Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 80


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖𝟎

The academy started a month ago.

Because Eddie and his classmates’ school year begins at a different time, their lunchtime is also slightly offset.

To prevent students from crowding the cafeteria during lunch break,

When the third-year students have a one-hour break, the second-year students start their break around halfway through.

As the third-year students finish their break, the first-year students begin their break, so,

The reason I could avoid meeting Prince Heines last year is because of this time difference.

Fortunately, the first and second year have overlapping break times.

It’s impossible when preparation is needed for afternoon classes,

But otherwise, it’s fine to stay in the private dining room until the last minute.

When I return to the palace, I have the crown prince’s duties,

And Eddie has the crown prince’s education teacher waiting for him.

Since we were both booked, the only time we could talk at ease was while we were at the academy.

Therefore, we had decided to meet a few times a week and have meals together.

After the class ended, we would go first into the private room exclusively for the royal family,

Drink tea and wait for Eddie and the others to come.

Once Eddie and the others came, we all had lunch while talking.

I was worried about whether Douglas could fit in with a royal meal,

But Eddie and Arno were surprised at Douglas’ wealth of knowledge,

And decided to respect him as a senior, calling him Senior Douglas.

Douglas was bewildered to be called a senior by both the royals and an escort knight,

But he naturally became friends with Eddie’s friendly smile and Arno’s straightforward personality.

Today, as usual, I’m waiting for Eddie and the others,

I can hear the sound of someone running in from outside.

It’s like being chased by something.

Now that two members of the royal family are attending, guards are stationed inside the school.

It’s hard to think that someone would be chased, but. . .

With a bang, the door opens roughly, and Eddie bursts in,

With Arno coming into the room behind him.

Arno checks outside and closes the door, breathing heavily.

“. . .What happened?”

“Haa, ha… being chased…”

“Who chased you? Are you okay?”

I didn’t think Eddie and Arno were really being chased.

I hadn’t anticipated anything like being chased within the academy,

I wonder what happened.

I was about to ask Arno when I was told to be quiet and still.

I can hear someone running from outside.

The sound is getting louder as it seems to approach.

Could it be, they’re still chasing?

“What should we do, Arno! They’re still chasing us!”

“You must be joking. . .They intend to come to the royal private room!”

It seemed there was no time to ask the panicked two what was going on.

“Eddie, Arno. Move to the wall, and stand quietly.”

I drove the two to the wall and created a wall illusion in front of them.

Eddie and Arno can see it, but from here, the other side is invisible.

If they stand still, the two can remain hidden.

“I’m making a wall illusion to hide you two, so just stay there.

I’ve made it so they can’t see from here.”

“O, Okay.”

“Even if they can’t see, they can hear, so both of you should be quiet.”

Would the person chasing the two really come into this room?

If they did enter, there’s me and Chris and Kyle. Ruri and Douglas too.

It’s only natural to say that it’s disrespectful to approach the vicinity of the royal private room.

On top of that, two candidates for consort to the royalty,

And the top and third rankers of the second year are present. . .

Either they are of high status or just have no manners. . .

As we waited quietly, a click sounded, and the door opened.

I wondered what was coming, but 

Peeking in, a petite girl’s face appeared

Straight black hair, and round black eyes with upward-slanting corners like a cat’s.

It was a surprise that it was a cute young lady who entered.

“Huh? I thought I saw Eddie-sama enter here.”

Ah, it seems this young lady was the one chasing Eddie.

She may not realize that this is a room exclusively for the royal family.

I feel no guilt or malicious intent from the young lady.

“Who are you? A first-year, perhaps? Do you have any business with us?”

“No. I don’t have any business with you.

I was just looking for Eddie-sama. . .”

It seems she doesn’t know that this is a room for the royal family.

I’m not sure if she has no intention of honoring upperclassmen,

But the young lady who answered curtly stopped moving.

I wondered where she was looking, and she was looking at Chris?

A friend of Chris? But Chris looks uninterested. . .

“Hey, this guy is your escort, right? He’s really beautiful.

I’ve decided! This escort will be mine.”


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