Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Lantern Light

While walking behind William-sama, I was troubled by a foggy feeling.

William-sama is a handsome man.

It is within the realm of possibility that I would fall in love at first sight, or even receive a confession of love.


(My heart is in a state of confusion)

While carrying these feelings that I can’t put into words, I continued to follow William-sama.

Weaving through the crowds and leaving the city, we finally came to a small hill on the outskirts, where his steps stopped.

The surroundings were already dark, and the only light visible was the dimly glowing sign of a store we had just left.

William-sama took a deep breath.

“Phew… I was wondering what would happen.”

Then he turned to me and began to touch my arm gently.

“Hey, are you hurt? You were just lunged at by a strange young man a while ago. I think you’ll be okay because you’re Leah, but…”

Hearing these words, I finally realized that William-sama’s actions were to check for any injuries.

“I’m fine, I don’t have any injuries.”

When I answered, he smiled and whispered,

“That’s good…”

Then he started to stare intently at my arm again.

“What happened? Is there something on my arm?”

When I asked curiously, William-sama opened his mouth with a serious face.

“No, I just thought your flowing movements earlier were beautiful.”

Amidst the faint breeze, he continued,

“It would not be possible to make such movements on a whim without an extraordinary effort.”

Staring at my face, William-sama smiled softly.

“Everything that makes up you has been created through your own efforts. And it feels indescribably beautiful.”

When he put it into words like that,

I felt something inside me change and I blinked my eyes.

(“I want to save William-sama’s life” is a selfish thought that my body is composed of…)

You, who even embrace my selfish thoughts that have nothing to do with your will.

(Even that, you say, is beautiful.)

My actions are covered in ego.

I’m not trying to protect William-sama for his sake. I’m doing it for my own sake.

My peace of mind is only maintained when my precious William is happy.

A one-sided ego of trying to protect him for my own sake. A ugly heart.

Even so, I felt like my ego, which had accumulated since I remembered my past life at the age of 6 and had been rewarded as if my existence had been affirmed by those words.

At that moment,

“Leah, look. The lanterns are rising into the sky.”

I turned around at the whisper from William-sama, who had looked behind me.

In the ultramarine sky, countless warm-colored lanterns were floating up. The lanterns slowly ascend into the sky.

(It’s beautiful. The view with William-sama is like this…)

For some reason, I feel like I’m about to cry and I blink my eyes again.

(If I can protect you close by from now on)

When I wished for the future I would face with William-sama.


I had the feeling that something had stuck the corner of my head,

“This is spectacular.”

“Yes, it is, William-sama.”

But before I could grasp what it was, it had disappeared into the back of my head.

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