I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Owl’s Message│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

The letter was written by Frederick, the Duke of Montan’s butler.

According to the letter, Colgard had been attacked and was seriously injured.

The situation was still unpredictable as of last night, when the owl was dispatched.

It stated that they were concerned about Angelique health, and that they wanted Angelique to decide who should take over the dukedom in the event of an emergency.

Until six months ago, it was taken for granted that Angelique would take over as Duchess of Montan but her engagement to Ernest ended.

When her engagement to Ernest was broken off and Angelique married Serge, Lord Colgard arranged for his next heir, Francine and the third prince Claude, but they were not yet of age.

Marlene’s fiancé, Albert, was the heir to the Marquis de Prébois, which meant that Marlene could not take over the family.

Francine will be eleven years old when her birthday arrives at the end of the year, while Claude will be sixteen.

In the Kingdom of Alkan, the majority age is eighteen.

Seven years till Francine comes of age.

Prince Claude could be given a provisional title, but unlike Angelique, he was not raised to be a lord from an early age, and giving full power to a young provisional duke may not be acceptable to the people or the branch families.

Even so, he would have to wait two years.

So he needed someone to back him.

It would have to be a relative or the father of the spouse, but Claude is a prince.

He could not ask the king.

Only Lord Colgard’s brother, Viscount Barabou, Charlotte’s father, remained.

Would Viscount Barabou be appointed as her guardian, or would he let the Viscount inherit the dukedom of Montan and return it to Francine seven years later, when she came of age?

A choice had to be made.

Viscount Barabou would gain significant power in either case.

Frederick’s letter, which was a straightforward statement of the facts, was filled with distrust toward Viscount Barabou.

He wants Angelique’s thoughts on whether there is another option.

[I’d like for you to return to the royal capital.]

Frederick’s letter lacked the words he would have written if Angelique hadn’t been so ill.

[Please take care of yourself first and have a healthy child], Frederick probably wrote with his teeth clenched.

Her father could die.

Angelique had a lot to think about in order to protect the Dukes of Montan’s future.

Angelique is regarded as wise by all.

Angelique’s father, who was always kind, strict and a role model for her, is fighting for his life.

The fact stifles her.

To Angelique, Colgard Montan is more than just the first or second highest duke in the land, he is her father. He is a loving father.

Angelique couldn’t stand up after finishing reading the Owl’s Letter.

Her eyes went black, and she clung to Serge, who was standing in front of him, as if she were his only hope.

She couldn’t stop shivering even when she was held against Serge’s broad chest.

Despite the fact that her body was freezing cold, sweat began to form on her brow.



‘I can’t believe my father is…’

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I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory

I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory

As I Would Marry Into the Remote Poor Earl, I Work Hard at Territory Reform, Henkyou no Binbou Hakushaku ni Totsugu Koto ni Natta node Ryouchi Kaikaku ni Hagemimasu, 辺境の貧乏伯爵に嫁ぐことになったので領地改革に励みます
Score 6.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Angelique was accused of a crime she did not commit, and her engagement to the second prince, Ernest, was broken off. The king has ordered that she marry the poor Count Serge on the frontier. Serge is unexpectedly handsome when she first meets him. Angelique has given up on love, but she can’t help falling in love with him. But his castle and estate are in worse shape than she expected. And why does he have dragons?! Angelique works hard with Serge to reform the estate with the knowledge she has acquired to take over the dukedom. They are working so hard to reform their estate that they miss their wedding night, and just as they realize they are falling in love, something strange happens in the capital…. Did you say dragons?


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