Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 106


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟔

I wanted to talk to Celine in detail, so

I called her over about ten days after the incident with Chloe.

Chloe is at the library looking for the documents that David asked for.

She probably won’t be back until my conversation with Celine is over.

“What does Celine think of the court lady’s job?”

“. . .Well, I think it’s a very rewarding job.

Since there is neither the queen nor the crown princess,

Court ladies often act at their own discretion.

So, you could say it’s busy, but I consider it a responsible and important job.”

There’s no queen or crown princess. Instead, grandfather has been doing the job.

However, it wasn’t possible to replace everything.

Grandfather has been handling both the king’s and the crown prince’s work on his own.

Therefore, each court lady is assigned a specific task,

And they have been working at their discretion.

The results of their work are summarized in a report, and they report it to the chief court lady.

The chief court lady summarizes the reported content and reports it to Grandfather.

If Grandfather has any concerns about the report,

It will be conveyed from the chief court lady to the court lady.

“Do you think there are any problems?”

“. . .I think there are.

Since we work on individual assignments, I don’t know what the other court ladies are doing.

Even in the court lady’s room, I can’t tell if they are working or taking a break.

Even if someone is slacking off, other court ladies handling different tasks wouldn’t know.”

“Is that about the court ladies who were dumping work on Chloe?”

“. . .Yes, that’s right.

. . .I didn’t realize that Chloe was being dumped with work.

Even if Chloe was writing a report, I thought she was doing her job.

I don’t know who is in charge of which task.

So I thought Chloe was doing her assigned work.”

“Ah, I see. You don’t know who is in charge of what work.”

When I looked at David, he nodded in agreement.

“The work of a civil official is the same.

For example, even if it’s a civil official attached to the crown prince’s office,

Who is doing what is not made public.

The only one who knows everything is the head.

In the case of the crown prince’s office, only Sofia-sama and I know.”

“That’s true. The work of a civil official is like that, too.

If the work of a court lady is the same, why is there a problem only with the work of a court lady?”

“. . .Perhaps because the division of labor among court ladies is more detailed.

A civil official does not work alone. Several people are always in charge of the same job.

It’s possible for them to take time off or suddenly quit.

It would be a problem if no one else knew about the work at that time.”

“But that’s true for court ladies too.”

“. . .I have heard that court ladies argue when they work together.”

“Who said that, then?”

“The former chief court lady. . .come to think of it.”

Was it something the former chief court lady changed?

To make the division of labor more detailed and difficult for others to understand.

Could it be. . . .

“. . .Was it to manipulate the court ladies as it suited her,

So that it wouldn’t be discovered by others?”

“It must be so. . . .I apologize, I just realized it now.”

“No, it’s fine. I didn’t realize it either.”

It was something that became clear when thinking about it.

Moving me to the Western Palace when I had to reside in the main palace,

Employing only those who would listen to the former chief court lady,

All of these things could not be done unless the situation was manipulated to be unblamable.

Gradually changing the structure of the court ladies, making their job details invisible to others,

It was all preparation to make me the Ineligible Princess.

“. . .We need to change the system. Or rather, let’s make it the same as the civil officials.”

“That seems like a good idea.”

When David and I came to that conclusion, Celine’s face relaxed.

I felt like I understood why Milan had recommended Celine.

“Hey, Celine. Did you really ask Chloe to write neatly because your handwriting was bad?

Didn’t you notice that Chloe wasn’t working?”

“. . .You’re right.

I was bothered to see Chloe always cleaning the court lady’s office whenever I met her.

When I asked her what tasks she was in charge of, she said she wasn’t in charge of anything.

Hearing Chloe say this with an apologetic look,

I thought there was nothing more I could say or do to her.

Since I knew she wasn’t liked by her senior court ladies,

I thought she might be being treated spitefully.”

“Didn’t you think of reporting it to the chief court lady?”

“. . .I had been told that we would have to quit if we caused any trouble.

Even if Chloe was not at fault,

I thought she would be forced to resign if it became a commotion.”

“Oh, you know about Chloe’s family situation too, Celine?”

“. . .Yes.”

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