Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 191

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟗𝟏

As usual, when I entered my grandfather’s private room to report to him, something was different.

After thinking for a bit, I realized that Renkin-sensei, who should always be there, was absent.

“Grandfather, what happened to Renkin-sensei today?”

“Ah, he’s gone to Diana’s place. He’ll be back soon.”

“Eh? Diana?”

“Yes, a report came from Diana’s attendant maid, 

So Renkin is going to examine her.”

A report from Diana’s attendant maid that Renkin-sensei is going to examine her.

. . .Could that mean?

“Grandfather, does that mean she’s pregnant?”

“It seems to be the case, according to the report from the maid.

However, Diana seems to be worried about not being able to have a child.

If she sees a different doctor and it turns out differently, she may be disheartened.

So, I had Renkin go see her.

With Renkin, an examination can be done while healing is applied.

Even if it’s wrong, it can be simply said that it was only curing her ailment.”

“Is that so? It would be nice if she’s pregnant,

But if not, it might make her more anxious.”

Eddie and Diana have only been married for two years.

There shouldn’t really be anything to worry about,

But since there are no signs of pregnancy for me, the crown princess,

Expectations are inevitably placed on Diana, the princess.

Serious Diana is depressed about not being able to meet those expectations.

It’s not affecting her daily work, but I’ve heard she’s feeling slightly dizzy.

If that’s a symptom of pregnancy, it would be wonderful, but. . .

We can’t make a fuss until it’s confirmed.

“. . .Sofia has indeed chosen not to have a child.”

“. . .Yes.”

“If I had changed the terms of the alliance with Kokodia at that time,

I might not have troubled you like this.”

Taking the hand of my grandfather, who frowns deeply and smiles troublingly,

I can clearly see the hardships he has gone through alone in his large, wrinkled hands.

“No, grandfather. I think I would have formed the alliance under the same conditions too.

That was the best decision at the time.

And even now, I believe your choice was the best.”

“Sofia. . . Are you happy?”

“Yes! Of course!”

“. . .Hmm. Is that so? . . .Well, that’s good then.”

After answering with all my might, he finally smiled satisfactorily.

There is nothing that grandfather should regret.

If there had been no alliance, I surely wouldn’t be here.

I would never have met grandfather, or Chris and Kyle.

“You will inherit the throne in three more months. Time flies, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, only three more months.

I still can’t believe it, though. . .”

“You already have the real authority. Be confident.

You, along with your consorts, will be able to protect this country.”


In three more months, the coronation will be held when I turn twenty-two.

I have already taken over all the practical matters, so there’s no particular problem.

I have been busy with preparations for the coronation and haven’t even had time to think about becoming the queen.

“After I abdicate the throne to you, I will remain in the palace for about half a year,

But after that, I plan to move to Rashan’s villa.”


“Yes, I intend to spend my last days with the queens.”

Rashan is the closest royal territory to the capital, where the royal tomb is located.

Grandfather’s wives, including grandmother and the consorts, are buried there.

“Grandmother and the consorts will be pleased.”

“Maybe. They might find me annoying.

I was desperate to rebuild the country and couldn’t take care of my wives.

Even when they bore me children, all I could do was pat them on the back.”

“That was. . . unavoidable.”

When grandfather ascended to the throne, the war was not yet over.

Perhaps around the time he married his wives, whether the war would end or not.

He probably had no time to prioritize his wives at such a time.

“When I. . . picked you up, I knew for the first time that a child is a lovable being.

I understood that there is something so fragile that I did not want to break.

. . .It was hard not to show my face when you whispered to me.”

“Fufu. Grandfather, you looked so calm that day even though you must have been surprised.

I thought you were truly a king.”

The day grandfather picked me up.

The day I awoke as Sofia.

“I learned what it means to love, being with you.

Being kind to others and embracing them is also important.”

“Grandfather, me too.

I was really happy to be told that I was a precious granddaughter.

I was fine without Otou-sama because you were there.”

“Yes, while cherishing you,

I began to think about those whom I couldn’t cherish until now.

The palace, this country, I can leave them to you with peace of mind.

I plan to spend the rest of my life offering flowers to the queens every day.

Prepared to be scolded when I get there.”

“I don’t think either Grandmother or the consorts are angry, you know?”

“Yes. Well, I plan to take it easy for a bit before heading over there.”

“Grandfather, I still need you here.

If something happens, I’ll send a fast horse to Rashan, so please come back, okay?”

“Understood. Call me anytime.”

Rashan is not that far from the capital. You can get there in half a day by carriage.

Since the royal tomb is also there, I’ve been going there at least once a year.

It’s a little farther away, but I’ll be okay if I think I can still visit.

Laughing together, Renkin-sensei came back to the room.

Just by the expression when he came in, I could tell without asking.


“Yes, no doubt about it.”

“Ah, good!”

The maid’s report was not an exaggeration.

Just as I was thinking about going to see Diana, I was hurriedly stopped by Renkin-sensei.

“It’s still not good, you know? We will announce it once her condition is stable.

It’s a time when even the King and Sofia-sama have not been informed yet.

Sofia-sama, please pretend you don’t know either.”

“Ah, that’s right. I understand.”

Speaking of which, even if pregnant, the doctors have to confirm that the child in her belly is growing properly.

Only after that will it be announced.

I should just wait, and I’ll get a proper report from Diana.

I mustn’t say anything until then.

“Grandfather. . . I won’t say anything, but 

I can’t help but smile because I’m so happy.”

“. . . Well, there’s no problem as long as you’re smiling.”

“Sofia-sama, people around feel more at ease when you smile.

It’s fine just the way you are.”

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