Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 179


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟗: 𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐚

As the sun was about to set, in the royal office at the palace of Kokodia,

A worn-out King Raymon and his younger brother Daniel were utterly exhausted.

“You seem tired today.”

The one who entered was Edmon, who had become the head of the Duke Samaras family and was a close aide.

Upon Edmon’s arrival, Raymon and Daniel looked up.

“Edmon, is the compensation settled?”

“Yes, it seems to be almost over.

That said, we do not know the full extent of the damages,

So it is conceivable that there may be claims later on.”

“That’s inevitable to some extent.

There must be nobles who have kept quiet even after being wronged by the royal family.

If they know that we’re officially compensating, it’ll become easier for them to say they were affected too.

You should expect this to continue for a while.”


I will tell the civil officials dispatched to Rujail to keep an eye on the situation for a while.”

In addition to domestic reforms in Kokodia, the fact that his sister’s deeds in Rujail had come to light,

Had left them scrambling for apologies and compensation procedures.

Even if his sister, who used to wander around, was not seen in the palace,

They merely thought that she must be off playing somewhere again.

They never thought that she had gone and insisted on becoming a consort, simply because they were allied nations.

Because. . .

“Why did she go to a country with a culture of marrying only once in a lifetime,

And think she could become a consort. . . I can’t understand it.”

“I know. . . It’s inconceivable that she wouldn’t know about the marriage of the royal family of an allied nation.

I don’t know what she was thinking, believing she could become a consort.”

“Oh, by the way, it seems that the former king tried to stop her.

He told her it was impossible because the king, crown prince, and second prince of Rujail were all married.

Apparently, my father and aunt instigated her.

They thought that if she insisted, they would have no choice but to marry her.”

“What? Mother’s work again. . . Is she really a fool?”

Although the three members of the Duke Samaras family are supposed to be competent, they cannot understand such actions.

They seem to think that whatever they think is right is justice,

And that it’s okay to be a little forceful.

Their high status and active behavior have a terrible impact on those around them.

“We were fully occupied with the change of king,

And couldn’t fully grasp all the actions taken before the transition.

What has happened is unavoidable.

However, I believe our alliance with Rujail will probably be severed.

It’s being discussed in the parliament right now.

It’s a closed-door meeting, but the crown prince, who sympathized, told us.”

“The crown prince sympathized?

So, it’s not so much that the royal family is angry, but that the nobles are moving.

In that case, we should think that continuing the alliance is impossible.”

“Apparently, it’s not just about the princess.

Nobles from Kokodia who tried to seek asylum have asked for titles in Rujail,

And although it’s good that commoners from Kokodia have moved to Rujail,

They seem to have run out of money and started living outside the royal capital, causing a decline in public order.”

Only sighs escape. The exiled nobles,

People who seemed to have survived clinging to the power of the previous king and the former Duke Samaras.

Even if they are exiled, there are few chances to receive a title in the next country.

It’s either being exceptionally talented or being invited to immigrate by the exile destination.

Yet, seeking a title on their own is such a disgrace.

It’s somewhat unavoidable for commoners to relocate.

They don’t have food even if they stay in Kokodia.

But even if they move to Rujail, they can’t get a job if they don’t understand the language.

Once they run out of money, they can’t go anywhere.

Falling into a thief-like lifestyle is fast.

This cannot be resolved unless Kokodia’s food shortage is addressed somehow.

“After all. . . we must have the magical barrier wall with Eugenis removed,

Is what it means.”

“That’s right.”

If nothing is done, Kokodia will be finished.

Filled with anger, not knowing where to direct it, he senselessly strike the sofa.

“I understand your feelings, but. . .”

“Ah. . . to think that I can’t execute them even after all this.”

Even after doing such things, it is not possible to execute the former king.

It was due to the blood of the Kokodia royal family.

In Kokodia, the royal blood is an object of faith.

Therefore, no matter what crimes the royals or Duke family members commit, they cannot be executed.

The maximum punishment was to confine all those involved.

“If we execute them, we will be blamed.

Please be satisfied with the fact that we’ve put magical sealing collars on all the participants.”

“Sigh, right.”

There are different types of magic-sealing collars, and the one put on the participants was the strongest magic-sealing type.

The normal ones prevent magic from being released outside, making it impossible to use magic.

The strongest one seals even the magic inside the body.

Royals and nobles live longer because they have magic.

The reason is that they use magic to self-repair any internal disorders, and this slows down aging.

If the internal magic is sealed, they cannot do this, and aging will progress rapidly.

Most of the involved people will probably die of old age within a few years.

They couldn’t be executed, but they’ll disappear in a few years.

Thinking so, he could endure the current situation a little.

“The next issue is how to deal with Eugenis.”

“The Regent Sofia is not that lenient of a person, though.

Considering that they created the barrier wall, you’d understand. . .”

The problem was that among Kokodia’s nobles and commoners,

There was a belief that the Regent Sofia should save their country.

This was also caused by the faith in the royal blood.

The Regent Sofia has the blood of the Kokodia royal family.

Therefore, there is a duty to protect Kokodia, and it’s taken for granted.

Changing this is difficult, and if asked by Kokodia’s nobility, she would deny it,

But often her denial was denied by them.

“She’s a young king, so it’s not unreasonable that she doesn’t understand.”

He had returned such responses and smiled numerous times.

It’s annoying as can be, but he gave up, knowing that denying it further would be meaningless.

“Rather. . . it might be that the Regent Sofia harbors resentment towards Kokodia.”

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