I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 100

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Confirmation of current status

“I mean, dressed like that, you look just like us. It’s like you’re a different person from when I saw you at the mansion.”

“Oh, yeah, I think it’s like a special makeup or something.”

Seeing his puzzled expression, I honestly told him.

In reality, I am overflowing with confidence that I am plain and would be buried in the crowd. It’s strange that I now attract so much attention and receive praise.

So, I thought about it and realized that it was only when Dora went all out and Paula prepared the dress and accessories to reflect Jeremiah’s taste that I became like that.

Without those things, I would still be a plain lady.

Thanks to Jeremiah, I have gained confidence in myself, but this is different. I think it’s important to see reality as it is.

Just the other day, when I wore the disguise clothes Dennis prepared for me, I easily blended into the downtown area. From that, it’s clear that my appearance is still plain.

In other words, I don’t have the elegance or dignity of a noble, so without clothing and behavior, I can easily blend into any class.

From such things, I began to think of that state as special makeup. 

“And special makeup…you didn’t go that far, did you?”

“Not really. I mean, if I don’t do anything, this is what I look like. But I don’t think I look like a noble lady, do I?”

Paolo fell silent.

Still, he had a face that couldn’t be satisfied, but eventually he sighed and said,

“Well, I still think Lorraine is cute…I won’t argue with you about that.”

Paolo interrupted my words before I could finish.

“I know you’re not confident, but it can’t be helped if that’s what you think. And since I’ve come this far, I won’t give up.”

“…What won’t you give up on?”


I froze at the cold response.

His serious gaze was painful. I felt like I wanted to disappear and was filled with anxiety about the future. So, I hurriedly said,

“U-Um, more importantly, I want to meet Lucia and Dennis. I want to see them safe and sound.”

“…We’re treating them with respect…well, you probably won’t believe it. After all, we kidnapped you like this.”

I couldn’t say anything in response to Paolo’s reluctant words. It was true. No matter how sincere he was from now on, I probably wouldn’t be able to believe in them or even Paolo. 

“I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to bring you here like this. But because the Baron’s daughter, Lucia, came to the shop and caused a commotion, we were about to be reported to the police, so we had to change our plans. That’s when we decided to take advantage of it.”

I see, I thought.

So they successfully lured me in by not letting Lucia go. However, there was still something I didn’t understand. I asked.

“Hey, why did you want to bring me in as a member? I don’t have the knowledge or skills like those people, and I’m from a noble family, so aren’t you rather jealous of me?”

I had been wanting to ask this for a long time.

It’s not normal to think about welcoming a plain and powerless rural noble lady like me as a member.

Basically, I don’t think I have any value to offer.

“It’s simple. It’s because you’re a noble.”


Well, it’s true that I’m a noble.

However, I’m a woman and from the lowest-ranked Baron family. I didn’t understand the meaning of bringing me in just because I’m a noble, so Paolo explained it to me with a face that didn’t seem to understand it well either. 

“According to Cassini-san, having someone with noble memories around means that even the upper class will listen to you. He was saying something about learning how to behave without being looked down upon. That’s what he said.”

“I see, I understand now.”

It finally made sense to me.

Cassini wanted to show the upper class their worth, but some of them wouldn’t listen unless they were of the same social status. It was also necessary to teach their comrades proper behavior.

If you didn’t know the bare minimum of etiquette, you would be looked down upon even more.

I understood why I was needed now. However, there was another reason that didn’t quite click with me.

“But I’m a woman, so I can’t really get involved in politics or anything. I don’t think I can communicate properly either…”

In reality, I didn’t think women were treated very well in this country. Who would listen to the ramblings of a young girl like me?

Paolo responded, “But your name carries quite a bit of influence.”

“Influence? There’s no way that’s true.”

“It is. Look at the ‘Supporters Group,” he said with a smile. 

I couldn’t help but exclaim “Ah!” when it was pointed out to me. Certainly, their power must be incredible. And they are a group.

I didn’t know until I met Tatiana, Countess Grimani, and heard her story, but it seems that they have been increasing in number without my knowledge.

Although I have only seen them from afar, what if I were to claim to be the originator of their idea?

The faces of the ladies who know about this came to mind, and I seriously thought that with that kind of power, we might be able to move the country. I couldn’t help but think it.

“…Are you convinced?”

“Yes. I am very convinced.”

Paolo looked at me and gave a wry smile.

“Well, that’s why we need you.”

“…I understand. But I still want to meet the two of them.”

I persistently insisted.

Paolo fell silent for a moment, let out a big sigh, and finally nodded.

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