Leah Flores’s Devotion – I May Be a Mob Knight, but in This Life I Will Definitely Protect Duke William with All My Might! – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Revealing

The next day after Poppy and I went on a tour of the clothing stores.

I tilted my head because it seemed to me that William-sama’s atmosphere was somehow different from usual. He seemed to be somewhat absent-minded, he suddenly had a face as if he had thought hard.

I wondered what was going on, but the days continued without any particular cause coming to mind.

While I was on my way to take William-sama to the dormitory after the afternoon session ended.

“…What has Leah been doing on her days off lately?”

William-sama suddenly said that.

When I turned to him, he hurriedly added.

“You know, I heard that you were looking at the sea in the Duke of Moore’s territory, but there is no sea in the capital and I was wondering what you have been doing on your recent days off… I was wondering…”

He started speaking quickly and unexpectedly, his tone gradually slowed down and eventually stopped as if disappearing.

Although I was curious about his appearance, I opened my mouth to answer the question.

“On days off, I mainly do training.”

Yes, lately I have been more focused on training than before.

The attempt to make my own using the movements of other warriors was a continuous struggle for me, who had always been self-taught, but I think I have gradually understood the trick.

I also think that the goal of making better use of the characteristics of the spear has gradually come to me as I swing the spear for many hours every day.

Although it was long, I felt a sense of accomplishment as my abilities gradually improved.

“…Anything else?”


“What else do you do?”

I blink at William-sama’s words.

“Other than…?”

I can’t help but fall silent because I didn’t think I would be asked what I do other than training.

After thinking for a moment, I speak.

“Maybe meet people.”

As I say this, he stiffens slightly.

“What kind of people?”

I ponder William-sama’s question in my head.

(What kind of people?)

I think of my recently met friend Poppy.

The image of her smiling face and laughter coming to mind.

“Yes… cheerful ones…”

Her sparkling face as she talks about the design of the clothes.

“Working hard towards her dreams.”

A friend who has been by my side since I was a knight apprentice.

“She is a very important person to me.”

I didn’t notice his whisper as I was thinking about her.

“As I thought, the woman with the chestnut-colored hair…”

His voice didn’t reach my ears and disappeared.

I thought William-sama was strange for falling silent, but in the meantime we arrived at the dormitory.

We face each other at the boundary of the gate.

“Then I’ll be excused. Have a good night.”

I say that and lower my head.

Then I turned my heel to leave the dormitory.

However, I felt as if my knight uniform was being pulled and I stopped.

I look, a white man’s hand is grasping the cloth around my waist.


I turned back in surprise and saw that William-sama was looking down.

“Is something the matter?”

If I ask him, he slightly shakes his shoulder.

“Don’t go away.”

Sudden words.

He grips my clothes more strongly.

“Don’t go to anyone but me, I love you…!!”

As if breaking a dam of emotions, he spat out the words.

But then he came to his senses and took his hands off my clothes.

“…I’m sorry… I want you to forget those words. Good night, Leah.”

Saying that, he turns his body and runs into the inside of the dormitory.

The small back of him that remains.

I, who was left on the spot, could only watch his back in a daze.

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  1. Eirabell says:

    Ara ara~ What a great sinner you are, Leah-chan~ To play with innocent heart of your Master 🤭❤️

    Thanks a lot for translating this series 💐❤️

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