I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 144

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 144

Chapter 144: 4/8 — (Jeremiah POV)

“I heard that you always make unusual sweets and food for Lorraine. So, I was planning to thank you when I met you. Lorraine is always very happy, thank you.”

“No, I’m just doing it on my own. If it makes her happy, then that’s good.”

Mark responded somewhat bluntly, “Well then,” and tried to leave. Watching his back, I thought about what it would be like if I were him.

It was a very painful thought.

I thought about what I could do for him, but Mark probably wouldn’t want to borrow my power. I knew that. Even so…

“If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know.”

Before I knew it, I had said that.

Mark stopped abruptly and looked bewildered. Then he shook his head as if to say “whatever” and made a bitter expression before saying,

“You’re a strange person. You’re not like any noble I’ve ever seen.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I’ve never met anyone like you before.”

Mark declared firmly and then muttered under his breath, “It’s annoying.” I understood that it meant he was irritated, but I decided not to ask about it since it was natural.

“But with those words just now, I feel like I understand who you are as a person. I had a feeling before, but now I’m sure.”

I saw a face mixed with complexity, resignation, regret, and a sense of relief, as if he had just let go of a heavy burden. I felt a strange feeling as I looked at him.

Mark took a deep breath and looked straight into my eyes before speaking.

“…Please make Lorraine happy. Otherwise, I won’t forgive you.”

I was momentarily taken aback by his words. Then laughter welled up inside me. It was as if he had said that he didn’t need my help. In fact, it was probably true. Mark was the kind of person who didn’t need much help from anyone. Rather, he was the one who could help others.

Then there was only one thing I could say.

“I promise.”

“Absolutely. If you break it…”

“That won’t happen.”

“I’m glad. That settles it.”

Mark suddenly brightened up and said so. I couldn’t help but ask.

“Settles what?”

“Well, I was hesitant, but talking to you made my doubts disappear. I’m glad we talked… Thank you, Jeremiah-sama.”

Without explaining anything, Mark bowed deeply and told me not to ask any questions.

“Well then, I’m still in the middle of work, so please excuse me.” 

“Y-Yeah, I’m sorry, huh?”

Mark briskly returned to work, leaving me bewildered and sighing in front of my remaining questions.

“Did he do that on purpose?”

There was a lingering feeling of indigestion. If he did it on purpose, then it worked out according to his intentions. Or maybe, if it wasn’t intentional, it was a statement of not wanting to share anything about himself.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if I don’t know.”

I strongly told myself that and still felt good about being able to talk to him.

In important matters like this, it’s necessary to draw a line.

I don’t like dragging things out.

“Well then, shall we go back for now?”

I still feel like I won’t be allowed in, but that’s okay. With a slightly lighter feeling, I started walking again. 

Looking back, a chaotic world spread out before me.

I expressed it like the beginning of a myth, but it’s not a grand story. However, there was no other way to describe it.

As I stood in front of the door, perplexed, Lorraine came up to me with a smile. I reflexively averted my eyes.

My cheeks felt hot, but it was probably just my imagination.

“How about this?!”

“Well, I think it suits you, but why are you dressed like that?”

“It’s a costume for a party.”

Lorraine happily showed off her clothes as she spoke. She was wearing a simple dress that looked like a giant piece of cloth layered several times over, like the stone statues often seen in ancient ruins. It was plain, but had plenty of decorations, making her look like a small goddess.

However, the problem was that it exposed a lot of skin.

I asked while struggling to keep my eyes in check.

“A costume party?”

“Yes. Paula suggested having a small gathering after the Javier festival, so I suggested a costume party. There are others too.”

Lorraine took my arm and happily led me to where the other women were. I looked at Paula and Lucia and my face twitched slightly. 

Each of them was wearing a costume that they would never normally wear. That’s fine, but why are they dressed in such a subtly incomprehensible way?

Paula was dressed in men’s clothing for some reason and had a whip in her hand. I understand the men’s clothing, but why military attire?

As for Lucia, she was wearing clothes with far more frills and lace than usual, and it suited her abnormally well. If she stayed silent, she would be completely like a doll.

Both of them, no, even Lorraine seemed to be having a lot of fun, and I momentarily tried to cool my head and wander my gaze as to what I should say.

At that moment, I noticed someone crouching in the corner of the room. She was wearing a normal girly dress, but her hair was short. Looking at her back in an adult-like dress with a black and purple theme, I thought it might be Dennis.

Perhaps because of that, a question slipped out of my mouth.

“Could it be… Dennis?”

Then the person whose back was visible trembled greatly and shouted while holding their head even more.

“D-Don’t come near me! It’s poisonous to Jeremiah-sama’s eyes!”

I didn’t know what to do and my voice got stuck in my throat.

“That’s not true. Look over here. Dennis is really beautiful.”

“That’s right. There’s no mistake in my judgment. If only she would tidy up her hair, she would be quite something.”

Paula declared with a strange laugh.

Then Lucia, who looked like a fluffy little girl, ran over and said with a smiling face, or rather, trying to hold back her laughter.

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