Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 129


Stretching and waking up, I realized it was later than usual. Beside me, Emilia was still sleeping peacefully.

After staying up late with everyone last night, chatting with Emilia in our room meant we overslept a little.

Emilia plans to catch Dyson and surprise him with “Actually, I was alive all along!” After laying the groundwork, she intends to marry Shiro.

“I’m anxious whether I’ll suit Shiro’s color.”

At weddings in this world, one generally wears the color of the husband’s family crest. Those who marry into the family wear the wife’s family colors.

It’s something about the image color. Earning high status or achievements allows one to wear colors close to blue, I’ve heard.

Shiro’s family has been granted a bright green like Shiro’s hair, a fresh greenery tinged with a hint of blue, like sunlight filtering through leaves.

“You’ll definitely look great! Don’t worry!”

“Shiro says so, but I think Alice would look good in blue.”

“Uh, umm! Thank you!”

Faced with a comment that left me at a loss, I responded with a vague smile.

I received some truly lovely words from Roa-sama. Words that make me confident I can live through anything, as long as I don’t forget them.

With Roa-sama’s sincere words, I too promised to convey my true feelings.

. . .But hey, which feelings should I express?!

Talking to Roa-sama helps me organize my thoughts, and while I’m grateful and want to be together, I even like him.

That’s right, I like him! Despite having my life turned upside down by men in my past and current lives, I still fall for someone!

Though I thought about confessing this surprising love, Roa-sama hasn’t made his feelings clear either.

If this were a roundabout way of speaking typical of nobility, I would never understand it. I’m at a loss.

However, I don’t want to talk about that time with anyone.

As I ponder this, I’m happy for Edgardo and Rolf and think I need to have a proper talk with both of them soon, which makes it hard to fall asleep.

“Mmm. . . Good morning, Alice. . . What time is it now?”

Rubbing her eyes, Emilia wakes up. Her slightly bedraggled golden hair shines in the morning sun, looking beautiful.

“Good morning, Emilia-sama. It’s just a bit later than usual.”

“I overslept. We need to hurry.”

As I help Emilia, who’s getting ready faster than usual, I prepare to head downstairs. Since the ninja couple has their hands full about the lab, I’m preparing all the meals.

I’m grateful for the presence of Prep-kun and Cooker-kun here. Though I add a little handiwork, when I’m short on time, delicious meals come out with just a touch of a fingertip.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning. Are we a bit late?”

Emilia and I head to the living room, but not everyone is gathered yet. Relieved, I decided to start making breakfast.

I take freshly baked bread from Cooker-kun, letting it cool a bit. The perfectly timed, fluffy rolls look glossy and appetizing.

Next, I rub a blend of herbs from Valka territory into a chunk of beef and let Cooker-kun grill it.

I have Prep-kun make boiled eggs, and mix them with mayonnaise, mustard, chopped pickles, and boiled shrimp to make a salad.

A bounty of sausages and thick ham steaks, a soup full of beans and vegetables, and for dessert, a variety of peeled fruits.


“Alright, breakfast is ready! I always marvel at the amount we have.”

Of course, it’s less than when I was in the Fourth Knight Order. Still, I’m amazed that you can still wolf down such a quantity from the morning.

By the time breakfast is ready, everyone has arrived, and they help carry the food to the table.

While we converse pleasantly, my mind is full of thoughts about curry.

I like curry too, but my favorite is homemade curry. Especially the kind where I can add as much of my favorite ingredients as I like.

I seldom choose curry when dining out, so I don’t have a clear image of authentic curry, and I have no idea how to make it.

Everyone says they’re happy with this curry, but I will research curry on the days I don’t go to see Maurice.

And next time I see Maurice, I’ll subtly find out what flavors he likes.

“Thank you for the meal!”

After serving coffee and fruit following the meal, and clearing the clean dishes, the air feels a bit different when I return.

“. . .I want to apologize to everyone.”

Rolf is bowing deeply.

I close the door as quietly as possible and lean against the wall, blending into the atmosphere.

“I, despite being different in readiness, pretended to be an adjutant to Prince Linus. Everyone noticed, yet spared me the words. Of course, I’m prepared to lay down my life for Prince Linus!

But. . . my priority isn’t Prince Linus. Having been told by my father, I’ve realized the mindset with which I became an adjutant. . . Even if Prince Linus forgives me, I cannot forgive myself.”

Rolf’s voice trembles with self-anger as he clenches his hands as if to draw blood.

“My desire to support and be of strength to Prince Linus hasn’t changed. But my priority remains unchanged. Even now, Prince Linus has wanted me. I will. . . though it’s late, strive to truly become a worthy adjutant once more. I apologize for my past actions.”

Rolf bows deeply again, followed by an almost painfully silent moment.

Edgardo looks as though he might bow as well, but a glance from Shiro breaks the tension easily.

“Okay! Give it your all!”

“Eh. . . That’s it. . .?”

“Yes. Because Prince Linus’s standards aren’t based on that.

Protecting Prince Linus at all costs. Prioritizing Prince Linus over oneself. Always. No matter what.”

Shiro’s usually cheerful face is serious, adding weight to his words.

“If you can’t do that, no matter how short-handed we are, we wouldn’t call out to you. By proposing you as an adjutant, you’ve already cleared that point.”

Shiro winks. His first wink I’ve seen is quite beautiful.

“People can change, as Prince Linus has taught us, right? If it’s a change for the better, we will support, not blame. But if you still feel guilty. . .”

Shiro grins mischievously.

“Maybe we should expose one of Rolf’s embarrassing secrets!”

“That sounds good. Lately, my jokes have been ignored too often; I’d love to hear a story from Rolf.”

“I want to hear it too! It’s intriguing!”

“Don’t pretend to be something you’re not now! It doesn’t suit you, Rene!”

“Rolf, did you say something?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Can’t it be my secret instead?! I have secrets too!”

“This is so Edgardo, always coming in at times like this. Classic Edgardo.”


Rene’s slightly exasperated voice raises laughter.

Watching everyone’s interactions, Roa-sama unusually bursts into a big laugh. Seeing this, Emilia, for some reason, was in tears.

“T, To see Prince Linus smile so broadly. . . I am overjoyed!”

It seems that Rolf accidentally revealed a secret. I’m curious about what kind of secret it is, but it doesn’t seem like he intends to tell Emilia and me.

It’s one of those secrets between men. I also have conversations that I only have with Emilia, so I’ll refrain from prying.

For a while after that, everyone was kind to Rolf.

Although I was curious, the day to make contact with Maurice was decided, so the mood was no longer the same. A bit disappointing.

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