Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 157


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓𝟕

As soon as we entered the bedroom, I was embraced from behind.

Not the usual gentle hug, but a strong grip as if clinging tightly.

“. . .Hey, what’s wrong?”

“. . .If you get scared, run to Chris’ place immediately.”


“We’re going to have our wedding night now. With me and Sofia.”

“The wedding night? Chris and I didn’t do anything yesterday?”

I was told I would have the wedding night with Chris yesterday, but I only slept as usual.

So I thought it would be the same with Kyle.

“Chris said he wouldn’t share the bridal chamber with you, right?”

“Ah, yeah. He said that.”

“What we’re going to do now is the bridal thing.”

“Bedtime practice?”

“It’s not practice. I want. . .to embrace Sofia.”


“You heard it a long time ago, right? Whether I would embrace you when you became an adult.

Sofia is already an adult, and the wedding ceremony is over.

. . .You don’t have to wait anymore, right?”

The bedtime thing. . .embracing me.

I can’t imagine it, and my mind goes blank.

I should be happy, but I don’t know what to do, and my body stiffens.

“. . .Do you hate it?”

“I don’t. . .hate it. But, I don’t know anything. . .I’m a little scared.”

“Yeah. . .take it slow. Look at me.”

When I turn around, Kyle kneels and peers into my face.

His serious blue eyes are so mesmerizing, I can’t help but stare.

They’re so beautiful, Kyle’s eyes. Clear, straight.

When these eyes looked at me, and touched my cheek,

When did I think that I would hate it if it was anyone other than myself?

Before I knew it, our lips met.

Again and again, changing angles, checking the feel of our lips many times.

Kyle’s lips were slightly cold, but they became the same temperature as mine.

It feels good, as if our lips are melting together.

“. . .I love you.”


“I’ve always and forever loved Sofia.

I vow to love only Sofia, now and forever.

So, now, let me be the only one to love you?”

“Only Kyle?”

“Yes. Chris loves Sofia too,

But embracing like this is only my role.

I won’t give it to anyone. I want not only Sofia’s heart but also her body.”

“Not just the heart. . .but the body?”

“Yes. Is that wrong?”

Our hands still joined, our lips met again.

Kyle’s eyes slowly pull away, seeming to say they want me.

“. . .Yeah. If Kyle wants it, I’ll give you everything.”

“Ah, finally. Finally, I can make you mine.”

Kyle’s trembling fingers touch the buttons of my nightgown.

One by one, he unbuttons them, as if handling something fragile.

His slightly rough palm touches my skin and teaches me the bedtime things one by one.

It’s not that I’m not scared, but I’m okay with anything Kyle does.

After giving everything to Kyle, I was exhausted and tense,

I meant to close my eyes for a moment, but when I opened them, I was in the dark.

Is this possibly inside the tower?

I’m dreaming. . .I’ve come to that tower again.

Dark. . .cold. . .there’s no sign of anything. . .what’s that?

I heard a small sigh.

I widened my eyes in surprise, and there was a person right next to me.

“Light the. . .”

I light the lamp inside the tower with magic.

On a small bed, a girl hugging her knees is looking at me.

She also looks surprised, as if seeing something unbelievable.

“”. . .Who?””

Voices asking who it is overlap.

Coming a bit closer, there’s a composed aura that doesn’t quite fit the image of a young girl,

I realized that the other person is a witch.

Has there ever been a witch with such a face. . .soft golden hair, purple eyes.

An unusually large amount of magical power in her small body.

. . .Eh? Could it be?

“. . .You, are you Lilia?”

“. . .Yes, but who are you? Why are you in this tower?”

I never thought I’d meet my past self.

Even in a dream, I never thought something so mysterious would happen.

“. . .I am Sofia. I’m the soul of you who reincarnated two hundred years after you died.

Though, I doubt you’d believe me?”

“. . .It’s certainly unbelievable, but I see.

I thought I was supposed to be dead.

I did feel my last magical power disappearing. . .I closed my eyes.

I thought I could finally end this life, that my duty was over.

I did die then, didn’t I? Did I fulfill my duty to the end?”

Felt dying. . .? Come to think of it, I don’t remember dying.

I thought I was born with all of Lilia’s memories, but it seems I was wrong.

I wonder what I was thinking when I died.

Facing Lilia like this, 

I feel more anxious about whether I fulfilled my duty than the fact that I died.

“. . .From what I heard, you maintained the barrier to the end.

It seems it did not break for fifty years.”

“Really? . . .Is the country still at peace?”

“. . .There were some wars, but now it’s peaceful.

It’s prosperous enough for commoners to eat baked sweets.”

“Really?! Baked sweets, they’re made with sugar, right?

Not just the nobles can eat them?

The country has become so wonderful!”

Lilia, who looks as happy as if she’s been offered baked sweets,

Makes me want to feed her baked sweets, ice cream, and potato soup.

The country has become prosperous thanks to Lilia, but she passed away without ever tasting them.

“It’s thanks to Lilia. Not just the barrier.

It’s also because of the magic you taught.”

“Really?! . . .I’m glad. I was able to be of help.”

“I wish I could thank Lilia somehow. . .”

Even though this is a dream, not a single sweet comes out.

I wish I could have her eat and be pleased, even just one, now that we’ve met like this.

“Thank me? Well then. . .I think I’m fine now. I can leave here.”


“I’ve been here for a long time, haven’t I?

It seems I’ve been here even after I died. I think I’m done now.

If it’s peaceful, I think it’s okay for me to disappear.”


“I think I might disappear if I leave here.

But you know, it’s hard to be here all the time.

I’m just sitting here alone.

I’m happy now because I can talk to Sofia, 

But you won’t stay here forever, will you?”

“That’s. . .”

It’s impossible for me to stay here.

I don’t know when I’ll come to this tower once I wake up.

I can’t control it because it’s a dream.

“So, is it okay to leave here?

I didn’t have the courage, and I’ve been hiding all this time. . .

But if Sofia is with me, I feel like I can go outside.”

“Go outside with me?”

“Is that. . .not good?”

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