Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 158


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟖

“So, is it okay to leave here?

I didn’t have the courage, and I’ve been hiding all this time. . .

But if Sofia is with me, I feel like I can go outside.”

“Go outside with me?”

“Is that. . .not good?”

With no reason to refuse, I reach out my hand to the anxiously looking up Lilia.

“Is it okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. Let’s go outside together.”

I don’t know if it’s really okay to go outside.

Even if it’s a dream, I couldn’t predict what would happen if Lilia left the tower.

But still, if going outside is Lilia’s wish, I want to grant it.

We hold hands and descend the spiral staircase.

The hand I’m holding is trembling slightly.

. . .She is really scared.

“Are you scared to go outside?”

“Yeah. . .I’m scared. But, you know, I’m more afraid of being here forever.

A little while ago, I heard a voice. I couldn’t see it, but it was a kind man’s voice.

It seemed like he knew Lilia. He said, ‘I won’t leave you alone.'”

“A man’s voice. . .?”

Did such a thing happen?

Was it not real but only in a dream?

“He said he’d be with me forever, but I couldn’t see him.

He said it was peaceful now, so I didn’t have to be in the tower.

I thought I might meet him outside the tower.

. . .Even if I meet him, I might disappear, but

I don’t want to be here alone anymore.”

“I see. . .that’s right.

You don’t want to be here alone.”

I understand that pain well.

That’s why I understand Lilia’s desire to go outside, even if she disappears.

Lilia, who is descending the stairs beside me, is a full head shorter than me.

Her hand is small, and I’m surprised that she’s remained so childlike.

I thought I had become Sofia while still being Lilia.

But that was wrong.

I had grown up much more than Lilia, had more people who were important to me,

And had someone beside me so much that I had no time to be alone.

It’s different. I wasn’t Lilia anymore.

“Shall we open the door together?”

If I touch the wall with both hands and flow magic, the door will open.

Lilia and I touch the wall with one hand each.

Our magic resonates, spreading out, and the door opens.

The outside of the tower is full of dazzling light, and I can’t open my eyes.

Unexpectedly, I let go of Lilia’s hand, and Lilia went outside.


“. . .It’s dazzling. I’m outside the tower!”

“Wait, don’t go alone?”

“. . .It’s okay now. We can’t go together from here.”


I can’t see Lilia going into the light.

She disappears as if melting into the light.

“See you, Sofia. I wonder if we’ll meet again.

If we do, let me hear all the fun things you’ve experienced.”

“. . .Lilia. Alright, I got it. Let’s have tea when that time comes.

I’ll prepare some baked sweets.

Let’s have tea together with sweet honey in it.”

“Really?! I’m so happy. Promise?

. . .Well, I’m going.”

When I thought the light became even stronger, Lilia’s presence was gone.

. . .She really disappeared. I wonder if she met the kind-voiced man.

“What should I do? She won’t wake up at all.”

“Look at this. Didn’t I tell you not to push it too hard?

I told you to take it easy, didn’t I?”

“I did go easy!”

“I don’t trust your idea of ‘going easy.'”

When I opened my eyes, Kyle and Chris were arguing. Why?

“Ah, are you awake? Are you okay?”


“Why are you arguing?”

It seems they were arguing next to me, who was sleeping in my bed. 

I must have overslept again, as the room is bright.

“Because Kyle was fussing that Princess wouldn’t wake up.”

“No, I mean, she wasn’t waking up at all, and I was worried. . .”

“. . .Worried?”

“Princess, is your body okay? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“. . .My body?”

Now that you mention it, I feel lethargic, and my body hurts here and there. 

I try to recall what I did last night, and I want to go back under the covers.

“. . .It does hurt, doesn’t it.”

“It hurts. . .all over.”

Chris, who started examining me by channeling magic into my body, turns an astonished gaze towards Kyle. 

Is this pain in my body Kyle’s fault. . .maybe?

“. . .No bedroom activities today. Rather, they’re forbidden until the pain goes away.”

“. . .Understood.”

Chris forbids it, and Kyle droops his shoulders in disappointment.

“Are you hungry? If you can get up, shall we change and eat breakfast?”

“Yes, I’m hungry. . .But, it might be tough to get up.”

“I understand. Kyle, take responsibility and carry Princess.”


I can’t help but smile at Kyle, who seems hesitant as he tries to pick me up. 

It reminds me of last night. 

I won’t break that easily, though.

From somewhere, I feel like I heard Lilia’s voice.

(Hey, Sofia. Are you happy?)

Ah, that’s right. I remember I reincarnated to be happy. 

Did Lilia witness it?

“What’s wrong, Princess?”

“Is something the matter?”

The two of them call out to me in concern. Kind men. 

I wonder which one it was. . .Maybe both.

Surely, both Lilia and I have been protected by these two all this time.

“You know, I’m really happy. That I met both of you. 

So. . .please stay with me forever?”

Chris looks surprised but smiles a little and ruffles my hair.

“Of course, we’ll be with you.”

Holding me up, Kyle touches our foreheads together and smiles.

“We’ll always be with you. So, keep smiling.”

I can’t share happiness with Lilia, who has already disappeared.

So, if we meet again, I want to tell her how happy I am.

I’m sure I’ll never see that tower dream again.

Because Lilia has gone out and become free.

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