matter how hard I try.

No matter how much I tell His Highness Stephan how much I love him, in the end, he loves my sister Sophie, not me.

He won’t look at me.

Looking up at His Highness Stephan, who has broken off his engagement in front of me, I deliver my final words, which I have answered several times.

“I have loved you, Stephan… I wish you happiness.”

The next moment, the world goes dark and I am lying on the soft bed again.

I stretch my hands out in front of me and see the same little hands I’ve seen so many times before.

I ask myself, why.

Why can’t he love me?

I cover my face with my little hands and cry.”

(Hiccup)… Fuuee…”

Children are allowed to cry, right?

I don’t like it anymore.

I’m sick and tired of not being loved.”

I don’t… know… anything… about his Highness Stephan.”

I mumbled and wiped away my tears.

Yes, that’s right.

I guess it was fate.

For the umpteenth time in a loop, I finally accept my fate.

His Highness Stephan does not love me.

His Highness Stephan’s destiny is with Sophie.

Therefore, His Highness Stephan will never love me.

I kept whispering this in my heart, as if to convince myself.

So let’s stop trying.

Let’s stop trying to be loved.

His Highness Stephan will never love me anyway.

I opened my eyes, got off the bed, and walked out onto the balcony and held my palms up to the sky.

“I don’t love his highness anymore. He’s such a cheater. I will never love him again!”

Dozens of times, I gave him my heart.

Dozens of times I have tried.

And yet the man who never returned my love, who neglected me, his fiancée, and loved my sister.

Love turns into hatred in me.

“I don’t love His Highness anymore. I’ll give up on his highness and look for the man of my destiny!”

Duchess Lumina Larache had taken the oath as she watched the morning sun rise into the sky, and had begun her life praying that the loop would end this time.

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