Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 75

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕𝟓

“Right? So, what about Arno, the third consort of Sister Sofia?”


Since nobody was expecting this, not only I but Chris and Kyle, 

Furthermore, even Arno, the person himself who was told, was surprised.

“. . .Eddie, what are you suddenly talking about?

Isn’t Sofia-sama surprised?”

“But, aren’t three consorts necessary for Sister Sofia?

But, aren’t there hardly any men who would be okay even alongside Brother Chris and Brother Kyle?”

“So why does it have to be me?”

“Arno has been traveling through other countries all this time.

He can speak all the surrounding countries’ languages, and he knows all the history and manners of other countries.

I think Arno can be of use to Sister Sofia!”

That might certainly be the case.

There may be things I don’t understand since I’ve only ever been in Eugenis country.

Someone who can supplement that will probably be necessary. . .

If one of the consorts can supplement that, I think that would be best.

Arno is the second son of the Marquis family and the nephew of the second princess consort, Alina-sama.

There is no issue with either his lineage or status.

He also has enough strength to serve as an escort knight, and there are no issues with his health or magical abilities.

Certainly. . . he is a person who would not be out of place as a consort.

“Yes, indeed. . .Arno becoming a consort would not be a problem.

But, I can’t decide immediately, and we should consider Arno’s feelings as well.

There’s no rush, I won’t become queen for a while yet. Will you let me think it over slowly?”

“That’s true. We’ll be attending the academy together for two years.

If there’s time, we can even have lunch together.

Ah, I plan to help out with work once I get used to it.”

“That will be helpful. I will be gradually taking on my grandfather’s work.

It would be helpful if Eddie could share the work of the crown prince.”

“Uh. . .don’t expect too much, okay? But I’ll do my best.”

“Fufu. Slowly, it’s fine once you get used to it.”

Seeing Eddie, who is not good at living up to expectations, frowns, 

I can’t help but laugh, realizing that nothing has changed.

If possible, I wanted Uncle Fritz to become king, and 

I thought about making Eddie the crown prince.

Because when the ruler is a queen instead of a king, there are often many challenges, and 

I thought it wouldn’t be necessary for me to become king against my will.

I thought I could work hard at assisting if Uncle or Eddie became the king, but. . .

Uncle Fritz absolutely refused to become king.

Because Alina-sama is not suitable to be queen.

Originally, Alina-sama’s family, the Marquis Klein family, is a family that produces knights.

The knights of this country are broadly divided into three types.

The royal guards who protect the palace, the security knights who maintain the peace of the capital and the country, 

And the border knights who protect the borders of the country.

Alina-sama’s father is the commander of the border knights, and Arno’s father is the deputy commander.

Although it might sound strange to say that she’s not ladylike, 

Alina-sama herself is a master of the spear and far stronger than Uncle Fritz.

Uncle Fritz was destined to be sent to Kokodia as a hostage at the same time as his marriage.

But he’s head over heels for Alina-sama, who married him without any problems, saying that there’s nothing wrong, 

He doesn’t want to do anything that would burden Alina-sama.

I didn’t want to force something unreasonable on my aunt and uncle who have suffered as hostages until now.

If they don’t want to become rulers, I didn’t have the intention of forcing it upon them.

I also asked Eddie if he wanted to become the crown prince, but

“Eh, no way, no way. I can’t be a king.

If Sister Sofia becomes queen, I’ll work hard, so hire me!”

He said, and I was drained by his words, even though he’s royalty. . .asking to be hired. . .

So there is no struggle for the throne, and we’ve built a peaceful relationship.

By the way, when I asked Emillia, she said, “A wonderful prince will come for me.”

And I was promptly refused.

It seems Emillia wants a happy marriage rather than work, so,

I want to make sure she doesn’t have to marry for political reasons.

Tea with Eddie finished in about an hour.

We managed to find time despite both being busy, so we couldn’t spend much time together.

As soon as the two of us were gone, Chris let out a big sigh.

I understood the feeling. I wanted to collapse on the sofa right away too.

“Eddie really got to me. I never expected him to say something like that.

But still. . .Arno, huh.”

“I thought the Princess would refuse right away.

You never thought of Arno in that way, did you?”

“No, not at all. But there was no reason to refuse.

His lineage, status, abilities, and character are all fine.

It wouldn’t be strange if he became a consort.”

“Yeah, now that you mention it, that’s true.

He doesn’t fall short in comparison to us.

There was no reason to refuse, huh.”

It’s not that he’s inferior compared to Chris and Kyle,

But appearance isn’t what I’m looking for in a consort, so there’s no need to say it.

Even if he’s inferior, it’s only because Chris and Kyle are too good.

Arno has a strong and well-arranged face suitable for a knight.

Yeah. There really is nothing wrong at all.

Arno as the consort, huh? It’s not bad, but still. . .

“For now, let’s end the thinking.

Once the academy starts, we’ll meet more often, and I’ll decide in due time.”

The tea had gone cold and tasted a bit bitter.

But I didn’t feel like eating the baked sweets, so I left them as they were.

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