I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Charlotte (1)│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Charlotte has been envious of Angelique ever since she was a child.

Charlotte, the second daughter of a poor viscountess, received all of her clothes, hair ornament, fan, and other possessions from her two older sisters.

Angelique, who was the same age as Charlotte, was given everything new and expensive simply because she was the first daughter of a duke.

Despite the fact that she was not particularly attractive.

Angelique is said to be beautiful, but Charlotte disagrees.

Angelique’s hair is chestnut.

It is shiny because she has many servants and is groomed daily with perfumed oil, but the color is mediocre.

Her eyes are a standard hazel color, no matter how big and deep they are to show her intelligence.

Meanwhile, Charlotte had believed that her hair was blonde.

She didn’t believe the other person’s eyes when they told her it was light brown with yellowish tints.

Her eyes are a bright blue.

One would think they are a little too light, but Charlotte is sure to herself they are blue.

She thinks she resembles Marlene, Angelique’s four-year-old sister.

A doll-like beauty with gleaming blonde locks and sapphire blue eyes.

Marlene, the second daughter of the Dukes of Montan, was famous for her beauty even before she made her social debut.

It’s no surprise that they look alike because they’re cousins.

‘Yes, we are, indeed, cousins.’

Charlotte is the granddaughter of Angelique and Marlene’s grandfather.

Though, Charlotte’s grandmother is merely a mistress, but she is still descended from the Dukes of Montan.

If things had gone differently, Charlotte’s birth family could have been the Dukes of Montan, a great noble family with a vast estate.

Her mansion is nothing compared to the Montan’s. So it’s natural for them to look down on Charlotte.

It’s dreadful.

The lower-ranking daughters are still good; mention Lord Colgard’s name and they will be at your service.

‘They’ll do you a small favor if you give them a hair ornament or a fan I bought with Oji-sama’s money.’

Depending on what she gives them, they may do her a favor that they cannot reveal to anyone.

The school’s tuition is exorbitantly priced.

In addition, you must wear a different dress every day, as well as a new headpiece and earrings.

There are also small parties and tea parties that are not part of the social scene.

If you want to participate, you must be properly attired.

Charlotte was well aware of how much the ladies of the lowest nobility, who lacked land, desired dresses and accessories.

Angelique, who could afford the best of the best, would have no idea.

Charlotte was worried when it was discovered that she had made purchases in Angelique’s name and sent the payments to the Dukes of Montan.

But Angelique didn’t say anything, and she didn’t appear to have told Lord Colgard.

The second time she was discovered, however, the sum was so large that she was afraid Angelique would tell her father.

Charlotte secretly eavesdropped behind a pillar in case Lord Colgard became enraged, thinking he would accuse her of making a mistake.

However, her father stated, “She is like my fourth daughter”

Charlotte was overjoyed.

From then on, she began to shop under her own name, and did so proudly. She could buy anything she wanted as the Charlotte of the Montan family, without sneaking around under the suspicion of the store owner as “Angelique”.

It was like a dream.

But she still envied Angelique.

Angelique still possessed many items that Charlotte lacked.

She yearned for more.

Then she noticed Ernest walking down the street.

He was a short, darkly dressed man.

In addition, despite being a prince, his body is stocky and his gilet is frequently unbuttoned.

A man of the lowest caliber who worth nothing without the status of a second prince

Ernest was alone and had no followers.

He must have become disoriented.

How could he be a prince and be abandoned?

a drab individual

Charlotte, on the other hand, thought this was her chance.

Angelique’s fiance is this second prince.

What would Angelique think if she took this guy away from her?

Her lips naturally curved into a smile.

Ernest was easy to seduce.

Everyone knew Ernest, with his princely status but slow learner, and Angelique, with her overall good qualities, couldn’t balance each other out.

Charlotte knew that Ernest himself was more concerned about this than anyone else.

[Angelique said Ernest is an idiot.]

[Angelique said Ernest is disgustingly slow.]

[Angelique wishes Ernest was at least a head taller than her.]

Things false have been blasting it at him over and over.

Ernest, who was small-minded but proud, became enraged by Angelique.

“I knew it. She’s been mocking me the whole time.”

“That’s right. She’s a villainess. She has a pouty expression on her face and looks down on you on the inside.”

“I can’t forgive her; if I marry her, I’ll be a fool for the rest of my life; the engagement is called off!”

Even if Ernest simply wanted to cancel the engagement, the king, who wanted to strengthen his ties with the Dukes of Montan, would not be so easily persuaded.

But there’s a chance Ernest will make his usual request, and the king, tired of the situation, will say, “Do as you please.”

‘Or, even better…’

“I’ve got an idea.”

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