Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Petals

“I never thought that Leah would be the first of us to get married. I thought that Riley, who has a fiance, would be the first to get married.”

“Yeah. I thought so too.”

I nodded at Poppy’s heartfelt voice.

While we were talking, Poppy skillfully sewed the cloth in front of her.

“Besides, considering that her partner is a Duke, who knows what will happen in the world.”

She snipped the thread with a pair of scissors.

“The temporary sewing is done. You’ll try on several dresses today, so you’ll be busy.”

Poppy stood up and respectfully bowed to me.

“Well, customer. Today I am not your childhood friend but the tailor Poppy Morgan. Let me show you the dress you want, as if by magic. Please put your hand here.”

Poppy held out her hand to me with a clear face, and when I placed my hand on it, she winked.

“I’ve created several prototypes based on the design I drew while listening. I’ll make the best wedding dress for Leah, betting on the prestige of the branch manager of the Evans Fashion Store.”


“A~ah, it’s over.”

As I came out of the fitting room looking dejected, Riley was standing there.

“It’s over… it’s over… fitting uses up a lot of physical strength…”

As I said this, out of breath, Riley laughed.

“Haha! The Captain of the Knights is out of shape. Can’t you set an example for your subordinates?”

“Exactly… my appearance doesn’t matter anymore…”

As we had this conversation, Poppy popped her head out from behind me.

“Leah, there’s one more dress. Could you go back to the fitting room?”

“Another dress…?”

As I turned around and looked at Poppy with a completely lifeless face, Riley finally burst out laughing.

“Hahaha! Captain of the Knights, do your best! Your subordinates are all looking forward to seeing you in your best form, aren’t they?”

“Yeah. Everyone seems to be looking forward to my wedding… the pressure is intense…”

“Don’t you think it’s the subordinates who protested when you were exposed and brought before the Military Law Conference because of your gender? You should let them look forward to it that much.”

As I struggle to find words, Poppy and Riley laugh happily.

“Well, anyway. Let’s try on one more dress, customer.”


I am led to the fitting room by Poppy with my shoulder grasped.

Riley waved his hand cheerfully.

And then came the day of the wedding ceremony.


“Yeah, it’s perfect. Leah has a tall figure, and although she has muscle, her slender body shape suits this dress well.”

I shivered at Poppy’s words.

The white cloth rustled every time I moved.

This white dress is slender overall.

The upper body cloth that snugly covers the body draws a loose curve and continues down to the lower body. The sleeves are simple and the daringly open back and decollete are covered with a thin lace.

On the skirt part from the side stomach down, a shell-like embroidery is made, and the embroidery in the same color as the dress sparkles depending on the angle.

Maybe because I had worn clothes that completely covered my body so that it would not be clearly known that I was a woman, it is unsettling to wear clothes that show my skin so spectacularly.

“Well, it’s the final finish.”

Poppy takes an ear cuff in her hand.

The ear cuff I bought at a street vendor when I went with William-sama to preview the gift from Princess Sofia.

Fine silver work, a deep blue gem like the sea, and white pearls that shine in seven colors depending on the angle of view are adorned.

(From this deep blue to a pale purple, the jewel called ‘the sea of intelligence’ changes color depending on the amount of light it receives and it looks just like the color of William-sama’s.)

While looking at the earrings, I think about things like that.

Poppy carefully holds up the earrings and puts them in my ears.

Poppy looks up at me.

I, who have never worn a dress before, am hesitant about my appearance and nervously ask her when I feel her gaze.

“…How is it?”

Then, Poppy smiles widely and

“It’s perfect!!”

And he raised her fist to the sky.

“Hey, are you finished preparing?”

At that time, Riley’s voice called out from the shadow of the door.

“The Duke is waiting.”

Upon hearing that, Poppy’s eyes flash.

“Oh my, is it already that time? See you at the venue, Leah.”

Poppy laughs mischievously and leaves the room.

Only I was left in the empty room.

As I looked down at my own body, the door was lightly knocked.

“Leah, it’s me…Can I come in?”

I correct my posture in a hurry upon hearing William-sama’s voice.

“Yes, it’s okay.”

When I say that, the door…makes a sound and opens.

There, William-sama in a white frock coat stood.

William-sama breathed in as he reflected my appearance in his eyes.

Eventually, he relaxed those wide-opened eyes and smiled at me.

“You’re beautiful, Leah. It’s like a dream that you’re my wife.”

Saying that, he walked towards me.

And he looked at my ears again and opened his eyes wide once more.

“These earrings…”

His hand touches my ear.

“I still remember well when I first saw these earrings and realized that I love you. I couldn’t say it then, but now I can…they look good on you.”

After he takes his hand off my ear, he picks up my hand.

“Come on, let’s go. The ceremony is starting.”

I nod to that and started walking with him.

“Whoooaaa! Captain, you’re soooo beautiful!!”



I was bewildered in front of my subordinates who were crying loudly.

“Johnson, no matter what, it’s too much crying…and others too. Captain Maurice, please tell them something…wait, he’s crying too…?!”

I turned around, troubled by the knights who were shedding tears loudly, and saw that Captain Maurice was wiping his eyes.

When it became clear that I was a woman and I was brought to court-martialed, they were the ones who took a stand.

I was on the verge of being stripped of my position and punished.

When it seemed that there was nothing that could be done with just William-sama’s power, they collected signatures and fiercely protested, and I was able to escape punishment and it was decided that I would continue as Knights’ Captain of the Moore duke’s house.

“Just because she’s a woman, what the hell! Captain Flores has been faithfully serving as Knights’ Captain until today. She has achievements, achievements!”

I remember Johnson’s appearance as he came charging into the court-martial while saying that.

When I glanced at William-sama’s direction, I saw that Prince Finlay was crying in front of William-sama.

When William-sama and Prince Finlay, who was being consoled by him, met eyes, they both laugh.

As we looked at each other, a gust of wind suddenly blew.

White petals flew from the bouquet I was holding.

White petals dancing up into the blue sky.

It was as if it was the end of “You and The White Rose”…it reminded me of the scene when Charlotte and Prince Finlay offered a white rose at William-sama’s grave.

(But, everything about that scene was different)

I look around the venue.

Johnson, the knights who are my subordinates, Captain Maurice, Poppy and Riley who are looking at me warmly, Prince Finlay who is crying in front of William-sama, Charlotte who is standing behind him, and Edward-san who is standing on their side.

And, William-sama in a soft white frock coat.

The many people who supported me.

(I am a lucky person)

I grip the bouquet.

As a natural smile overflows, I take out a handkerchief and wiped Johnson’s face who was crying “waaahh waaahh”.

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