Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 25


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟓

“It seems that Daniel’s mistress is pregnant.”


“Of course, it’s not Daniel’s child.”

“That’s what I thought. I was shocked.

So, is that mistress with someone else?”

I was born from the relationship between Okaa-sama, who is the Crown Princess, and my father.

Not only that, but the second prince, Uncle Fritz, 

Has Edi and Emilia.

There’s no need to increase the royal family any further.

I knew about three years ago that Otou-sama had a mistress.

If it were allowed for Otou-sama to have a mistress that he couldn’t publicly acknowledge, 

I had thought that measures would be taken to ensure that a child wouldn’t be born before that.

“. . .Sofia, being that clever, has its pros and cons.

Well, it’s too late now.

That’s right, Daniel has been prevented from having children. 

However, Daniel himself is unaware of this. It was my instruction, you see.”

“Is that so?

So, Otou-sama thinks that the child in her belly is his?”

“Ahh, that alone would have been fine.

I was thinking of telling Daniel the truth and breaking them up, but

It seems that the mistress wanted to become the crown princess.”

“What? Impossible, right? A Count’s daughter as a princess. . .

Ah, so that’s why she got pregnant. But would Okaa-sama divorce for such a reason?”

Even something from the Count’s house can become a princess.

However, only when she bears the crown prince’s child and there are no other princesses.

It’s not just about having a child.

As long as the crown princess, Okaa-sama, is there, she can’t become a princess, 

And even if it were truly Otou-sama’s child, it wouldn’t be recognized as royal.

. . .Why divorce now?

“. . .That mistress seems to have targeted Idia’s life.”


“She was said to be a merchant’s daughter.

It seems she was the supplier of the fragrant oil that Idia liked to use.

The fragrant oil was poisoned.

However, it wasn’t Idia who died, but Idia’s lover.”

“. . . . . .”

I knew Otou-sama had a mistress, but Okaa-sama too. . .

“He was a knight who had followed from Kokodia.

It seems they’ve been in a love affair for a while, but he didn’t shadow her at the detached palace.

I thought it was no longer possible with Daniel.

I had let her live freely, thinking I wanted her to live as she pleased.”

“. . .Has Okaa-sama already returned to Kokodia?”

“Yes. She wanted to bury that deceased lover in Kokodia.

If she asks to divorce because her life was targeted, there’s no reason to stop her.

If Idia had died, relations with Kokodia would be over.

Divorce is no problem since you’re here, so I made the judgment that it’s fine for the alliance and gave permission.

Idia processed the divorce and left immediately. . .”

“Is that so?”

I couldn’t even say goodbye, knowing that I might never see her again.

To Okaa-sama, I might not exist.

A child made by reluctantly marrying Otou-sama instead of the knight she loves.

It might not have helped that she was indifferent to me.

“. . . I tried to immediately capture and execute Daniel’s mistress, but

I was stopped by Daniel. He said he would step down from the crown prince’s position if I execute her.”

“. . . Huh? I don’t understand the meaning.

If you stopped the execution for that reason,

On the contrary, something like stopping the execution due to personal feelings,

I believe it’s not appropriate for a Crown Prince, though.”

I haven’t talked much to him, but I never heard that the crown prince was foolish.

He seemed quiet, not self-centered; that was my impression.

Was he really foolish, or did he care so much about his mistress?

“I think so too. He’s done for.

. . .Sofia, when you turn sixteen, I’ll nominate you as the crown princess.

Daniel will be imprisoned in the tower until then. Along with that mistress, as he wished.

And the stewards who are thought to be the fathers of the child in the mistress’ belly will be with them.”

Stewards thought to be the fathers. . . does this mean the mistress’ affair wasn’t with just one person?

I better not ask too many details around there, as I might end up getting scolded if I inquire too much.

“Otou-sama will take medical treatment for his illness. Understood.”

“And one more thing. You’ll take over Daniel’s duties.

I’ve heard from the teachers that you can already handle the crown prince’s work.

Daniel’s work wasn’t that much. Can you do it?”

“. . . I’ll try.”

“Ah, good. You can get help from Kyle and Chris.

They are to be future close aides. Now they’re escort just knights.”


So that was why Kyle and Chris were made my escort knights.

I had thought the Duke’s and Margrave’s houses were too grand for a princess’ escort knight.

If they were acknowledged by grandfather, I’d have to work hard with both of them.

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