Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight Order ~I Got a Job Because I Don’t Want to Get Married~ – Chapter 105

𝐎𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥

After making curry and eating with Caroline, and persuading the reluctant Thor, the day to leave school came all too soon.

Thor really made a fuss when he found out I was leaving school.

“I want to go with Nee-sama too! If it’s not possible, Nee-sama should stay at school! I will protect you!”

“Thank you, Thor. I’m very happy to hear that.”


“But Thor. . . If Nee-sama backs down here, the rewards could be greatly reduced! Nee-sama plans to get as much as possible for the reward this time, everything needed to open a shop. Land, store, Prep-kun and Cooker-kun! I will take as much as I can get!”

“Nee-sama. . .”

Thor’s eyes sparkled.

“As expected of Nee-sama!”

“Right? That’s why I want Thor to stay at school and do research when you have time. So that in the future, we can use what Thor has researched in Nee-sama’s shop.”


“Besides, if Thor is gone, dad will be sad. And you need to protect Marina as well.”

“. . . . . .Yes. I will stay at school.”

Thor, realizing how beautiful Marina was, nodded deeply.

I shake off the loneliness and quickly pack up to say goodbye to Thor.

My personal belongings are left in the magic bag that Edgardo kindly lent me. It’s over just by carrying it, so the preparation didn’t take even a minute.

“Excuse me. Ojou-sama, are you ready?”

Chris knocked and entered the room.

“Yes. All I have to do is carry this magic bag.”

I heard that Chris will stay at school and go back to the life of playing the three roles of Tianne, maid, and valet, just like before I came. He will mediate the communication with Caroline and Thor, watch the merchants, and execute the instructions from Roa-sama.

I had just gotten used to the beautiful boy Chris, and it’s sad to part ways. I owe Chris a lot, so it’s hard to leave.

“I also looked forward to talking with Ojou-sama. If there’s a day in the future when I can serve as a butler, let’s meet then.”

If he’s a vassal of Roa-sama, there might be a chance to pass by in the castle.

“Yes, see you again. Please take care and stay well.”

“Certainly. I will also take care of the messages to your brother.”

“. . .If you have many letters from Thor, it’s okay not to send them frequently.”

Chris chuckled with a beautiful smile. It’s easy to talk to him today in his maid outfit.

“Thank you for lending me the maid outfit.”

Pitying that I only had a negligee, a mantle, a few private clothes, and a kitchen maid’s uniform, he gave me an unused maid outfit.

From now on, I will disguise myself as Emilia’s maid.

“You don’t need to return it. Please protect that person.”

I was deeply bowed to and felt a bit troubled.

There’s not much I can do, so even if I say I’ll protect Roa-sama, I’m more likely to be in the way.

“Leave the cooking to me! I can clean and do laundry, so I will work like a proper maid.”

In the group I’m going with, I will inevitably be the one doing menial tasks.

I wasn’t very accustomed to the life of an Ojou-sama at school, so being a maid is more relieving. It was very hard on my heart to have handsome men kneeling before me. It feels like it shorten my lifespan.


“Before we depart, let’s all have a meal. Chris, what would you like to eat?”

“Since we have the chance, I’d like to make something that Chris, who has taken care of us, desires.”

After a moment of thought, Chris blushed slightly in the cheeks. A blushing beauty has an incredible impact.

“. . .I’d like to eat curry.”


When Caroline and I ate curry together, Chris was there too. He was quite surprised by the brown curry, but he seemed to like it after eating it.

“Even in the Fourth Knight Order, everyone wanted to eat curry once they tried it. I’ll prepare several types, so let’s compare them. I will leave the recipes behind.”

“Please do.”

While everyone else is busy planning strategies and meeting with His Majesty, I, who have time to spare alone, decided to prepare the meal.

Several curries as requested by Chris. The coconut curry is a new creation.

I found something like shiso leaves, so I sliced beef thinly, rolled it around the leaves, skewered them, and made them easy to eat. I made several types of sauces that we used to make in the knight order, to be dipped and enjoyed.

Marinated fresh fish, shrimp fry, roast beef. For myself, I also made pork soup and a seafood bowl. Just looking at the generously filled sashimi raises my spirits.

“The meal is ready! Could you help carry it?”

It’s still early evening, but today we’ll have an early dinner and take a nap before departing at dawn.

Everyone came bustling in, helping to carry the food and small plates.

A table and sofas that seemed to have been stored away were added, and it’s the start of our last meal together at school.

Shiro takes a fork with a full-faced smile.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a meal by Miss Norchev! I was treated like a sick person, so it was mostly bland and easy to digest food, and I’ve missed this!”

“So this is curry. . . It doesn’t seem as brown as I heard it would be.”

“It’s Emilia-sama’s first time with curry. This is a new coconut curry! Don’t overdo it, just eat what you feel you can.”

“A new creation?! I’ll take some!”

“Rene-sama, your portion is here. It’s made spicy.”

“Thanks, Alice! Hmm, it’s a unique taste, but it’s addictive!”

“Shiro, I’m afraid of the curry. . . even though I want to eat so much of it.”

“I shall feed it to you.”

Shiro and Emilia are, as usual, being affectionate with each other. Roa-sama looks on with a smile as if he’s part of the set.

“For Arthur-sama and Edgardo-sama, I have also prepared desserts. Pancakes with ice cream, fruits, and sauce that can be topped as desired. There are plenty of sauces and fruits available.”

“That’s wonderful. Thanks to Alice, it seems I’ll be able to stay energetic tonight.”

“Thank you! I’m happy I can eat lots of ice cream!”

“Go easy on the ice cream. It would be troublesome if your stomach starts to hurt midway.”

“. . .Yes, I understand. . . I knew that. . . yes. . .”

Seeing Arthur sulking like this is rare, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Your smile gives us energy, Alice. It’s going to be a bit of a long journey, but how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine. Rolf-sama, do you get motion sickness in carriages?”

“Of course not. Knights are used to riding horses, after all.”

No doubt he is more accustomed to carriages than I am, so he’ll be fine even on long-distance travel.

While enjoying the conversation and prioritizing filling our stomachs, it wasn’t long before Shiro, as if remembering something, began to speak.


“By the way, after that, things became somewhat difficult. After parting with Prince Linus, I returned to the Fourth Knight Order and explained the situation. It’s not like I entered someone’s room, so I ended up talking to myself in the dark corridor.”

“With that commotion, everyone must have been awake.”

“Yes. I sensed someone was watching, so I spoke out loud to myself. I said, let anyone who comes act as if it’s none of their concern, pretend not to notice, and if possible, don’t tell anyone the kitchen maid’s name.”

Suddenly appearing, Shiro shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile.

“At that time, it wasn’t certain that Miss Norchev would be targeted. Prince Linus did not make Miss Norchev resolve to be involved in such matters. To protect Prince Linus’ will, it was imperative to avoid any harm coming to Miss Norchev and her family. It’s unnatural not to know the kitchen maid’s name, but if we align our stories, we won’t be pursued that much. In the end, since she was targeted, I think it was good that she came along.”

“Is that so?”

“Oh? You’re surprisingly calm.”

“I think it’s because you told me after everything had ended. I’m still surprised. . .”

Shiro moved his large eyes playfully and smiled mischievously.

“Actually, I think it was good to come here. Mayor was also targeting Miss Norchev.”

Mayor is the name of a lord knight Mayora. A knight with a dandy haircut too fitting to the name Mayora, targeting me?

“Was he Dyson’s henchman?”

“No, not at all!”

Shiro laughed as if he found it truly amusing.

“He was trying to marry Miss Norchev!”

“What? Why would he. . . Oh, for the mayonnaise, right?!”

“Exactly! If he married Miss Norchev, he could spend time alone with her and eat as much mayonnaise as he wanted at home. He seems to not realize it, but he appeared to be quite fond of Miss Norchev.”

A heartfelt sigh escaped, a rather significant one.

“Roa-sama, thank you for bringing me here. I couldn’t bear being married off for mayonnaise. Lord Knight Mayora should marry mayonnaise instead!”

“Ojou-sama, you are well-liked by many.”

Chris’s words don’t bother me right now.

Because Roa-sama looked utterly flustered.

“Alice is. . . No, I knew it, but. . . Alice is amazing. . .”

“Thank you.”

I responded curtly.

From merchants to the sudden confessions of Edgardo and Rolf, and now a marriage for mayonnaise. Looking at it this way, one can see how decent Edgardo and Rolf really were. But those are Edgardo and Rolf.

Rolf, who would likely prioritize Edgardo over me in a pinch, and Edgardo, who is in love with being in love.

They occasionally attempt light physical contact or whisper just enough affection not to burden me, but I still cannot bring myself to like them romantically.

It would be easy to reject them outright, but now is not the time to convey that. Absolutely not.

We are about to capture Dyson and bring an end to this. I can’t say something that might cause our performance to drop. It’s best to avoid the risk of failure due to me.


“Anyway! We’re departing tonight, so let’s take a nap until then! We’re going to ride in the carriage to Edgardo’s grandfather’s place, right?”

“Yes. His Majesty has checked and confirmed there’s nothing suspicious with my grandfather, and I believe that under the current circumstances, relying on my grandfather is the best course of action.”

“That settles it! Cheers!”

Casting a chilly glance at Shiro, who forcibly changed the topic after being the one to bring it up.

It seems I could easily forgive Shiro, who apologizes with his eyes, and I realize I have a forgiving nature. I’m willing to forgive, but it seems Emilia is not, so I think a thorough apology is in order.

After this night ends, it’s onto Edgardo’s territory next. The place where Edgardo’s trauma was implanted.

Rolf occasionally looks at Edgardo with concern, and Edgardo, noticing this, repeats a reassuring smile.

I hope that even if not everything ends happily, Edgardo’s trauma doesn’t worsen and that we can capture Dyson.

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