Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 192


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟗𝟐

The day was crisp and clear, with an endlessly blue sky stretching out.

After the coronation ceremony held in the afternoon,

Sofia, standing on the outer walls of the royal palace, was at a loss for words at the sight before her.

The royal palace’s outer garden was open to commoners for that day only.

In celebration of Sofia becoming queen,

A large crowd filled the outer garden, looking up at her.

The people, who had been eagerly awaiting Sofia’s appearance,

Let out cries of joy the moment they saw the newly crowned queen.

“. . .So many people?”

“Everyone was waiting for the Princess to become queen.”

“That’s right. It’s because Sofia has changed the lives of the commoners in this country.

They no longer suffer from cold damage, and worries about being attacked by magical beasts have decreased.

They must be looking forward to things getting even better.”

“. . .Um, should I wave?”

“Yes. Just respond to them.”

When I timidly wave my hand, a big cheer goes up.

Startled by the loudness of the voices, I almost steps back,

But Chris and Kyle support me from behind.

“Haha. No need to be so surprised.”

“But, I didn’t think the reaction would be like this.”

“You should be more confident.

Look, there’s a little girl desperately waving over there.

If Sofia smiles at her, she’ll be happy, don’t you think?”

“Y, Yes.”

Even really little girls have come to see me.

A mother holding a baby, an old woman barely standing with support.

Thinking about how much they’re expecting from me, I become a little anxious.

Is it okay? Am I making a mistake?

Can I really become queen and meet these expectations?

“Sofia-sama, if you make that face, everyone will become anxious.

You are already the queen.

I understand your feelings of anxiety, but you must not show it here.

. . .I’ll listen to your complaints later, so be strong.”

“Douglas, you’re right. . .I understand.”

Yesterday was the wedding ceremony, and Douglas became the third consort.

Chris and Kyle stand on either side of me, with Douglas next to Kyle.

Behind them are Eddie and Emillia, Prince Ishra.

Though Diana has entered a stable period, I let her rest out of concern.

On the top of the wall, there are others like David and Celine, plenty of civil officials and court ladies.

The royal guards are all familiar faces as well.

I’m not alone. I have so many people supporting me.

I became the queen to protect this country, these people.

I waved my hand many times, responding to the cheers of the crowd.

The day after the coronation, a banquet was held in the royal palace to celebrate the queen’s ascension.

The last banquet to celebrate the accession of the former king was more than fifty years ago.

It was before those who are now heads of households were born.

Rumors of a grander celebration than usual reached many nobles, 

So not only the head couples but also their sons and daughters were in attendance.

Many of the young ladies were attending a banquet for the first time, and they appeared nervous, but 

The reason for that was. . . the two royal consorts.

“Hey, Otou-sama. Chris-sama is truly wonderful.”

“I’ve heard that many times. But, I cannot allow a lover.”

“But, the house will be inherited by Onii-sama, and no fiancé is decided yet. 

I’ve heard becoming the consort’s lover gives you a proper status. 

So, it’s okay, right?”

“. . .Hmm. I suppose there’s no helping it.”

“I will be Kyle-sama’s lover. Onee-sama, you won’t get in my way, will you?”

“What are you talking about? There’s no way Kyle-sama would choose a young girl like you.”

“Eh? But Kyle-sama and Sofia-sama are eleven years apart.”

“. . .Kyle-sama would never choose you.”

“No way, Onee-sama. Just because you won’t be chosen doesn’t mean you can get in my way.”

“That’s not it! Stop being so ridiculous!”

“Don’t talk to me anymore. Kyle-sama will surely choose me.”

Voices aiming for the queen’s consorts Chris and Kyle were heard everywhere.

Usually, Chris and Kyle don’t socialize, so the young ladies couldn’t even talk to them. 

But at a banquet, they could speak freely.

Today, they were motivated to appeal directly rather than through letters.

The other royal consort, Douglas, has also announced the presence of a concubine at the same time as the wedding ceremony.

A few years ago, a report came that the heir, their son Lucas, had already been born, and

The young ladies aiming for Douglas had to give up.

There were also those hoping to be Prince Eddie’s concubine, 

But Princess Diana’s pregnancy had been announced.

The young ladies who were waiting for him to take a concubine if there was no child after three years,

Their hope has been dashed as the legitimate consort, Diana, became pregnant.

Due to this, the popularity has concentrated on Chris and Kyle, who don’t have mistresses,

Among them, there were also many young ladies who had been rejected for mistress positions multiple times.

If not a young lady prettier than Chris or stronger than Kyle, they would not take her as a lover.

Even though they were rejected, if after being married for more than three years they still haven’t had children,

They had thought they might reconsider. 

The time came, and Sofia, escorted by Chris and Kyle, made her entrance.

Unlike the heads of households, the young sons and daughters hadn’t had a chance to meet Sofia.

Except for those in the same grade, they hadn’t even seen her face in the academy.

Chris, said to be more beautiful than any woman, and Kyle, called an ideal knight.

Sofia entered, led by the hands of these two.

Small and delicate, with shining silver hair and clear blue eyes.

Her white skin contrasted with her ripe red lips.

Not only Chris and Kyle,

But also attended by Douglas and Eddie, her entrance was full of confidence.

Everyone was silenced by her beauty, which seemed to scatter light with every step.

‘If it were me, I could win over Chris-sama, Kyle-sama,’

They now felt ashamed for saying such a thing.

“Everyone, thank you for celebrating my ascension. 

I am becoming queen to protect this country. 

So, I want everyone to serve for the sake of the country.”

Her voice was gentle but reached the far end of the hall.

At Sofia’s call, everyone spontaneously began to bow deeply.

Everyone in the hall bowed their heads deeply, deeply, conveying their willingness to obey Sofia.

“Thank you, please raise your heads.”

With a full smile on her face, it was the moment when Queen Sofia had all the nobility submit to her.

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