I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 11

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A large wooden building of simple construction stood behind the castle. It has a roof, but the walls are still boarded up with some gaps.

It has a very open construction.

“These are the stables of the dragons.”


There is more than one dragon.

Erick and John are standing behind Angelique and Serge. Erick was a young man with red hair who seemed to be a year younger than Serge. John, who had dark hair, seemed older than Serge. Both had green eyes.

They were also dressed like knights, with a short coat and tight-fitting pants for ease of movement. Riding boots and a wide leather belt protected their upper bodies and backs.

The two men are not only servants but also leaders of the dragon riders.

Gatekeepers, servants, and leaders of dragon riders. It’s a difficult job, but they seem to enjoy it.

Each of them was accompanied by three men, each responsible for one dragon.

“We have two dragons; the stables were built only this spring; before that, they were housed on the first floor of the castle.” explained Serge.

‘It’s June now. Spring came just a few days ago. I suppose so…‘

“That’s why it was so rough.” Serge smiled.

The handsome man’s smile shone brightly.

Serge had been interested in dragons ever since he first saw one when he was six years old.

Even after he went to a ridiculously expensive academy for children of noble families between the ages of eight and eighteen, he was still crazy about dragons.

He was good, so he didn’t stand out much, but just before his social debut at the age of sixteen, he abruptly announced that he wanted to leave the academy and attend Escola in the neighboring country, which quickly spoiled the Duke of Barnier’s mood.

Escola, the northern country east of Bourg bordering the kingdom of Alkan where Angelique and her family live, is famous for its dragons. It is said that Escola is the home of all dragons, of which there are only about a dozen in the world.

Many people have wondered if the dragons of Escola are mythical creatures because they are never seen by people from other countries.

Serge, who had grown up studying dragons, was convinced that the dragons of Escola were not a myth. So he decided to find out for himself. Not only did he want to see for himself, but he also wanted to become a dragon master and take care of the dragons.

When he told her father, the Duke of Barnier, about it, he told her to stop. He was scolded harshly, “How long are you going to keep talking such nonsense!!?”

Serge is still a member of the Duke of Barnier’s family, although he is the second son. He was told that if he got a princess, he could create a new duchy, and that if he got a daughter from another noble family, he could get the title of count and rule over his own lands.

And Serge would have to take over the Duchy of Barnier if his brother died prematurely.

Serge is virtually the duke’s insurance policy. He will not let him be selfish.

Serge was told that he would be disowned if he left, and unexpectedly, he chose to be disowned.

He went to the Escola alone, without any offers, knocked on the door of the Royal Dragon Institute, and became an apprentice at the age of sixteen.

After four years of training, he returned to his country with two dragons.

When Serge moved to Bourg, an abandoned country estate, the Duke of Barnier took the title of Count of Voltairel from his mother’s side and gave it to him, even though he was no longer a member of the Barnier family.

The Duke must have thought that he could still use his defective son as an insurance policy to protect the family and as a pawn. Serge claims that he has lived here with his dragons for two years since then.

“How did you get two priceless dragons?”

“I was recognized.”

The Dragon Institute researchers recognized Serge’s knowledge, effort, and talent.

“The dragons are probably deep in the woods between Escola and Bourg. They told me I could use Sari and Lasse until I caught a new dragon and got used to it, but they didn’t give them to me. They are on loan to us for ten years.”

Serge gets to keep any dragon born if the eggs hatch successfully, because Sari and Lasse are partners. The time it takes for the dragon to grow up is also taken into account: ten years.

Serge will keep all new dragons caught in the forest. He said he learned enough at Escola to be able to do that.


Sure enough, there they were.

Serge proudly showed her the inside of the stables at the entrance.

“Come, take a look. This is Sari.”

A beautiful dragon with shimmering pink scales sat calmly in the stables, looking down at Angelique with its green eyes.


“Sari is a female…”

“Sari… She’s gorgeous.”

Angelique’s cheeks flushed as she looked up at the dragon.

The dragon was huge. Its back was twice the size of a human’s. It would be a disaster if she got angry and attacked her.

She muttered something, but strangely, she was not afraid.

‘This child understands the human heart.’

She had the impression.

Another dragon was watching her in the background. Its deep blue scales glistened in the sun.

“That’s Lasse.”

Up close, he’s even bigger than Sari.”

“How beautiful…”

“Do you like them?”

“Yes, very much so…”

Erick and John beamed, and Serge’s eyes lit up with a warm glow.

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