Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 6


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔

I returned to my room and collapsed on the bed. . .only to be roughly awakened.

When I looked out the window, it had grown dark, and it seemed it was time for the dinner party.

It seems I fell asleep without dreaming due to exhaustion.

Once a month, only on the occasions of meetings and dinner parties with my grandfather,

The servants have no choice but to come and call for me.

It seems I was awakened by the kick of a grumpy elderly male servant.

Being awakened like this is the usual routine, so I’m not particularly surprised.

This will probably be reported to the surveillance.

Thinking I still wanted to sleep, I followed the servant to the dining area.

I run after the large servant as he strides along.

He never walks slowly to match my pace, nor does he talk to me.

I somehow managed to keep up, and arrived at the dining area out of breath,

But everyone was already seated.

Grandfather was at the far end, followed by Otou-sama and Okaa-sama.

Next were Uncle Duke and Duchess, with Eliza sitting at the end.

Seeing that I was the last one in, my uncle began to loudly complain.

“How dare you keep Father waiting!

Sofia, since when did you become so grand.

Enough with the selfishness.”


Since this is the usual thing, I obediently respond and take my seat.

Since they intentionally come to fetch me late, I’m tired of this farce.

After seeing me scolded, Eliza giggled and let out a jubilant voice.

“Otou-sama, don’t be so angry. Sofia is still young.

It can’t be helped if she’s late for dinner. Right, let’s eat quickly?”

“Ah, yes.”

To an outsider, it would seem like the kind Princess Eliza defending the Ineligible Princess.

But in reality, she just wants to quickly serve the spoiled food to torment me.

The meal served is as usual, made entirely from rotten ingredients.

It’s probably quite difficult to prepare spoiled ingredients every time,

Cooking with spoiled ingredients. . .Even as a chef, you’d probably dislike that.

Seeing the smelly meal that was served, I want to go back and sleep.

Even if it’s covered in sauce, the meat and vegetables underneath are so rotten they’ve changed color.

I wonder how long it will take today.

The Duchess frowns as she watches me gaze at the food without eating a single bite.

“Sofia-sama, I know you are picky,

But it would be good if you ate at least a little?”

She smiles kindly and recommends it, 

But this lady knows something is wrong with this meal too.

The smell cannot be hidden.

If the lady two seats away does not notice, something must be wrong with her nose.

By the way, my parents probably notice, 

But they know I won’t eat and remain silent.

It seems that the actions are based on the belief that there is hardly any positive conversation with the younger brother and his wife. 

The fact that they think it’s okay as long as they themselves are fine, makes me think that it’s inevitable that the grandfather cannot change the king through succession.

If the country were entrusted to such a couple, it would disappear in no time.

“I’m feeling sick and sleepy.

I really don’t feel like eating.”

“Oh, it’s very delicious!

I think you’ll feel better if you eat! Right!”

Thinking of teasing Eliza, who cheerfully recommends it from the next seat, just a little.

Since there’s only one month, I want to collect evidence efficiently.

For that. . .let’s fight back a little.

“Really? If it’s so delicious and you’ll eat it, I’ll give it to Eliza.”

“Eh! I don’t need it!. . . Ah.”

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