Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 100


π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« 𝟏𝟎𝟎

“I know about Chloe.

It’s because she was a freshman when we were in our third year at the academy.”


“Eh? Ah, yeah, that’s right.”


Chris and Kyle, who are turning twenty-eight this year,

Overlapped with Chloe, who is turning twenty-six, for one year at the academy.

Still, it was surprising that Chris knew Chloe from another grade.

They shouldn’t even pass each other, as the class hours are different in the third and first years.


“. . .The Count Balland family is a relative. So, I know a bit about the situation.

That family has issues, and we were considering re-evaluating our relationship.

You saw Chloe’s color, didn’t you? With that color, she doesn’t look like a noble.

So she seemed to be suspected of infidelity.”




Chloe too? Is that why Chris looks awkward, glancing at Kyle?

He must feel sorry for bringing up something that reminds Kyle of his home.

To Chris, Kyle said he didn’t need to worry and encouraged him to continue talking.


“As a result of the investigation, the amount of magical power was so much that it couldn’t be thought of as a commoner’s,

So the suspicion against the lady was cleared for the time being.

But, it seems that the Count didn’t like Chloe.

He decided to adopt a child and have him inherit the Count’s family.”


“Even though Chloe is there, he deliberately adopted a child?”


“It’s just a formality, adopting a child. It’s the Count’s actual child.

Apparently, he took in the son that his mistress bore.

The mistress was also a former Viscount’s daughter, so the son was born with brown hair but purple eyes.”


“Is that so. . .”


Is Chloe’s lack of confidence because she wasn’t acknowledged by her parents?

Her half-brother, who became adopted, has the color suitable for a noble.

That’s why the father adopted the half-brother instead of her to inherit.

She might have felt like she was abandoned.


“Well, it’s because we’re relatives, but there’s another reason I knew Chloe.

I heard from Line-sensei that Chloe was second in the entrance exam.

This year’s freshman class has a lot of magical power, so it’ll be fun to instruct,

I remember it because sensei was unusually happy.”


“Really? Chloe was second?”


I knew Chloe was talented enough to become a court lady,

But I didn’t think she was talented enough to be admitted as the second seat.


“Yeah, Celine was supposed to be third.”


“Eh? Celine was lower??”


That was quite surprising.

Celine seemed excellent, and Milan praised her that much.

I never thought Chloe would be above Celine.


“I don’t know what happened after I graduated,

But she must be excellent to be hired as a court lady.

But with that attitude, she seems likely to be harassed by other court ladies.”


“Is it really harassment? That she’s not assigned.”


Now that I’ve noticed, I want to do something.

But it’s not guaranteed that she’s really being harassed by the three.

I want evidence, but I also hate to leave Chloe alone.


As I was increasingly worried about what to do with Chloe after hearing Chris’ story,

David asks to confirm.


“Does Sofia-sama want to help Chloe?”


“Yes, since I found out, I can’t ignore it.

Chloe seems serious, and I’m curious about that report.

I think Chloe herself probably wrote that report.

Even though she’s so talented, she seems scared,

And if she’s being burdened with other people’s work, I have to do something about it.”


“. . .I see. Then, how about this?

Let’s transfer Chloe as a court lady to the crown prince’s office.”


“Eh? Chloe in this office?”


“Yes. I’d like to transfer Celine as well,

But Chloe would probably remain the same if Celine is with her.

Once she gets used to being protected, she won’t gain confidence.”


“That might be true. Celine seemed worried about Chloe.

But what will you do by assigning Chloe to this room?”


Attach a court lady to this room where only we and the civil officials are?

Isn’t it difficult to entrust a civil official’s work to a court lady?


“We are short of hands to compile the materials.

There’s a limit to the number of civil officials,

And sooner or later, we have to attach a court lady to perform the queen’s duties.

Chloe would be perfect as the first one.

She’s not handling anything, so it won’t affect her work.”


“The crown prince’s chamber, but make her David’s subordinate?

If she’s not handling anything, she can be transferred right away.

. . .Can David develop Chloe?”


“That report was excellent.

I read Celine’s, and the other three reports are just as great.

I also feel like I want her purely as a subordinate.”


Recently my work has increased, and David’s work has also increased.

I’ve been asking David to do work that would usually be assigned to a court lady.

We’re short of hands, but to increase the court lady for the crown prince, I need my permission.

David might have thought this was a good opportunity.


But David said he purely wants Chloe as a subordinate.

If that’s the case, there’s no need to hesitate.


“I understand. I want to protect Chloe, but not just that,

I want to properly evaluate those who can work.

If David wants her as a subordinate, I’ll ask Milan for that reason.

Let’s have Chloe work here from tomorrow.”


“That helps.”


David smiled happily and left the room.

Maybe he went to tell Milan? So soon?


“Finally, David’s work will decrease.”


“Eh? Was it that hard?”


“David hasn’t gone home for two weeks.”


“Eh? No way. . .I didn’t know it was that hard. You should have told me sooner. . . .”


I didn’t know he had been staying and working at the Eastern Palace for two weeks.

It seems that we really were short of hands.

. . .It seems I need to increase the court ladies who can be trusted for David’s sake soon.


Kyle and Chris sighed at my enthusiasm.


“. . .That’s why we didn’t say anything, because Sofia pushes herself.”


“That’s right. Princess works hard, so David works hard.

Well, if Chloe comes, David’s work will decrease, so

Princess, you should try to get along with Chloe?”


“. . .Alright.”

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