Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 59


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟗

Kyle ended up as a cushion, and I fell on top of him as we transferred.

Not understanding what had happened, Kyle tried to get up to look around.

I forcefully pushed him down, using magic to attach his back to the sofa.

With this, even someone as weak as me should find it impossible for him to easily get up.

“Eh? Wait a minute, Princess! What’s going on?

You transported us without my consent? . . .This is your private room, isn’t it?”

I flew anywhere, thinking it didn’t matter, but the most calming place,

Seems like I teleported to the sofa in my private chamber.

Perhaps because he finally understood where we were,

Kyle finally relaxed and sighed.

“We’ll be in trouble with Chris for returning to the room on our own. . .

Lisa and Yuna will be surprised since we disappeared all of a sudden.

I need to ask the royal guard in the hallway to inform everyone in the hall quickly.

What’s wrong? Are you feeling ill?”

“Kyle. . .Do you prefer a lady with a bigger chest?”


“You like a grown-up Onee-san, don’t you?

You were asked to make her your mistress, right?”

“Whoa, wait a minute, calm down. . .

. . .Are you drunk by any chance?”

“I’m not drunk! I didn’t even drink alcohol!”

While still on top of Kyle, I grabbed onto the chest area of his knight’s uniform and leaned in,

He seemed flustered and tried to move back, but,

There was nowhere for Kyle, who was lying on the sofa, to go.

He was just stuck there, flustered and unable to move.

“I really don’t have any sex appeal or a chest, do I?

I’m always thin and. . .I look like a child. . .”

Saying this, I started to feel down.

I thought gentle Kyle would comfort me and say that wasn’t the case,

And maybe he would even refuse if I asked him not to take a mistress.

. . .Because I’m childish, and selfish.

“Why are you saying that?

What do you need sex appeal for?”

Although I thought he would comfort me kindly,

The voice I heard from Kyle was low and a little scary.


“So why did you suddenly say that?

You said something similar in the carriage before,

But what do you want those things for?”

“Eh?. . .What for. . .?”

“Yes. For whom do you want a larger chest?

Tell me so I can lecture them.

Who made Sofia make such a painful face?”

“. . .For whom. . .?”

“. . .Is that not it?

I thought maybe Sofia found a man she liked. . .

If there’s someone stupid enough to say that, I was going to punch him. . .”

When asked for whom I needed a larger chest and sex appeal,

I wondered why I even wanted them.

Eliza ridiculed me, and Prince Heines said I wasn’t his type,

But it’s not like I wanted them for those two.

What… Did I want?

“. . .Kyle, do you like ladies with large chests and sex appeal?”

“If I did, I’d have made my move on as many as I liked by now.”

“. . .Have ladies been propositioning you up until now?”

“Annoyingly, yes. Even if I reject them, another one comes.

It’s almost like harassment.

And for some reason, they never go after Chris.

You’d think if they did, the problem would be cut in half.”

“. . .”

As for that, I think it’s probably because Chris is more beautiful than the ladies, so they don’t approach him.

They must feel like they can’t win against someone prettier than themselves.

And. . . even if they did approach Chris, I don’t think the problem would be cut in half.

I’m sure those kinds of ladies would pursue both of them.

While thinking about such things,

I was suddenly grabbed by Kyle who had gotten up, holding both my cheeks.

“If you didn’t say that for the person you like,

Did you hate it so much that Prince Heines chose Eliza?”

“No, I didn’t care about that.

I don’t like Prince Heines, and if he married Eliza, that was fine.”

“Then, why were you so concerned about this?”

“. . .I wonder why?”

As Kyle peers into my eyes up close,

I started to lose track of what I wanted to do.

Kyle’s eyes, they’re beautiful.

I wonder if the hands that touch my cheeks also touch someone else the same way.

I wonder if he speaks gentle words with those slightly firm, thin lips.

. . .Does he let these lips touch someone else. . . someone other than me?

Someday, I’d hate to know that. . .


“When I grow up, will Kyle embrace me?”


“Becoming a consort means “that”, right?

. . .If I stayed a child forever, I couldn’t do that ?”

“. . .No, wait a minute. Can you let go a little?”

Kyle’s eyes were wide open in surprise, and I almost let him go.

But I cling to his neck because I don’t want to be separated even a little.

“No! I don’t want to let go. . .”

“I get it! don’t let go. . .Calm down.”

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