I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 145

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 145

Chapter 145: 5/8 — (Jeremiah POV)

“It’s okay, you look like a beautiful woman, right? Can you show us?”

Well, wouldn’t it be better not to force her so much? That’s what I thought, but for some reason, I found it difficult to speak up.

If you don’t want to be seen that much, I probably shouldn’t look.

Well, I can imagine the situation even from this state.

Rather, Lorraine is more of an eyesore. I tried to calm down the women who were enjoying themselves and avoid looking at her.

However, before that, Dennis stood up.

She clenched her fist tightly and said in a groaning voice, “Okay,” then turned around. Her face was red. Unusually red. Other than that, it was as expected.

There was no reason for Lorraine and the others to do anything so terrible. Dennis looked like a proper lady, with slightly sharp eyes.

“How is it? She’s quite beautiful, so I was surprised!”

After hearing Lorraine’s excited voice, I paused for a moment before saying, “Ah, yeah.”

“See? I told you!”

As I listened to Paula’s triumphant words, I couldn’t help but acknowledge that it was true. I hadn’t thought about it before, but it was only natural.

However, considering her state of mind, she must be reaching her limit soon. 

“Dennis, I know you’re beautiful, but I need you to get back to work soon.”

“Y-Yes! I’ll change and be right there!”

Dennis’s face lit up as if he could finally escape, and he disappeared in an instant. The women let out disappointed sighs.

“Well, I’m satisfied because I finally got to see Denny in a dress. I may have forced her a bit, but Denny actually likes cute things and dresses.”

“Is that so?”

I was surprised by Lorraine’s words with a wry smile. I have been watching Dennis for a long time, but I didn’t know that.

“Yes. But because of her appearance and the fact that she’s somewhat otherworldly, she decided to focus on her work… So I thought it would be okay for her to participate in this kind of opportunity, but maybe I went too far.”

“This kind of opportunity?”

“It’s an internal party, so I wanted the staff to participate as well. That’s why I thought she could wear a dress instead of always wearing men’s clothes. I knew she liked it.”

As Paula spoke, I understood. Paula had a deeper relationship with Dennis. And there are things that only women can understand. 

Anyway, I understood from that explanation why they had even made Dennis wear a dress. However, it seemed impossible for her to wear it…

Then, Lucia spoke in a suggestive tone, as if feeling that the conversation had come to a pause.

“By the way, Lady Astorga, Lorraine-oneesama, aren’t you going to show “that” to Jeremiah-sama?”

“Oh, yes!”

The disappointed atmosphere until then suddenly changed, and Lorraine’s expression became filled with joy as she headed towards a table piled with fabric. She searched for something and pulled it out.

I didn’t understand what they wanted to show me, so I silently watched Lorraine.

“As a matter of fact, we also thought about Jeremiah’s attire.”

Lorraine happily showed me three outfits hanging on her arm. As I glanced at them, I had a bad feeling. They were all things that I would never wear, such as abnormally long fabrics, excessively plain black fabrics, and ones with the same decorations as the one Paula was wearing.

“This one is matching with mine. You often see this kind in old temples. Then this one is a military uniform, matching with Paula’s. And this one is what butlers wear. You can brew tea in it and experience the feeling of reversing the master-servant relationship!”


I was at a loss for what to say. For now, I was happy to match with Lorraine, but I didn’t want to wear that.

However, if I didn’t wear anything, Lorraine might be sad because she was enjoying herself. I had to wear something… What should I do?

“Also, this is a traditional costume from the ethnic group of the country where I used to live. It’s called a kimono, but to be honest, I don’t remember it well. Then someone told me that there were similar clothes in the northern country far east of here, so I reproduced it.”

It was a loose-fitting garment with no buttons and everything was fastened with strings. It felt unfamiliar, but it seemed easy to wear. The colors were calm and likable, and I didn’t like excessive decorations.

“If Jeremiah doesn’t wear it, I’m planning to give it to Mark. I thought he might be nostalgic for it.”


Honestly, I was thinking about which one I could tolerate, but it was decided with that one word.

“But actually, I want to try wearing this too. How about letting me try it on? I’m interested in the traditional costume of your country too.”

“Of course! Then let me call someone.”

Lorraine said happily and rang the bell. Soon, a male servant appeared with a man who seemed to be a merchant.

“Well then, please wait a moment.”


“But before that.”

Since I was going to change anyway, I took off my coat and gently put it on Lorraine’s shoulders. Then I firmly grabbed the front and said, “That outfit is too cold. I don’t want to see you suffer from a cold, so you should change quickly. Wear something warmer, okay?”


Seeing Lorraine turn red in an instant, I felt the urge to hug her. However, it would be impossible here. I couldn’t do anything more. With a very regretful feeling, I went to the next room.

Then, there was a little commotion from the next room, but Paula was there, so it should be okay. As instructed by the servant, I changed clothes and put on the clothes that were handed to me while listening to the merchant’s explanation.

“It feels a bit uneasy.”

Muttering to myself, I immediately returned to the next room.

“I’m done.”

As soon as I called out, the voices that had been echoing until then suddenly stopped. With a slight nervousness, I opened the door to the next room. 

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