I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 99

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Shock x 3

“Cassini-san, I was serious. Please stop using phrasing that leads to misunderstandings!” 

“Ah, sorry. That’s right… I was actually planning to persuade her, but you begged me to wait. But I never thought that your persuasion would turn into a love confession.” 

Cassini said with a slightly amused expression. Paolo was visibly flustered. I couldn’t help but turn around and look at his face as he held me onto his arm.

As a connoisseur of handsome men, I couldn’t help but admire him and express my thoughts in my mind.

――Wow, he’s so cute…

Paolo, who couldn’t look at me with a red, embarrassed, and angry face, had the destructive power unique to handsome men. I was so absorbed in watching him that I forgot about the situation.

“Oh, Miss Lorraine, have you fallen for him again? If so, I think it would be more peaceful and better if you worked things out with him.” 

“No, no, that’s not what I meant…”

I became visibly agitated at Cassini’s teasing words.

Paolo then turned to look at me in reverse.

I panicked at the slightly expectant expression on his face. 

“I think it’s a good match, and Paolo is quite serious. Besides, if you say that you are our comrade, the engagement will fall apart. Wouldn’t it be easier to switch now while your feelings are still light?”


I was shocked once again.

Jeremiah’s face came to mind.

His happy face, worried face, angry face… losing the ability to see all of them was like losing a large part of the joy of living.

I was so overwhelmed that I felt like collapsing, but Paolo hurriedly supported me. I couldn’t even say thank you.

Then, the groaning from the floor grew louder.

Dennis was rampaging.

“Hey, Cassini-san, this servant has incredible strength. It’s dangerous.”

“Is this person really a woman?”

His comrades asked in a voice full of fear.

I apologized to Dennis in my heart. If I had followed her advice, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Well, there’s no other choice. Use the drug… Anyway, there’s no point in staying here forever. The one we wanted came to us, so let’s withdraw.”



After the response, a cloth was placed over Dennis’ mouth. 

It must have been some kind of drug. I heard the groans getting quieter and eventually disappearing, and I mustered up my last bit of strength to ask.

“Wait! Just answer me this, is Lucia safe?”

“Of course. Well, we have to keep her confined since it wouldn’t be good to let her go free, but she’s an important hostage, so we’re treating her properly.”

“…I see.”

I muttered those words and closed my mouth.

There were mountains of things I wanted to ask. Why did they think of bringing me into their group? Did they really commit all the bombing incidents up until now? What are they planning to do from now on?

But I didn’t feel like I could understand even if I asked anymore.

My head and my feelings couldn’t keep up.

Paolo grabbed my arm and urged me to walk. We left the store and got on a carriage, heading somewhere. I thought I should remember the way, but gradually I lost track of where we turned and eventually gave up and closed my eyes.

In my heart, I kept apologizing to Jeremiah, Paula, and my parents. Even though it wouldn’t change the situation, that was all I could do. 

That night, I was taken to an inn somewhere.

I was given a pretty good room with a proper bed and some furniture. I rested there for a while. They also served me food, but I didn’t feel like eating much.

Despite that, my stomach was empty, so I ate what was served.

Compared to the luxurious meals I always had in my dreams, it felt like I suddenly returned to reality.

After that, a female companion helped me take off my dress and I went to sleep. I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep well.

In a drowsy and shallow sleep, I had a nightmare-like experience.

I forgot about it when I woke up, but it felt really unpleasant.

“By doing this, I feel like my previous life was too blessed.”

I muttered to myself and then the door was knocked. The woman who took care of me yesterday came in.

“Are you awake? If you need any help, please let me know. It seems that being a noble lady requires a lot of attention.”

“Y-Yes. But I can do most things by myself.”

When I replied to the woman like that, she looked at me with a very strange expression on her face. Then she left after leaving food and clothes and telling me to call her if I needed anything.

I muttered while looking at those things.

“Well, that’s how it is.” 

Normally, a nobleman’s daughter can hardly do anything by herself. In fact, if she does something, she will be looked at with lukewarm eyes.

When I was little, I struggled because I didn’t understand the feeling of having someone do everything for me. However, the preparations for a noblewoman’s appearance are often things that cannot be done alone, so I had no choice but to have someone else do it.

So, as usual, I had Dora help me with all the preparations.

However, I can dress myself in simple clothes and tie my hair without any problems.

I changed into the prepared clothes and called for someone to bring me food.

I have to meet Lucia today.

Cassini said that, but I can’t be sure until I see her with my own eyes, and I’m also concerned about Dennis’s treatment.

Then, the woman from earlier came and, looking puzzled again, asked me to wait before leaving.

As instructed, I waited absentmindedly until someone came.

“… Paolo.”

It was Paolo who came. He still looked awkward as ever and was a little surprised when he saw me.

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