Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 19


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟗: (𝐊𝐲𝐥𝐞)

Princess Sofia knew that she couldn’t leave until she called for help, but 

When I saw Miss Eliza kicking her, I lost my temper.

The already delicate thighs of the slender princess, which seemed like they could break at any moment,

were being kicked up with full force by the well-built Miss Eliza.

She tried to endure it, thinking it was her mission, but she couldn’t stand it anymore. 

It was when she was about to be trampled by the chief court lady and tried to leave.

“. . .Observer, help me. . .”

It was a small, thin voice, but it reached my ears directly.

I don’t have to endure it anymore. It’s okay to help Princess Sofia.

It was a feeling of joy, surpassing relief.

I rush to Princess Sofia, who is collapsing and almost unconscious due to the pain.

After picking her up, thinking she might be anxious if picked up by a stranger, so

I spoke, saying, “Princess. . .It’s alright now.”

She might not know who I am, but I wanted her to feel at ease, knowing everything was okay.

“. . .You. . .helped. . .”

Princess Sofia, who was already unconscious, murmured faintly, and her lips seemed to slacken.

I’m glad she understood that help arrived and she was at ease.

From my observation, Princess Sofia is terrifyingly intelligent.

Even though she’s only seven, she thinks about how her actions affect those around her.

Maybe that’s why she has survived without being crushed so far.

Still, Princess Sofia, whom I picked up, was lighter than expected.

I hurried to Dr. Renkin, holding her feverish body tightly.

Dr. Renkin’s diagnosis was a crack in her thigh bone,

And the years of malnutrition made her condition quite dangerous.

“Kyle, have you been casting healing magic on the princess regularly?”

“. . .Yes.”

I thought I’d be scolded for doing something on my own, but instead, I was praised.

“It’s a good thing you did. It would have been worse without it.

If you’ve been healing her repeatedly, your magic will be the most effective.

There’s a crack in the bone. It won’t fully recover, but please heal her.”


While relieved that I wasn’t scolded, 

Because I had been continuously using healing magic on Princess Sofia,

I realized that I had interfered with Dr. Renkin’s work.

Healing magic varies from person to person.

While under my influence, she couldn’t receive other healing.

. . .If I take care of her to the end, will I be forgiven?

I began healing her, wishing for that.

So that it wouldn’t hurt, so that she would recover while she slept soundly.

Confirming that her breathing became easier, I returned to my guard duty.

Because Princess Sofia had recovered and was able to walk,

It was more than two weeks later that we were allowed to meet.

“The other escort knight always responded to me, right? The observer who always gives me replies, is that it?”

Meeting Princess Sofia up close, she was indeed thin and small.

Her fragility was more vivid at close range.

But the eyes that lay deep and sunken were clear blue, sparkling.

Eyes that didn’t hide the feeling of being happy to meet me.

I wasn’t used to being regarded with such favor and didn’t know what to do.

“My name is Kyle・Ahrens.

As for the response. . .well, that’s all I could do. . .”

That’s right, I haven’t done anything special.

I was just silently watching the little princess fight on her own.

“Kyle is from the Ahrens family? Margrave, right?

I’ve heard that Margrave’s people don’t usually leave their houses,

But Is it okay for you not to return to Margrave’s territory?”

She knew not only Chris’ Duke family but also my Margrave family.

If Princess Sofia becomes queen. . .maybe the peaceful country the king wished for will continue.

At that time, will I be allowed to stay by the princess’ side?

Will she still look at me with sparkling eyes, knowing the real me?

“I’m the third son of the Margrave. My two older brothers remain in the territory.

Also, my father remarried, and I have a fourth brother and an elder sister.

. . .In a way, I have no place to return to in the territory.”

“. . .Kyle, were you alone?”


Why would she ask why there’s no place for me?

Would she know the reason I’m despised, and yet smile at me?

What will I do if Princess Sofia’s smile disappears?

. . . Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, that’s what I thought.

“Kyle. . .will you stay by my side forever and not go back to the territory?”


“Yeah. Forever. Then I won’t be lonely.”

It was a shock.

I know well enough that Princess Sofia was lonely, having watched her.

But the Dukes who let it happen were caught.

I thought from now on, she would be loved by His Majesty and the servants and become happy.

She won’t be lonely if I’m there?

Really? Can I support Princess Sofia?

I didn’t need to think of an answer to Princess Sofia, who was staring at me.

“Understood. . . Princess, please keep me by your side forever.”

All of me to Princess Sofia.

I was just happy to be allowed to stand by the princess’ side.

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