Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 128


“Roa-sama and the others should be returning soon.”

“Yes. Let’s have ice cream after they come back. If we eat it before Edgardo returns, he will scold us.”

Arthur laughs off a joke before finishing cleaning up after the meal, then prepares the ice cream.

I’ve received an update from Roa-sama. I’m broadly aware of the situation—the Valka family’s cooperation, the ninja couple infiltrating Maurice’s lab, and the Valka family’s reconciliation.

Rolf’s joy was immense. After ending the communication with Roa-sama, he excused himself to his room alone. He was probably crying tears of joy.

When he came down for dinner, his eyes were red, but no one said anything. The atmosphere was cozy, and although Rolf seemed a bit uncomfortable at first, he was back to normal by the end of the meal.

“That’s the sound of the carriage. Let’s go welcome them.”

“Yes. You heard that well.”

“I have good ears.”

Upon going to the entrance hall to welcome them, the two of them were just entering. Shiro and Emilia must have arrived earlier, greeting them happily.

Despite the night having fallen, and the villa being enveloped in stars, it’s bright and warm here.

Shiro steps forward to help Roa-sama out of his coat, lighting up the villa with his smile.

“Welcome back!”

“I’ve just returned. Let’s talk details inside.”

Everyone has finished eating, so I decide to serve tea and light snacks.

Today, I made chestnut-shaped maron pies with smooth chestnut cream and a whole chestnut inside.

As I place the drinks and snacks in front of everyone and sit down, Roa-sama begins to speak.

“I’ve briefly mentioned it through the magical communication tool, but we’ve decided to capture Maurice with the full support of the Valka family. The servants managing this villa have investigated the lab, which is said to have many magical security tools. We haven’t confirmed everything yet, so we plan to infiltrate again for a final check.”

The realization of capturing Maurice is sinking in, and I can feel the tension creeping up.

“At the same time, we’re also progressing checks to see if there is a laboratory in the Ouldra territory. The theory that the lab Shiro found is the only one is becoming more likely.”

Roa-sama pauses before reconfirming if the security magic tools are operational.

“There’s something we absolutely must deactivate before we capture Maurice. It’s a self-destruct device.”

A self-destruct device! The kind often found in evil organizations!

“If Maurice Maigret’s magic power isn’t supplied for a certain period, the lab will explode. Disabling it will take time. That’s why I have a favor to ask of Alice.”


I’m the only one in contact with Maurice at the moment, but there’s not much I can do.

“You promised Maurice you would serve him curry, right? Serve the curry and buy us time. Your role is to keep Maurice from returning to the lab while we disable it.”

“. . . . . .How much time do you need?”

“Two hours. That’s the minimum we require.”

Facing Maurice for two hours. Any slight suspicious behavior, awkward lingering, or signs of rushing, and he would surely return immediately.


“Disarm the self-destruct device and neutralize other security magic tools. Capture Maurice and simultaneously arrest Dyson in the royal capital.”

“Was there evidence that Dyson was involved?”

“Yes. There is a magic tool that has recorded conversations with Dyson. It is securely stored.”

. . .Can I really do this?

Anxiety slowly takes over my body. But, no one else can make curry except for me. I am also the only one in contact with Maurice.

Maybe if I show the process of making curry for two hours, it could work. While making it, I’ll ask if it’s the same curry Maurice knows, have him eat it, serve dessert and after-dinner tea, all within two hours.

“. . .Understood. I will try.”

“Thank you, Alice. Arrangements have been made for a place in the city.”

Roa-sama let out a small sigh.

“I will capture Maurice Maigret. My brother will take Dyson. My brother will have the greater achievement. I will show that I follow my brother. And then. . .”

Muttering to himself, Roa-sama smiled mischievously.

“In our generation, there will be no dispute over the successor. Absolutely not.”

I don’t quite understand, but I am happy because Roa-sama seems happy.

“When capturing Maurice, everyone agrees that it should be somewhere other than the lab. Alice will be making curry, and during that time, the self-destruct device will be disarmed. That will likely be the moment to capture him.”

“. . . . . .Understood.”

This is a huge responsibility.

If it really comes to it, I’ll throw the curry on Maurice’s head to stop him.

Roa-sama drank his coffee and narrowed his eyes softly. In them, a teasing light flickered briefly.

“That’s all from me. Edgardo, Rolf, you two go and talk.”

“Thank you for your concern, but it can wait. Right now, I have the important duty of guarding Prince Linus.”

“That’s right. We don’t even need to talk; I understand most of it just by looking at Edgardo’s face.”

“Oh, come on! We have some time tonight, so go talk now! You both look like you’re about to cry, what are you saying.”

Immediately, Rene backed them up strongly, and everyone nodded in agreement.

“We took a nap in preparation for Prince Linus’s return. Tonight it’s my and Shiro’s turn.”

“Exactly, we’ve been waiting here. We have to stay by Prince Linus’s side a bit, right?”

“That’s the spirit! Now, off you go!”

Sent off by everyone, Edgardo and Rolf leave. Emilia, who had been watching, chuckled softly.

“Everyone, you all get along so well.”

“Indeed, that is true.”

It was quite the coordinated effort to send them off.





Several hours later, Edgardo and Rolf came down with swollen eyes, yet their faces were remarkably clear and refreshed.

Everyone seemed glad to see the two’s disheveled yet beaming smiles, as they lingered without returning to their rooms.

The somber expressions that Edgardo occasionally showed had vanished, and now he spoke of his family with a newfound brightness. He laughed, saying it’s okay even if he can’t forgive everything, and the day might never come when he does.

It was a smile befitting his age.

“It’s really wonderful. It’s late at night, but I’ll bring out some cake.”

“Thank you, Alice. Actually, my father and grandfather also liked sweets. Now I can eat with pride.”

I heard that the day Edgardo learned about his father’s upbringing, they talked all night as a family.

They aired all their feelings—how they felt then, the loneliness, the hardship. They lashed out at their father with a whip, Ian released his pent-up emotions, and Grion apologized through his manly tears. . . It was indeed a passionate night.

Grion, it seems, was henpecked by a strong wife; Ian was whipped by his wife; and Edgardo, who had blushed at the haughty Ojou-sama I played at the noble’s school. . .

Perhaps the men of the Valka family. . . might have a bit of masochism in them. Let’s not think too deeply about it.

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