Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 178


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟖

“. . .I’m just plain old me.”

Prince Ishra panicked when he heard Kyle muttering softly.

“Ah! Sorry!. . . I usually refer to myself as ‘I’ in formal situations. . .”

“Ah, speaking of which, I’m ‘I’.

I suppose I should be careful in official settings,

But we’re casual now, so it’s fine, right?”

“Eh? But this is a formal setting right now. . .”

“You’ll be living in this country as Emillia’s fiancé, won’t you?

The only times you could call formal are audiences with His Majesty and evening parties.

You don’t have to be so concerned.

After all, you’ll become my cousin-in-law, and Chris and Kyle’s brother-in-law, right?”


It seems he hasn’t looked into this country’s family registry yet.

Well, it’s not something that someone from another country can easily investigate.

“Chris and Kyle were adopted by Uncle Fritz.

It was initially to sever ties with their birth family when they got engaged to me,

But now we’re close like family.”

“Eh? Emillia’s elder brothers?”

Looking at Chris and Kyle, Prince Ishra is surprised again, and Chris grins.

“You can call me ‘Big Brother Chris’ if you want.”

“Yes, feel free to think of me as a brother. I consider Emillia as a sister.”

Unlike the amused Chris, Kyle answers with a pleasant smile.

Prince Ishra was comparing the two, but 

Once he understood the meaning, he turned bright red and whispered.

“Um. . .Big Brother Chris, Big Brother Kyle, please take care of me. . .”

“Yes, if something bothers you, just say so.”

“Another needy little brother, huh.

Well, one more won’t hurt.”

Both seem pleased, but Chris is, as usual, not straightforward.

He’s kinder once you get used to him, but that’s something that can’t be helped until then.

With Eddie and Arno around,

Prince Ishra should have no trouble living in Eugenis.

“Prince Ishra, if you have any problems, you should consult these three.

They’re the most reliable people in this country.”

“Yes! Thank you!”

“Then, let’s confirm the alliance conditions,

And leave the rest to Douglas and the civil officials.”


Since I’d talked about the alliance conditions with King Enzo earlier, there seems to be no particular problem.

Whether or not we accept the conditions often depends on how close we feel to the other country.

There have been times when we felt that our values were similar,

Even when looking at the documents prepared in advance by Rujail’s civil officials,

It seemed that even if Eugenis were to seek an alliance, they would propose the same conditions.

In the end, we reached an agreement quickly,

And left the subsequent procedures to Douglas and the civil officials.

They wanted to continue working in the conference room, so we decided to return to the reception room.

As we returned to the reception room and were about to enter, a royal guard stopped us.

“Princess Emillia is waiting inside.”


That’s right, I had told her to show up as soon as her classes were over.

“Prince Ishra, Emillia seems to be here. . . huh?”

I turned back to tell him that Emillia seemed to be here, but Prince Ishra was gone.

Instead, I heard a voice from inside the reception room.

“Emillia! Emillia! I’ve finally found you!!”

Why can I hear Prince Ishra’s voice, who should have been behind me,

From inside the reception room where the door hasn’t been opened yet. . .?

“. . .Eh?”

“That guy, he teleported.”

“Really. . . teleporting in another country’s royal palace, if it weren’t here, that would be punishable.”

Kyle and Chris also frowned when they noticed that Prince Ishra had teleported.

There’s no doubt that a magician like Prince Ishra can teleport,

But in some countries, the use of magic is prohibited within the palace.

It’s also forbidden to use it in Eugenis without reason.

Sighing and opening the door to the reception room,

They almost lost their strength at the sight of Prince Ishra clinging to Emillia.

Since Prince Ishra is a head taller than Emillia,

The petite Emillia is completely hidden from view.

“Come on, Ishra! I get it, so let go.

I’m not an eight-year-old kid anymore.”

“I know. But I’ve finally met you, so just a little longer.”

“Geez, come on, don’t cry again. Wipe your face with a handkerchief!”

“. . .Yeah. Emillia. . . you haven’t changed.”

“That’s just like you, Ishra. You’re such a crybaby. Can’t be helped.”

Their conversation is somewhat strange.

Though we intended to caution him about teleporting, we end up thinking it’s fine.

“. . .Ah, Yuna. Can you brew some tea? And I’m hungry, so some baked sweets, please.”

“Sofia-sama, the head chef said you must be tired today,

And prepared some sherbet. Shall I bring that as well?”

“Really? Yes, please, both of them.”

As expected of the head chef.

Meeting Prince Ishra for the first time and talking to King Enzo has been mentally draining.

Sweets were just what I wanted.

Just as I thought it was time to take a seat on the sofa and call out.

“Hey, you two. . .”

“Ahhh!! Ishra! What are you doing!”

Eddie bursts into the room, cutting off her voice.

Arno also enters from behind but can’t stop Eddie.

“Ah, Eddie. Arno too, it’s been a while!”

“Never mind that, let go of Emillia!”

“Eddie, calm down a bit.”

Eddie, who grabbed Prince Ishra’s arm to separate him from Emillia while still hugging her,

Is flustered as Arno tries to stop him gently.

“. . .Onii-sama, you’re being a bit loud.”

Emillia says coldly from Prince Ishra’s arms, and Eddie stops in his tracks.

“E, Emillia. But, this is too much, isn’t it?”

“I know. Ishra, let go already.

We can’t have a calm conversation like this.”

“. . .Understood. Then, can I sit next to you?”

“That’s fine.”

It seems the conversation is settled, and Prince Ishra lets go of Emillia.

Seeing that, both Eddie and Arno sigh in relief.

“. . .I guess that’s enough. How about sitting on the sofa and having some tea?”

“”””Ah. Sorry.”””””

I no longer felt like scolding them, but Chris was smirking coldly behind me.

Kyle just had a wry smile, but it seems he had calmed down after looking at the two.

“It looks like things are going to get quite noisy from now on.

Come on, the head chef has prepared sherbet. Shall we all eat it together?”

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