Marriage by Contract? No, It’s a Marriage of Convenience – A Countess Who Had Her Engagement Broken Off Lives Vigorously in the Northern Lands – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: News

The next day, when the weather cleared up, they borrowed a carriage and went to visit the hot springs that flowed into the river.

Friedrich seemed to be considering digging a hot spring, and there were materials in his office that were investigating the location of the hot spring.

She was sure he was busy with the war and gave up. He said he had no feelings, but he seemed to care about his subjects. There are signs that he was planning various things to enrich the territory.

The candidate location that Liddellina had her eye on was the hot spring that flowed a little upstream of the capital river.

The temperature is slightly high, but it can be adjusted using water from the river. It is about a half hour by carriage from the castle and is just the right distance to see the situation.

According to Howard’s investigation, the period of use is only in spring and summer. She hopes to use it in winter as well. If that happens, some degree of maintenance and buildings will be necessary. She wants a facility that can accommodate one night’s stay without problems.

It’s open-air, but depending on how it’s done, it can be separated by gender. If families can come, the subjects should use this place more actively. If that happens, the number of people coming and going will increase and shops will be able to thrive. That’s what she thought.

Liddellina, who had no social plans, was spending her pocket money on what was missing. Both Dorothy and Howard were worried about this.

“Okusama, if you run out of your budget, you won’t be able to go out and play. Isn’t it allowed to use up to half of the surplus money from Danna-sama?” Howard frets.

“If you spend all your pocket money, you won’t be able to go shopping either! Don’t you want to take a break and go to the royal capital during the social season? Aren’t you working too hard?” Dorothy cares for Liddellina’s health, but they want her to rest more as well.

“It’s okay. I’m not that fond of socializing, and if I fail, it will be a loss for the territory.”

The decorative wife will have nothing to do when Friedrich returns, so she thought of leaving this hot spring, which she invested her personal money in. It’s a small job, but it can contribute to the territory.

Twice, Friedrich received letters from the battlefield. According to them, the situation is progressing favorably and he may be able to return before the end of summer.

The rest were just contact matters. So, the letters she sends also naturally become reports on the management of the territory. However, she always makes sure to express her prayer for his safety.

Although she doesn’t show it on her face, she’s sure the retainers are also worried about their reliable lord being away. And Friedrich’s relatives, who she was worried about, have not come to this territory.

When she asked Howard, he said they wouldn’t come to this remote place unless they had business. It’s true that there are no inns, so you have to camp out for one or two days. she was relieved to hear this.

I hope to protect the territory until Friedrich’s safe return, no matter what.

After all, he kept his promise, so Liddellina must repay him.


On a day when a short summer began in the territory, news of the end of the war arrived. It was good that the dispute was settled in a shorter period of time than expected. Liddellina sighs with relief.

After all, she was worried when he wasn’t there. It was especially good that he kept his promise safely without any trouble.

She thinks it’s okay because she’s been told in a letter that she has his approval for a new business, but she’s a little nervous about what her husband, who will actually see the site, will say.

However, within a week, ominous news flew into Northweller Castle.

Friedrich Weller’s name was on the list of missing persons on the battlefield.

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