Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Resolving misunderstandings


I can’t believe the words that were just spoken.

“I am a person with a selfish and ugly heart. You say that’s okay…?”

When I asked that, William-sama smiled even more softly.

“I don’t think of you as such a selfish and ugly person, but if you seek me out because of your selfishness, that would be a wish come true for me.”

Hearing that, I was choked up with tears.

I wanted to entrust everything to him, but there was something I couldn’t help but hold onto.

“Besides, I’m not a man…?”


When I asked another question, William-sama looked at me quizzically.

“William-sama has feelings for ‘Leah Flores,’ a man?”

William-sama was surprised.

After a thoughtful expression, he turned his face towards me again.

“Certainly, Leah Flores, a man, was in front of me until now.”

Hearing those words, my heart froze.

However, William-sama still looked straight at me and repeated his words.

“But your gender is not a significant issue for me. Whether you are male or female, you are you.”

Saying that, William-sama looked at me with a serious gaze.

“I love you. Please give me an affirmative reply.”

In the past, I had thought “if I confessed that I was a woman, would the love in William-sama’s eyes disappear in that moment?”.

He was a kind person, William-sama.

He would probably say well done, and continue to treat me with unchanged consideration.

But, there would be no love in those eyes. The love and longing he had directed towards me until now would disappear, and he would only be with me out of a sense of duty.

I’m sure I couldn’t bear that.

…that’s what I thought.

However, in William-sama’s eyes, which should have known my gender, the unchanged love for me was flickering.


I thought that what William-sama wanted was “him,” a man.

I am a worthless person who, for my own selfishness, wished for William-sama’s happiness and, on top of that, lied about my gender.

But, if it was allowed.

If I was allowed to be by William-sama’s side.

“I… I want to be with you…!!”

As soon as I said that, new tears spilled from my eyes.


He called my name and hugged me.

In William-sama’s arms, I rested my forehead against his body. I could feel his warmth.

William-sama kissed my cheek.

On my ear, neck, forehead.

Gentle kisses rain down on me.


I look up at William-sama’s voice.

As I see his feverish gaze capture my lips, I close my eyes, flustered, to receive him.

At that moment, the sound of a door being opened loudly echoed.

I quickly take some distance from William-sama.

“Will-!! The doctor told me that the guard knight has regained consciousness… Huh?”

William-sama and I turn towards the door.

“I’m sorry, am we interrupting something?”

Under our gaze, Prince Finlay scratched his head awkwardly.



Potato-tan: “Ugh, I can’t believe Prince Finlay would just burst in and ruin the special moment between William and Leah like that. It’s so rude.”

Neko-chan: “I know, right? I totally get why you’re so upset. It must have been super frustrating to have your moment interrupted like that.”

Potato-tan: “Totally. And what’s even worse is that Prince Finlay doesn’t seem to care about how his actions affect others. He just does whatever he wants without thinking about the consequences.”

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