Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 81


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟏

“Hey, this guy is your escort, right? He’s really beautiful.

I’ve decided! This escort will be mine.”


“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll properly reward you.

I’ll pay you later if you send me the bill.

Now, shall we go?

Eddie-sama isn’t here, so let’s look for him together!”

. . .Uh. Thinking Chris was my bodyguard was right, but

Why does she think she can easily make him hers?

I don’t even know the child’s name, but what does she mean by sending a bill?

Is she trying to buy a stranger’s bodyguard with money?

Is this something she does all the time?

“I refuse.”

While we were taken aback, Chris coldly stated.

That’s true. . .The only ones who could command Chris would be me or my grandfather.

Just because he’s cute doesn’t mean he has the personality to listen to a young lady’s whims.

The young lady seemed surprised at being refused, and stopped for a moment.

The next thing I knew, she was smiling and giving orders.

“Didn’t you hear? I said I’m buying you.

I don’t need any words other than ‘understood.'”

“Are you stupid?”

“. . .What?”

“Why do you think I’m of lower status than you?

Buy me? What nonsense are you talking about?”

Being answered so coldly, I felt a little sorry for the young lady.

I thought she would be embarrassed if she knew that Chris was from the Duke family and royalty.

Thinking she would be so embarrassed that she couldn’t appear in social circles for a while,

I wanted to pretend I hadn’t heard what happened.

But the young lady didn’t seem to understand what Chris had said.

“Hey! What’s with this insolent bodyguard!

You should tell him off properly!”

She still didn’t get it, and complained to me.

I almost sighed. . .but then,

Douglas, who couldn’t just watch in silence, interrupted.

“Hey, who are you?

Didn’t you know this is a private room for royalty and just walked in?

The person you think is a bodyguard is royalty, you know?”

“. . .What?”

“You told royalty that you’ll buy them and they should obey.

Do you realize how disrespectful that is?”

“Huh? But the only prince in the school is Eddie-sama, isn’t it?

There’s no way this man is royalty.”

“Sigh. . .Don’t you know? This is Chris-sama,

Engaged to Sofia-sama and adopted by the second Prince Fritz.

And by the way, even before becoming royalty, he was from the Duke family.”

“What? The princess’ fiancé? You’re lying, right?”

If she can’t understand even after being told this much, that’s a problem.

I can’t leave her like this now.

“Everything you heard is true.

By the way, who are you?

You entered the private room for royalty without permission, and you didn’t even introduce yourself?”

“Don’t be noisy. I won’t be deceived, you know?

I heard that the princess’ fiancé is Brother Kyle.

I am Anna・Ahrens. The sister of the princess’ fiancé.”

Ahrens! The Margrave’s daughter. . .Kyle’s half-sister?

I inadvertently looked at Kyle beside me, and he had an incredibly grim face.

“You’re Anna?”

“If you understand, keep quiet. . .Wait, are you Brother Kyle?”

“Yes. . .I don’t want to think that such a rude young lady is my sister though. . .

The person you were rude to is Princess Sofia-sama.

And for the record, Chris and I are both Sofia-sama’s fiancés, without a doubt.”

“What? Both of you are fiancés?”

“Sofia-sama will become queen, so she will have three consorts.”

“Eh? Are they really both fiancés?

I can’t believe it. Is the princess really that kind of person?

To marry three handsome men just to keep them in attendance!

It’s a shame that even Brother Kyle is being used by such a loose woman.”

“. . .Can I throw this girl away?”

“Wait, I’ll throw her out.”

“Chris-sama, Kyle-sama, I’ll throw her out.”

“I’ll throw her out! Or rather, I absolutely won’t allow it!”

A loose woman. . .My mind goes blank at such a thing.

As I remain speechless, the four around me all become angry at once.

It seems she felt that no one was on her side,

“After all, Brother Kyle is a traitor, so it doesn’t really matter.”

She said, and left as if tossing the words aside.

Kyle, a traitor?

“Kyle, is she really your sister?!”

“. . .I don’t want to admit it, but it’s certain that she is my half-sister.

I’ll report it to His Majesty as soon as we return to the palace.”

“I can’t believe it! What’s with that girl!

Calling Sofia-sama loose! I absolutely won’t forgive her!”

“We should also report it to the school.

She’ll definitely cause problems elsewhere.”

Even after Anna left, the anger didn’t seem to subside.

“. . .Sorry about this. This happened because I was being pursued.”

“. . .I apologize as well.

I should have handled it better.”

Ah, I forgot. I was hiding Eddie and Arno.

I released the illusion on the wall, and the two of them appeared, looking remorseful.

“Eddie, were you being chased by that young lady?”

“Yeah. That young lady was definitely the one who came after us.

She seems to be from Class C, but she left before class was over,

and was waiting in the hallway.”


“It seemed like she wanted to make Eddie her husband.

Something like ‘marrying me will raise your status,’ she said or something like that.

I don’t know why she thought that. . .I couldn’t communicate with her.”

“Marrying that young lady would raise Eddie’s status?

I don’t understand what that means.”

“Me neither. . .I don’t understand at all. . .”

Seeing Eddie slump down in his seat, I thought it must have been really tough.

Even though the time we talked was short, I’m tired too.

Everyone around me seems more angry than tired, and I can feel a murderous intent.

“Anyway, shall we eat?

If we don’t hurry, our class will start.”

Unlike Eddie and the others who just started lunch break, we have less than half the time left.

We decided to eat first, and discuss this issue after we got back home.

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