Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Unreasonable People

The next day, she tried to talk to them again during morning tea time, but they were still sleeping and didn’t wake up.

They must be hungover from drinking a lot last night. They drank top-quality alcohol and even had their hands on what was supposed to be reserved for winter storage, so Liddellina had a headache thinking about how to apologize to Friedrich.

Dried meat is a valuable protein source in the long winters of Northweller territory. Liddellina immediately gave instructions to the servants and decided to help out herself later on.

In the afternoon, she planned to go to Fie’s workshop and inspect the hot spring inn near the capital that Liddellina is in charge of, but she canceled because she did not want her uncle’s family to do whatever they wanted.

She can’t bother her husband any more, so she decided to prioritize the urgent work that Friedrich has asked her to do.

Without waiting for a reply from Kurt, Liddellina decided to expel her uncle’s family. If this continues, the work in the whole castle will be delayed.


It was finally time for afternoon tea and they woke up.

Today, Liddellina hurried to the salon, leaving the management of the house in general to Howard and Dorothy. You never know what they’ll do if you don’t watch them.

Sure enough, her uncle’s family were bullying the servants and behaving arrogantly as if they owned the place.

“Uncle, Aunt, and Yvonne-sama, could you please not give orders to the servants arbitrarily? This is not your home.” Liddellina said sternly. She no longer had any obligation to call Yvonne “elder sister”.

“What? We are guests. I heard that in the north, guests are treated kindly. So what is this place? The cooking is all rural dishes and they’re not to my taste.” Yvonne said, looking offended.

“You are not guests if you break into the food storage without permission. So what did you come to this territory for? If you stay too long, it will be a nuisance to my husband. Please tell me the purpose of your visit.”

Liddellina couldn’t stand being evaded and said directly.

“How rude of you to say that! You forgot the kindness of the person who raised you. We should have left you in an orphanage.”

Her aunt stood up and screamed at Liddellina, but her uncle managed to calm her down and make her sit down.

“Liddellina, that’s not very nice. We didn’t come here to fight. We’re here to help you support your amnesiac husband.

This time her uncle spoke in a cat-like voice.

“When you say help, what specific things can you do?”

“You must be busy too. I used to manage the territory of a baronial family. So can’t you leave it to me?”

“Why don’t you help Kurt instead?”

“That’s because Kurt brought a fiancée from a neighboring country on his own and we were forced out, leaving them to manage the estate. But this estate is vast. It must be difficult for you to handle it alone, especially with a sick husband. And there are also mansions on the property that are unoccupied. It would be a lot of work just to manage them. They’ll fall into disrepair if nobody lives in them. Let us stay here.”

Her uncle speaks as if he is sympathetic, saying cunning things. It seems he intends to stay here. He tried to take over the family’s management in the same way when she was a child. He probably thinks the same trick will work on adult Liddellina.

“You really are a pitiful child with little connection to your blood relatives. How are you going to have children in this condition?”

It seems like it would be better to adopt a child soon. There may be an opportunity to interfere.

“It’s none of your business. So what are you two doing here?”

Liddellina looked at her aunt and cousin.

“Of course I’m here to support my husband. That’s natural for a married couple.”

Her aunt didn’t let go of her arrogant attitude. Liddellina clenched her teeth inwardly. How much was she bullied as a child?

“Then, Yvonne-sama, what are you doing here?”

“I’m surprised. You shouldn’t say it like that. I heard that you left your townhouse in the capital without any socializing. So I’ll manage it for you. In return, I can do some socializing for you.”

She says an outrageous thing despite having done something bad in the social world for a long time. Now she won’t even be invited anywhere.

“That’s enough. We have trustworthy housekeepers here and the estate is being properly managed. Please do not visit here arbitrarily. Therefore, there is no need for you to help us, so please leave.”

Even her Uncle is surprised by Liddellina’s firm attitude.

“But we came all the way to this remote northern estate and even camped out on the way, spending money out of concern for you. Shouldn’t you consider our feelings?”

Is he trying to stay or does he want money…

“I understand. I will prepare the money, but please do not come here again. It is an inconvenient place for any reason.”

At those words, her Aunt becomes agitated, slams the table and stands up, grabs Liddellina and tears the delicate lace on her collar, choking her throat.

“You”ve got to be kidding me!Why do I have to be treated like an idiot by a little girl like you!”

This is her bullion.

“Yes. You’re just a decoration of a wife! Don’t you know you’re being made fun of in the social world?”

Yvonne shouted and, taking advantage of the chaos, pulled Liddellina’s hair and stole her hair ornament. It was something Friedrich had bought for her at Fie’s workshop before. It was Liddellina’s favorite and she always wore it.

“Hey, stop it, Minerva, Yvonne.”

Her uncle pretended to stop them and smiled thinly.

Even when the maid tried to intervene, they couldn’t do anything and shouted for help. The servants who were waiting outside the door rushed into the room.

In an instant, the three of them were apprehended.

“Ow, it hurts! What are you doing! There’s no need to go that far.”

Her uncle turned red and yelled, and the castle guards said to him.

“The Lord has instructed me to send anyone who tries to take advantage of Okusama to prison without any questions. Come on, take them away.”

The uncle’s family is surrounded by well-built soldiers.

“What? What are you saying? We are nobility! Know your place in front of us, commoners!”

Uncle scolds the guard.

“It’s you who don’t know your place!”

A cold, whip-like voice echoes. Her husband stands there, surrounded by a freezing atmosphere.

He glares at them with his icy blue eyes, intimidating them, just as he did when she first met him. she can even feel his killing intent.

Liddellina shudders at the sight. Is my husband remembering the past?

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