Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 20


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟎: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

Sofia-sama’s princess education was immediately begun upon her recovery.

The teachers who had been influenced by Duke and Miss Eliza, and had heard ill rumors about Sofia-sama,

Were once again discontent with teaching Sofia-sama at the royal palace.

However, once they actually began teaching, they were surprised by Sofia-sama’s sharp intelligence that responded to everything, and 

They quickly succumbed to her politeness in treating them as people even though they were servants.

“Princess Sofia is incomparable to other young ladies!

No, not even when teaching which of the young lords, or even the Crown Prince,

I have never seen someone learn so quickly!”

Several teachers praised Sofia-sama, all saying the same thing.

Hearing this, His Majesty was pleased, and he picked up Sofia-sama in his arms.

As His Majesty and Princess Sofia met every day,

They gradually started conversing like an ordinary grandfather and granddaughter.

Hearing that the ten-year princess education would likely finish in less than five years, 

His Majesty relaxed his stern face and smiled happily, saying, “Our Sofia is amazing.”

On the other hand, Sofia-sama herself did not seem to open her heart to the teachers very much.

She seemed to think of them as those who had once abandoned her.

The teachers, who were Miss Eliza’s instructors,

There’s no doubt that they had previously looked down upon Sofia-sama as the “Ineligible Princess.”

It’s not entirely the fault of the teachers who were deceived by the Duke, 

It seems to have become a scar in her heart that they were misled to quit on her princess education in just three days.

On the surface, she is smiling and attending the teachers’ classes, 

and actively asking questions if there is anything she doesn’t understand.

However, from our perspective as those who know the usual Sofia-sama,

We could easily see that even when she was smiling, she was still on guard.

Those she trusts are His Majesty, Dr. Renkin, and Knight Captain Augen.

After the chief court lady is expelled, there’s Mila, the former chief court lady, who has returned to her position.

There are the maids Lisa and Yuna. In the shadows, Il, Yun, and Dana. And then there’s me and Chris.

She seemed to be cautious of the others, and it was not possible to increase the number of servants.

The exclusive maids were supposed to be newly appointed, but in the end, Lisa and Yuna remained in place.

This was also the wish of Lisa and Yuna.

The results of Sofia-sama’s magical appraisal were all attributes.

Not only that, but the amount of magic power could not be appraised.

While it’s possible that her young age means her magical power is too low to be appraised, 

It was unprecedented that it couldn’t be appraised because it was too much.

Since this could cause a disturbance, His Majesty issued a gag order,

Making it a secret known only to those directly involved with Sofia-sama.

Magic was taught by Chris and me in turn, but this also progressed quickly.

Once taught, she would handle it the same way.

At times, she would even transform it into a magic that neither Chris nor I knew.

This, I thought, is what real genius is.

Chris and I were treated as geniuses at the academy, but it was more about effort for us.

Sofia-sama was extraordinary in being a genius who also worked hard.

“. . .Do you think I’m strange?”

Once, when I was silent at her amazingness, she looked up at me, worried.

Seeing the anxiety in her eyes, I immediately picked up Sofia-sama.

“This isn’t strange. It’s amazing.

Listen, don’t hold back, okay?

Everything Chris and I have, all the knowledge we know, we’ll pass on to you, Princess.

That’s what will give you the power to protect yourself.

I think all our hard work was for this time.

Soak it up as much as you like. Got it?”


With the anxiety gone, Sofia-sama’s magic skills continued to sharpen.

That’s fine. If something were to happen to Sofia-sama,

I’d regret not teaching her more ways to protect herself.

Chris and I were heading to the academy for training on the days we weren’t teaching her.

So that we could increase the magic that we could teach Sofia-sama even by one.

Before we knew it, Chris and my magical skills had improved too.

Line-sensei told us, “There’s nothing more to teach you, so train on your own from now on.”

It was during our third year of spending time with Sofia-sama that we started to be told so.

Although she had not fully grown,

Sofia-sama, who had turned ten, had become small but healthy.

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