I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: First Night│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Even if a couple had been engaged since birth, it was not unusual for them to meet for the first time on their wedding day. Nor was it unusual for them to find themselves in the same bed on the same day.

Angelique and Serge were in the same boat. They will sleep in the same bed from tonight on, even though they just met today. There is nothing unusual about that.

With the help of Mrs. Cello, she took a hot bath to rid herself of the fatigue and dirt of the day.

It was not necessary to boil water in a kettle, because the castle of Bourg had a spring of hot water.

“We couldn’t afford to buy firewood, so I’m grateful for this spring,” said Mrs. Cello with a gentle smile.

She was a widow, twelve years older than Angelique, and she was only thirty years old, the same age as Angelique’s mother.

She told her that five years ago her husband went to work in a big city in the center of Vignoa and was killed in an accident on his way home.

They have two daughters, ages 12 and 10.

“Do your daughters miss you now that I’ve taken their mother away from them?”

Mrs. Cello smiled and said, “Well, I have to work.” She continued. “I’m very grateful that I found a job at the castle.”

She and her daughters live in a house within walking distance.

She’s grateful to have a job with regular vacation and good pay in Bourg, where jobs are scarce.

“There are no bars or br*thels in this area. I had no idea how I was going to support the three of us by working as a pr*stitute, because the men here can’t even make ends meet working in the fields.”

Angelique’s face gradually darkened as she listened to her story.

‘What a story!’

She can’t believe that a family living so close to the castle is in such financial trouble.

After all, castle towns are the wealthiest in any area.


Her s*x education teacher, Mrs. Berean, told her to put on a kind of nightgown made of a very thin fabric that had been prepared for her by the ladies-in-waiting. She then went up the stairs to her bedroom.

Standing at the door, she entered by pushing the door open with a little force.



Serge, who had been standing around aimlessly, turned around in surprise.


Serge’s handsome face turned red for some reason, and he covered his mouth with his right hand.

“Angelique… You are extremely… charming. “

Angelique took a step closer to Serge. And Serge put his hands on Angelique’s shoulders, looked down at her nightgown neckline, and cleared his throat.

He then embraced her against his broad chest. Angelique and Serge’s hearts beat in unison. But Angelique pushed Serge’s chest away.

“…Angelique, I know you’ve only known me for a short time, but I’m quite infatuated with you…” whispered Serge to Angelique, pressing her against him again and burying his nose in her hair.

But Angelique stopped him.

“Serge, I have something important to tell you.”

“Uh… Um, right now…?”

“Now. Right away.”

Angelique was getting angrier as she learned what had happened to Ms. Cello. Now she was really angry.

‘This guy… What has this guy, who has been Lord for two years, been up to?’

“What do you do when you’re not looking for dragons?”


“…Did you just spend your days flying around the forest with Erick and John?

Serge nodded his head in confusion.

“You knuckleheads!” roared Angelique angrily.

Serge collapsed on his buttocks on the bed, startled.Then Angelique pressed her body against Serge’s and began to lecture him.

“You are a lord, and a lord should always think of his people first! And what have you done? You played with the dragons day after day! You could have done better in two years, even in a harsh land! How many people had to starve while you did nothing?!”

Serge blinks as he looks up at Angelique.

Angelique’s blue eyes were stunning, but she maintained a serious expression.

“Tomorrow we’ll tour the estate, identify the problems and find ways to fix them as soon as possible, and then you can play with the dragons. Is that clear?”

“But I’m supposed to go to the forest tomorrow with John and the others.”

“Shut up!”

Serge’s mouth gapes open.

“You’re the Lord of Bourg; set your priorities!”


Angelique sat up.

Serge swallowed his saliva.


Angelique turned to the other side of the wide bed, avoiding Serge, who had stood up and stretched out his arms.

“We’re going around in the carriage in the morning, so please go to bed now.”


Angelique leaned back on the fluffy feather quilt with her back to Serge.


He puts his hand on her shoulder. “Enough,” but she shrugs.

“Angelique, aren’t we going to…”

A pathetic, muffled voice called her name.

But Angelique ignores the voice behind her back and quickly falls asleep.

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