Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 101

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎𝟏

Chloe, who became the crown prince’s attendant the next day, was more nervous than the day before.

It seems she never thought she would become the crown prince’s attendant.

Milan seemed surprised by the sudden transfer order,

Chloe has little impact because she doesn’t have any assigned tasks, and also,

When she were told that she would be hired as David’s assistant because of her neat handwriting, she agreed.

David was thinking about making Celine the crown prince’s attendant as well at some point,

But for now, he thought it was better to keep her a little away from Chloe.

Once Chloe gained confidence and was able to work on her own,

It was decided that Celine would also become the crown prince’s attendant.

I won’t be working directly with her,

But she will be coming in and out of the crown prince’s chamber as David’s assistant.

She started with simple document organization, but soon began to conduct difficult research,

And started bringing divided reports to me.

After watching her work for a week, she learned the job faster than expected.

She still seemed nervous and hesitant in conversation,

But there seemed to be no problem while she was working.

David, who became her boss, seemed pleased with this as well.

“She’s a better subordinate than I thought.

Thanks to her, my work is progressing.”

“Yes. . .I think so too.

I wonder why she was taken off her assignment when there seems to be no problem.”

“It seems the chief court lady was curious about that as well.

Apparently, her initial instructor was the problem.”


“Yes, after being hired as a court lady, a senior court lady is assigned as an instructor.

They teach things like job descriptions and how to write reports,

But the instructor assigned to Chloe seems to have left her alone without teaching much.

Because she wasn’t taught, she was cleaning the court lady’s room and such.

That’s why she was judged to be unable to work, and she was only doing odd jobs.”

“It was the fault of the initial instructor.

Why did the instructor do such a thing?”

“. . .It seems she didn’t like her color and attitude.”


I can only sigh. Hair color can certainly tell a lot.

By looking at silver hair, the color of royalty, or golden hair, the color of high-ranking nobles,

You can roughly tell the person’s status.

But there are exceptions.

You can’t definitively judge everything by color alone.

I knew there were people who discriminated based on color,

But I didn’t know they were doing such things even in the work of court ladies.

“Is that senior court lady still there?”

“She quit soon after.

It was discovered that she had connections with the former chief court lady,

And though she didn’t commit any crimes,

Her reputation deteriorated and it must have become hard for her to stay.”

“Ah, I see. She was a friend of that chief court lady.”

I can understand if it’s a court lady connected to that chief court lady.

Although they say she didn’t commit a crime, I wonder about what she did to Chloe.

Those kinds of bruises, that swollen cheek.

If violence is taking root among the court ladies,

The influence of that chief court lady may still continue.

There have been no reports of anything happening to Chloe from the other court ladies in the past week.

I don’t even know if they have noticed her transfer.

Because Chloe has no duties, her absence doesn’t stand out.

“It seems that no one is approaching Chloe at the moment.

What do you want to do? Should we continue to monitor?”

“Hmm. Yes.

. . .Can you monitor her a little longer?

I’m worried about the three people involved in the report.

It might be okay to leave her alone if nothing happens.”


The urgent report from surveillance came a week later.

I was relaxing in my private chamber in the palace when Il descended from the ceiling.


“Sofia-sama, I apologize for startling you. 

We’ve received communication from the ones who were under surveillance. 

Chloe, the court lady, has been called out and taken away by several court ladies.”


“Where’s the location?”

Kyle immediately stood up and confirmed the location by looking at the palace’s map. 

Meanwhile, Chris conveyed instructions to the royal guards in the hallway.

If we moved with the royal guards, we would certainly be noticed.

That’s why we had decided that only Chris and Kyle would accompany me if something happened. 

To avoid any commotion, we informed them not to panic if we disappeared from the private office through teleportation.

“We must go at once.”

“Princess, I think you understand, but do not reveal yourself until there is a decisive moment.”

“. . . . . .Yeah.”

A decisive moment. . .that means waiting until Chloe is subject to violence. . . .

Watching and doing nothing to help until then. . .

I know the reason why I must do so, but. . .

“Sofia, you would have done the same thing, wouldn’t you?”

“I know, but. . .she might suffer terribly.”

“. . .For Sofia to say that?”

“. . .Ugh. I get it. I’ll endure it as much as I can.”

“All right, let’s go.”

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