Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Ridiculous People

While Liddellina was working in the office on a beautiful afternoon, she received the news and for a moment her vision went dark. she could act as the lord’s representative, but she was not capable of going beyond that.

Without Friedrich, Liddellina had no confidence in being able to protect the domain. It was only because there were instructions that things had gone smoothly so far.

“I will head to the capital immediately.”

Liddellina couldn’t bear the worry about Friedrich’s safety and felt that she had to go. Surely in the capital, she would get more detailed and quicker information about the situation.

Besides, maybe in the meantime, Friedrich would return.

“Okusama, please don’t do that.”

Howard tries to stop her, looking flustered.

“Why? Don’t you and the others want to quickly confirm Lord Friedrich’s safety and ease your worries?”

Liddellina understands that Friedrich is well-respected by the servants.

“It’s a difficult thing to say, but given that Lord Friedrich’s safety is unknown at present, we fear that his relatives may come to this domain.”


Liddellina had forgotten about the existence of his relatives. she had been asked to protect the servants and the domain from his greedy relatives, and that was a condition of the marriage.

“Okusama, we ask for your help in dealing with this.”

Howard and the other servants begged her. she couldn’t refuse.

To Liddellina, the servants who warmly welcomed her to this domain had become very important.

However, would the relatives really come so soon? Even if Liddellina went to the capital, it wouldn’t necessarily improve the situation.

Friedrich was a person she had married due to circumstances. she might not have feelings for him, but as she worked with him, Liddellina came to feel a certain closeness to him. she understood that he was working very hard and breaking his heart for the citizens. That’s why he would probably follow her to the battlefield.

I hope he is safe.


Liddellina was troubled by anxiety and heavy pressure for a few days and couldn’t sleep. Friedrich’s safety was still unknown. That night, she fell into a very shallow sleep out of anxiety.

Then, as dawn approached, she was awakened by the sound of knocking on the door. Thinking something must be wrong, she quickly put on a robe and opened the door.

“Is something wrong? Dorothy? Has her husband been found?”

To her surprise, an older man and woman appeared behind Dorothy, who had an unusually flustered expression.

“How can you sleep so comfortably when your master’s safety is unknown!”

She was suddenly shouted at by a man with a loud voice. She had no idea what was going on. Then Howard stepped forward to protect Liddellina.

“I’m sorry. Okusama is not quite ready yet. Please wait a little longer.”

“You servant, you’ve been talking arrogantly since earlier.”

The middle-aged man said dismissively. He didn’t listen to Howard and Dorothy at all, even though they were trying to stop him. Could these be Friedrich’s relatives?

“It’s rude to invade a bedroom at this time. Please wait in the salon.”

Liddellina said sternly.

“Dammit, what an arrogant woman!”

“She’s insolent for a young girl.”

Despite their angry expressions, the man and woman left the room.

(What kind of people are these?)

As soon as she finished dressing with Dorothy’s help, she headed to the salon with a feeling of anxiety.

According to Dorothy, they had initially tried to enter the office. They were somehow stopped by the gatekeeper and male servants, and then went to Liddellina’s room. They were persistent.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door leading to the salon.

In addition to the middle-aged man and woman, there was a young man around the same age as Liddellina. It seemed that they had come as a family. They would probably stay here for a while. she was anxious about the future.

“I apologize for the delay. I am Liddellina Weller, acting lord. What business brings you here at this time?”

Liddellina opened her mouth first.

“Don’t you have a better greeting for us who came all this way? We had to sleep in the open on the way here.”

The middle-aged woman said as if it was Liddellina’s fault.

But she couldn’t lose here.

“I thought it was inappropriate to enter a bedroom in the middle of the night.”

“What did you say!”

The middle-aged man raised his voice and looked up. Could he not speak normally?

“Could I have your names first?”

It was scary to face them alone, but Liddellina said it calmly.

“I’m surprised at you. You don’t even know our names, we were at your wedding.

However, Friedrich had not introduced them. Had they really attended the ceremony? It seemed doubtful.

“I’m sorry, but since her husband did not introduce you, I am not aware of your names.”

“What an impolite woman. I am O’Neill Frien.”

He said dismissively.

“I am Franny, his wife. This is my brother, Sam. Our daughter will come later because she has some errands. Oh, and I’m sure you know this, but we are nobility, so treat us kindly!”

As they spoke, they made noise with their rude manners, drank tea, and ate cookies, making a mess. Why had they brought not only the husband and wife, but also the brother?

“I’m hungry. Hey, first prepare a meal. Then there’s a bath and bed. We’ll take the best guest room on the first floor.

Then he said to his wife and Sam.

“You can use any room you like.”

Their insensitivity was unbelievable. They behaved as if it were their own mansion. This would be a problem.

“This isn’t enough. We’ve had a long journey. Maid, bring some cooked meat.”

Franny suddenly started giving orders, and Liddellina’s eyes narrowed.

“Dorothy, it’s late at night. Please get them something easy to do.”

“Hey, what are you telling me to do without permission?”

O’Neill stands up, his face flushing with anger.

“At this time, most servants are asleep. They cannot be awakened early in the morning. Please be quiet.”

“What are you saying? Where is a nobleman who cares about his servants. Where are they?”

Franny says in disgust.

“Hey, Liddellina, prepare the bath.”

Sam, who had not spoken a word until now, said in a rough tone. She was amazed at the sudden change. Looking closer, she sees he is wearing a sword belt. Why, even though he doesn’t seem to be a soldier?

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