Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Devotion of Leah Flores

It was the night one month after we got married.

Invited by William-sama, I was walking on the coast where the moonlight was shining.

The sound of the waves that come and go echoes on the quiet coast.

We stop and look at the path of the moon reflected on the sea.

At that time, William-sama slowly opened his mouth.

“…It seems that women are also candidates for the escort knight to be elected next time for Her Royal Highness Sofia.”

At those words, I blink my eyes.

It was only recently that voices calling for the introduction of female knights from various places have begun to rise.

The occupation of knights, which had only been open to men until now.

Of course, male knights have always been responsible for the protection of female members of the royal family and aristocracy, but they have had the problem of not being able to enter the private rooms of the female subjects they are protecting.

However, since the precedent of a female like me being recognized as the captain of the knights has been established, the voices calling for female knights have become much louder.

“The world is changing. Of course, I have too.”

William-sama looks out to sea.

The moonlight shone on his lustrous hair.

“Since I met you, I have changed. I know the joy of loving and being loved.”

He turns to me.

A light flashes in his eyes.

“I was terrified to think about what an empty life without you would be like. I can’t even imagine a life without you. If you say that I am the reason you live, then you are the happiness of my life.”

He slowly lifts my chin with his hand and turns my face towards him.


The voice, the gesture, the gaze of William-sama… they are all so gentle.

Feeling the love for him welling up inside me, I placed my hand on his cheek.

William-sama embraces me with his other hand.

“I love you.”

As he whispers this, he looks into my eyes.

“I love you too. Always.”

I also look back at him.

As if it were natural, our lips met.

Only the moon floating in the sky is watching us.

The moonlight reflecting on the sea seems to bless us as it shimmers.


Authors Note:

“Well, that’s the story of Knight Leah Flores.

…What? You want to know what happened to the two of them afterwards?

I’m just a humble traveling storyteller.

I don’t know what happened to them because I’ve been traveling around to various countries. But, well…

Duke William Moore later implemented a policy of focusing on education in order to solve the poverty problem. By establishing educational institutions that do not require money, he increased the options for the future of the people and took a step towards improving the poverty problem.

And under him was the figure of a knight who devoted herself to him. That’s right, it’s Knight Leah. She lived happily as a warrior who earned many feats at times, and as Duke William Moore’s beloved at other times. Surely from now on… they will continue to be happy.”

——The end——

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  1. Eirabell Avatar

    Ah, finally! The sweet happy ending for them! Though I’m also curious with the prince and Charlotte, also Poppy and his brother ❤️ Thank you so much for translating this until the finale 😭❤️💐

  2. I can’t believe it’s over. I’m so happy they were able to achieve such a happy ending together. It just feels so short since I finished it in just a day. But I’m happy that the story was not dragged out and ended in an appropriate point. Welp, guess its time for me to find another good story to binge read.

    1. I know right~
      And I really love how the author managed to make Leah as mob knight until the end. Really. She’s not actively engaging with the main characters or even the plot. And we didn’t even know the exact name of the antagonists 😅
      But I do love how the story only focused on those two.
      I’m just sad that Riley’s fiancee never make an appearance until the end. Hahaha

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