Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 107


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟕

“Oh, you know about Chloe’s family situation too, Celine?”

“. . .Yes.”

I see. To work as a court lady, you need the support of nobility.

If Chloe gets into a dispute with other court ladies, Chloe’s father might force her to quit.

He will probably value the relationship with other noble families more than Chloe’s job.

. . .Ah, is this situation bad?

“David, could Chloe be fired because of this incident. . .”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Really? Chloe’s father is. . .”

“In order to avoid letting go of her since she’s favored by Sofia-sama,

I have sent a letter to the Count, in the name of the Prince Consort’s Chamberlain.”

“I’m glad. . .Thank you, David.”

“No, I don’t want to lose the junior colleague I’ve trained either.”

I hadn’t noticed, but David understood.

It seems that he sent a letter before the Count could withdraw his support for Chloe.

Before Chloe could be forced to quit due to pressure from those three families,

They were pressuring not to let her resign because she’s my favorite.

If it’s in David’s name, there should be no problem.

He’s thought of more as the next Chief of Staff than the Chief Chamberlain.

No noble family should dare to defy David, who will become the Chief Civil Official.

“But why was it a clean copy?”

I think there are other ways to get help with my work.

Chloe’s handwriting is beautiful, but is that the reason?

“My handwriting has quirks, and Chloe’s is very beautiful, but 

That’s not the only reason I asked for a clean copy.

Chloe had the second-best grades from admission to graduation.”

“Ah, yes, I heard that.

I was surprised when I heard that Celine was third.

Did Chloe perform better academically at school?”

“Yes. The top student was the heir of the Marquis family. That’s expected.

Ordinary daughters don’t study that hard.

I have two brothers, and we were all taught by the same tutor.

I was educated just like the boys, which I think is very rare.”

“I understand that daughters don’t study much.

But both Chloe and Celine made it to the top three.

You both worked hard.”

“. . .That’s not it.”


“Chloe didn’t have a tutor.”


Chloe, who entered with the second-best grades, didn’t have a tutor?

I thought it was a joke, but Celine looked serious.

“Chloe worked as a maid for her three-year younger adopted brother.”


“In the Count’s house, she was treated not as a daughter, but as a servant to her adopted brother.”

“. . .It was that bad? But then, how about the grades?”

“When her younger brother was learning from the tutor, she would sit in the room.

She would wait by the wall as a maid. . .and learned that way.”

“. . .She got those grades without being directly taught?”

A tutor for her younger brother. She learned just by listening to those lessons?

With those grades, above Celine’s. . .Chloe is a genius.

“I doubted it at first too.

But seeing Chloe’s eyes shine with joy in the school lessons,

I thought it must be true.

Because of Chloe’s personality, even without teaching her how to write reports,

I thought she might learn while transcribing the reports.”

“So that’s what it was. . .

Certainly, Chloe said she learned the job through that.”

So it all went according to Celine’s plan.

Despite working as the same court lady,

Celine couldn’t be the one to teach her.

Celine has her own job, and there’s no time for such things.

“But I didn’t think that because of that, Chloe was being pushed to work by the other court ladies.

I was happy that Chloe finally had her own job responsibilities. . .”

Looking at Celine, who was downcast like a scolded puppy,

I thought she really was worried about Chloe.

. . .Milan was right.

“Hey, Celine.

I want to stop things like what happened to Chloe.

I want to make sure there’s no one being oppressed.

Not just the court ladies, but also the church and the orphanage.

I want to eliminate those who take pleasure in oppressing others.”

“Yes, I think that’s a wonderful thing!”

“So, won’t you help me with that job, Celine?”

“Me? Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I feel I can trust you with this, Celine.

Won’t you learn about being the chief court lady, and the chief court lady’s job?

I want you to be Milan’s next chief court lady.”

“. . .Chloe may be better than me.”

“Yeah, that might be true.

In terms of merit, Chloe might be better.

But that’s not all that being a chief court lady entails.

You have to look at all the court ladies, decide if there are any problems or if help is needed, and

Reach out and assist appropriately.

Sometimes the job even requires making tough decisions.

That’s why I’m asking you, Celine, not Chloe.

I think you’re suited for being the chief court lady.

Won’t you take it?”

“. . .You want me, not Chloe. . .”

Because Celine had been studying with Chloe,

Maybe Celine had feelings of inferiority due to Chloe’s excellence.

Still, Celine, who reached out to a struggling Chloe, is strong.

Celine can handle the court ladies, who must be reformed from now on.

Celine seemed to hesitate for a moment, but when she looked up, her mind seemed made up.

“I accept.”

“Thank you!”

“I’ll report to the chief court lady.”

David leaves the room with a delighted look on his face.

A new chief court lady has been appointed.

Once Milan hands over the job, the change can take place immediately.

Chloe and Celine.

Having met trustworthy court ladies, I’m no longer scared just because they’re court ladies.

It’s okay now. I won’t tremble at the sight of the court lady’s uniform.

I feel like I’ve overcome one more thing.

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