Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 108

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟖

On the day the third school year began, the morning classes ended, and Ruri, Douglas, and I headed to the carriage stand.

Chris and Kyle were following us, of course, and the royal guards were escorting us from a distance.

Because Eddie and I were there, and Diana, who had become Eddie’s fiancée,

The security within the academy had become even stricter.

“Ah, I lost to Douglas again.”

“You say you lost, but it was a draw.”

“But, it was the same last year.

Unless Douglas makes a mistake, it will remain like this.

But, it can’t be helped. We just have to do our best in the graduation exam.”

In the first exam of the third school year, Douglas scored full marks, and I had full marks too, but

In that case, the one with a higher rank from the previous year takes precedence.

Since we tied in the second school year, the top rank belonged to Douglas.

I thought this would be the year, but I can’t win since Douglas continues to get full marks.

However, it’s strange to hope for Douglas to make a mistake.

I concluded that I have to do my best.

“The graduation exam, huh. . .It’s already our final year.”

“Yes, we have only one year left.

Douglas won’t take the royal palace’s exam since he will inherit the Marquis family, right?”

“Yeah. Learning the work in the territory is the priority for now.”

Douglas, the only son of the Marquis family, doesn’t need to look for a job.

Likewise, I, who don’t have to look for employment, and 

Ruri, who has already secured a job as my exclusive maid,

The three of us have a different atmosphere in classroom A.

In another half year, the employment exams for civil officials and court ladies at the royal palace will begin.

Most of the students in Class A seemed to be planning to take that exam, 

Their expressions were starting to change.

. . .Being on the hiring side, it feels a bit awkward.

Of course, there will be no preferential treatment, and nobody will ask for favors.

But somehow, I feel the pressure, and I hesitate to chat in the classroom.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

As always, I was seen off, and I got into the carriage to return to the royal palace.

Once home, I will have lunch, and in the afternoon, I will work in the crown prince’s room.

If in the carriage I want to relax a little, the seat next to me has changed to Kyle.

“It’s the first day, you must be a little tired.

You can rest until we reach the palace.”

Without saying anything, I’m embraced and seated on his lap.

I guess this means I should take a short nap.

I obediently lay my head on Kyle’s chest and feel sleepy with the warmth.

A quiet space where no one talks.

The rattling vibration of the carriage feels comfortable, and I close my eyes.

Although I had just closed my eyes, the next time I opened them, we had arrived at the royal palace.

“We’ve arrived. Can you walk?”

“Mm. I’m fine. I want to wake up, so I’ll walk by myself.”


After getting down from the carriage with his help, Lisa and Yuna were there to greet me.

It’s rare for Lisa and Yuna to come to the carriage stand to meet me.

Something must have happened.

“Is something wrong?”

“His Majesty calls for you. Please head to the audience chamber immediately.”

“Eh? Grandfather? Alright, understood.”

Something seems to have happened. Being called to the audience chamber means that.

Looking at Kyle and Chris, both of them have serious expressions.

. . .At this time, if I’m being called, could it be about Kokodia?

Could it be that the war has begun. . .?

Upon entering the audience chamber, besides Renkin-sensei and Augen, there were also Pierre, the chief of the office,

Chief court lady Milan, and interim chief court lady Celine.

David and Jordan were also there, so they must have been called.

If they have gathered this many people, has the war really begun?

“I have returned.”

“. . .Welcome back. I called you without giving you time to change.”

“No, if you have gathered this many people, it must be an emergency.

What has happened?”

“. . .Daniel said, your father has passed away.”

“. . .What?”

“He didn’t wake up this morning.

So I had the shadow confirm it, and he was dead.

He seems to have died in the middle of the night, but the cause is unknown.

There were no reports of a weak heart either. . . .”

“. . .Otou-sama. . .is that so.”

After that, I don’t remember what I talked about with my grandfather.

Before I knew it, I was back in my private room, sitting deep in the sofa.

My right hand was connected to Chris, and my left hand was connected to Kyle.

My head was stroked by Chris, and my cheek was stroked by Kyle.

Oh, Kyle’s hand, which should always be warm, was cold.

No. . .it’s my cheek that’s wet. I’m crying. . . .

“. . .It’s not alright, is it?”

“. . .You don’t have to push yourself. If you want to cry, it’s better to cry.”

The two of them comfort me from both sides.

But I can’t answer them.

I didn’t think I would cry when Otou-sama died.

A father with whom I hardly ever spoke.

A father who didn’t get involved even when I was oppressed.

A father who chose his mistress over Okaa-sama and was confined to the tower.

Not one of these makes me think of a father that I should cry for.

Yet, why am I crying?

When I opened my eyes, it was morning.

I had fallen asleep in that state.

My right hand was still connected to Chris, and my left hand was still connected to Kyle.

It seems that I had been sleeping, leaning against Kyle on top of that.

“. . .Are you awake?”

Chris, who noticed I was awake, spoke to me.


“Just wait a bit. I’ll fix your eyes now.”

My eyes must be swollen from crying too much; Chris puts his hand on them.

The cold and pleasant hand of Chris, magic flows from it.

His hand is cold, but the magic is warm.

I always find it strange, but it feels good.

“You don’t have to do anything today.

Kyle and I will be by your side all the time.

So you can do whatever you want.”

“Yeah. . .thank you.”

It seems Kyle woke up while we were talking.

As soon as he woke up, he peered into my face.

“Ah, Chris healed it, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, he just healed it now.”

“I see. . .If you want to cry, you can cry as much as you want.

But let’s hydrate before that.”

He pours water from a pitcher into a glass and hands it to me.

The water with citrus squeezed in it was cold.

I took a sip and realized my throat was parched.

I might have been crying without drinking water yesterday.

“. . .Why did I cry so much?

I hardly ever talked to Otou-sama.”

“. . .Well, that’s true.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, it’s okay for a daughter to mourn her father’s death.

Cry and mourn as much as you want.

You don’t need a reason.”

“. . .I see. It’s okay to be sad.”

I don’t need a reason.

Even if he was a father who never looked at me,

Even if he was a terrible father,

I don’t need a reason to be sad.

It’s okay to cry.

Without saying anything, Chris strokes my head again.

Kyle holds my left hand as if wrapping it up.

That day, I truly spent the whole day crying, crying, grieving,

And saying goodbye to Otou-sama.

Even though Otou-sama, who was in medical treatment, has passed away, there won’t be a big funeral.

He has already stepped down from the crown prince and has been removed from the royal family.

Still, my grandfather and I will mourn as family members for a year.

Only a notice will be sent to the nobles, and Otou-sama will be buried quietly.

The mistress and chamberlains who were confined with him in the tower will be sent to a royal estate in a distant place,

And will continue to be confined in a detached palace.

I learned for the first time then that the child in the mistress’ belly was stillborn.

It was apparently a boy with entirely different hair color from Otou-sama and the mistress.

I don’t know how Otou-sama took that.

If I had siblings, I wonder if anything would have changed.

I thought about that meaningless thing for a little while.

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