Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Man I’ve Been Thinking About (William’s Point of View)

“Come on Will, let’s go out together!”

It was a summer day when Finn suddenly came to my room in the dormitory.

“Finn, I’m flattered by your offer, but today is Leah’s day off. You can’t go out in the city without an escort. You haven’t forgotten about the kidnapping incident the other day, have you?”

When I said that, Finn puffed out his chest.

“Oh, I haven’t forgotten about it! That’s why Edward is coming with us today.”

Finn laughs mischievously.

“It’s no problem even if the number of people under escort increases to two. We’ve been studying hard lately, and even Will must be tired. Let’s go out and change our mood.”

I hesitated for a moment, but before I knew it, I nodded in response to Finn’s smile.

There is a clear blue sky with no clouds and strong sunlight.

There is a refreshingness in the middle of the sultry heat.

“Ugh, it’s hot!”

“Yes, it is. Even though we’re at the end of the season, it’s still summer.”

I walk through the city with Finn and escort knight Edward. That’s when I spotted a familiar figure in the distance.

It was a person with light brown hair.


He was standing there in a casual outfit, different from the one he always wears when he stays by my side.

(I can’t believe we’re going out to the same place.)

It’s a feeling of exhilaration to see someone you’re thinking of by chance in the city.

But as soon as I saw the person next to him, my heart froze and my exhilaration was blown away.

A lovely woman with chestnut-colored hair and hazel eyes.

The person standing next to Leah, shaking her glossy hair in the wind, is smiling brightly towards Leah.

The two of them were close to each other, chatting like they were in front of a show window.

“What’s wrong, Will? Did you find something?”

Finn asks me in a curious voice as I stop in my tracks.

“… Hmm? That’s Will’s escort knight? Hahaha, Will’s escort knight can’t keep up with such a cute woman at an encounter like this!”

As Finn speaks to me with a hearty laugh, I feel a pain like my heart is being seized.

(Why didn’t I notice? There might be someone Leah is thinking of.)

The sound of my heart pounding loudly echoes in my ears.

The two people standing in front of the show window look more and more perfect together as I see them.

The woman with chestnut-colored hair whispers something in Leah’s ear. When the woman with chestnut-colored hair smiles, Leah also smiles softly back at her.

The intimacy of their actions makes my heart feel even more painful.

The next moment, Leah looks in our direction, so I hide in the shadow of the building with Finn.

“Wha?! What’s wrong?”

Without responding to Finn’s words, I stand motionless in the shadow of the building. After a while, I peek out of the shadow of the building.

There were no longer two people there.

Feeling a mixture of relief and something indescribable, Finn breaks away from my arm.

And then Finn turns to face me.

“Will, you’ve been weird since a while ago. Your face looks bad too… Do you want to go home?”

At Finn’s puzzled gaze, I shake my head.

“I’m fine. Shall we go on ahead?”

I quickly walk towards the crowded street to leave the spot.

In my head, the scene of the two people cuddling and smiling at each other keeps repeating.

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Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might!

Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might!

リア・フローレスの献身 〜モブ騎士の私ですが、今世では絶対に当て馬公爵様を守り抜いてみせます!!〜
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
On a certain day when I was 6 years old, I, Leah Flores, suddenly regained memories of my past life while watching the coronation ceremony of the crown prince after escaping from an orphanage. Is this the world of the manga [You and The White Rose] that I read in my past life…? Duke William-sama, a character in [You and The White Rose], falls in love with the heroine but struggles to watch his friend, the crown prince, and the heroine fall in love with each other. In the end, he sacrifices himself and dies while protecting the crown prince. William-sama was my favorite character in my past life. “I want William-sama to be happy.” With these thoughts, I knocked on the door of the Order of Knights, pretending to be a male. “She, or rather, “he” will definitely protect William-sama’s well-being with all my might!!”


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