Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Annoying People

Unfortunately, when they went to the salon, her uncle’s family was struck by its luxuriousness.

“I’m surprised. It’s almost as if it could be used for a ballroom, with its spaciousness.”

“Yes. Although the exterior looks rough, they have laid quite a high-priced carpet. And there are even fancy drape curtains. I wonder how much they”re spending on the interior?”

Her aunt talks only about money.

“Is the tea ready yet?”

Since she can’t have the servants who are busy to attend to her uncle’s family, Liddellina decided to attend to them herself.

She knows they want money. But she has to ask how they came to come here in this situation.

She hasn’t received any contact from Kurt recently, but she wonders what happened for them to come all the way to this distant territory.

“So, why did you come all the way to this distant territory?”

“Liddellina, we came all this way after a long journey, so don’t talk to me like that!”

Her uncle tries to calm down her angry aunt by saying “calm down”.”

“We actually came to pay a visit.”

“A visit? What for?”

“It’s because His Excellency the Marquis has lost his memory and we heard that you were having a hard time.”

However, there are no gifts for the visit.

“What? That’s a story from last year.”

Liddellina is surprised.

“It’s too cold to come here in the winter. Besides, his memory hasn’t returned yet, and he doesn’t socialize either. It’s also rumored that he can’t work as a soldier anymore.”

“And so what?”

What he was saying was rude, and she was deeply curious about what it has to do with them. Liddellina’s voice rises naturally.

“I thought maybe we could help out in some way.”

Her uncle said briskly. What can these people do besides squander their money?

“No, don’t worry about it. We’re not in any trouble at all, so if it’s something like that, please go back.”

Liddellina said firmly. she wants to somehow send them back before her husband returns.

“What are you trying to do, acting all high and mighty? It’s not you who’s important, it’s your husband who’s important, right? Don’t get it wrong.”

Yvonne says, getting angry. She really cries, screams, and gets angry a lot.

Is her emotional state unstable?

“Hey. You’ve really risen in status.”

My aunt sneers.

“Excuse me, but Okusama is the acting lord of the Weller earl’s household. While the Lord is away, Okusama is the head of this castle.”

“Yes, when the Lord is away, Okusama takes care of business, so she is busy.”

Howard and Dorothy, who had been silently standing in the background like shadows until now, speak up as if they can’t hold back any longer.

She appreciates and is grateful that they are worried about her and are in the salon together, but having them here is slowing down the work at the castle.

“Well, no. Have you even trained your servants?”

Yvonne’s condescending tone annoyed Liddellina.

“Don’t speak so rudely! They are important people both for this house and for the estate.”

As she sternly says this, Yvonne’s nose reddens.

“Wh-what are you talking about? Suddenly acting all pompous.”

She turns her head away petulantly like a child.

“More importantly, Yvonne, how is your child doing?”


Yvonne looks flustered.

“Haven’t they been born yet?”

As Liddellina says this, the faces of the uncle and aunt change.

“No, it’s not like that. I haven’t had a baby yet.


Liddellina tilts her head. Gilbert had said they were getting married because they had a child.

“Apparently it was just a false pregnancy.”

Yvonne says it offhandedly. Liddellina took a deep breath to calm down her anger after hearing this. Then she dismissed the servants, except for Dorothy.

Only Liddellina, Dorothy, and her uncle’s family are left in the salon. She was sorry for Dorothy, but she thought she would ask her to keep her company for a while, after all they were all liars.

“So, what’s happening with Gilbert-sama?”

“Oh, Liddellina, do you still like him? Even though he dumped you. Haha, how pitiful.”

Yvonne gives a wicked smile.

“I’m not that kind. I’m just asking if you’re still not married to him.”

She doesn’t have any lingering feelings for such an insincere and rude man. She hasn’t thought about him at all recently and has completely forgotten about him.

“Ha! You can’t do this! You disgrace me at the ball. When it was discovered that I didn’t have a child, the engagement was immediately called off! What are you going to do for me?”

Saying that, she starts to cry and scream. Her aunt and uncle seem unable to do anything about it.

They were left with no choice but to interrupt their discussion that day. Liddellina still had work to do. However, she couldn’t just force them out against their will.

It was already late, so she decided to let them stay for the night.

After returning to work, Liddellina sent a letter asking Kurt about the circumstances that brought them here, sending it with a swift horse.

If they didn’t return, she wanted him to come and take them back. She didn’t want to trouble Friedrich with this matter.

And before she knew it, she was in bed, but a confused-looking servant came to Liddellina’s room.

According to reports from the servants, they were freely coming and going from the kitchen, letting them carry alcohol and nibble on things, and holding a banquet in the dining room and causing a commotion.

By the time Liddellina, panicked, heard the report and managed to persuade them to return to their room, it was well past midnight.

Liddellina shook her head at the audacity that was no less than Friedrich’s relatives. She feels sorry for the people in the castle who have been troubled.

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Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands

Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands

契約結婚? いいえ、雇用結婚です~婚約破棄された男爵令嬢は北の大地で逞しく生きる
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
One day, Liddellina Drimore suddenly had her fiancé taken away by her older sister and the engagement was broken off. Before she had time to heal from her sadness, she was forced to marry Friedrich Weller, a duke, in order to pay off her family’s debts. He is a military man and a highly respected figure in the royal family, but he is also rumored to be a combat-obsessed maniac who is only interested in war. Liddellina, who is afraid of his cold gaze, marries him reluctantly, but to her surprise, she finds a surprisingly comfortable life even though she cannot expect love from her husband. Not long after their marriage, Liddellina’s husband goes to the battlefield and her life as a stand-in ruler begins.


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