I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 14

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: They are planning to make a spectacular transformation

Madam Sabrina’s Shop.

As the sign indicated, the owner of the tailor shop was a well-built female proprietor. Seamstresses were bustling around her, and there were several other customers besides us.

“Oh my, Lady Ojo of Castalde! Welcome back. What can I do for you today?”

“Long time no see, Madam. Today, I came to have her clothes tailored, not for myself. She didn’t have anyone to advise her around here. But I thought it wouldn’t do if she stood next to Jeremiah like that.”

Madam’s dark brown eyes caught me. I felt like I was being locked on. I became uneasy as she looked at me as if she were scrutinizing me from behind her glasses.

“Oh, so Lord Jeremiah has finally made up his mind to settle down. Congratulations, this means the Castalde family and my shop are both safe now. Well then, please come this way, let’s take your measurements.”

“Oh, yes! Thank you very much.”

I hurriedly replied and headed towards the back of the shop.

After that, I took off my dress and was measured. After it was over, I sat on the chair provided with Jeremiah and listened to Paula and Madam arguing fiercely while holding the cloth in front of them. I no longer understood what they were saying. I didn’t even understand what I didn’t understand.

Still, when I answered questions about the clothes I had, their colors, designs, and decorations, I heard several voices sounding terribly disappointed.

Wait, that sigh wasn’t just from the three of them.

It’s understandable that the shop’s customers listen to other people’s conversations, but I wish they wouldn’t show their attitude.

Moreover, there were obviously mixed voices of sympathy. Please leave me alone because it makes me sad. I know very well how lacking my sense is.

After all, I felt embarrassed when I tried my best to dress up with such a plain face and a plump body, so I didn’t touch on that aspect of information too much.

I strictly ordered the tailors and maids to make things that were not too flashy, so as a result, they became modest and unimpressive.

Still, my mother had a say in the evening dress, so it was somewhat glamorous, but as a result of my dislike for extreme exposure, the plainness increased.

“Why didn’t anyone pay attention to this? Certainly, the Valcourt family’s location is a remote place, and there is only abundant nature around, but even so, why are there only brown and gray colors? It’s like they’re using protective colors to avoid being attacked by beasts. What is this!”

“I’ve been saying that…” Paula made a gesture of holding her head in her hands with her usual poisonous tongue.

“That’s right. It’s one thing if it’s an old maid, but for a young girl to have only those colors, and the designs she heard about are like relics from the previous century, not just outdated.”

“Well, in that case, let’s make a complete set! Lord Jeremiah, would that be okay?”

To the determined Madam, Jeremiah nodded with a serious expression.

“Yes, please do. I want her to awaken to the joy of dressing up. Even if it costs a lot, I don’t mind paying for it.”

“W-wait a minute! Even if it costs a lot, that’s really troublesome. Besides, I don’t need underwear. We’re not getting married, and I can keep wearing my riding clothes and regular dresses as they are.”

“No way! I can’t let you wear such clothes! After all, you’re my future sister-in-law, which means you’ll be the future Marquess. Lady Castalde cannot be allowed to dress so shabbily! You should dress appropriately for your position!”


It seems that in Paula’s mind, Jeremiah and I were already married. Isn’t that going too far?

In any case, Jeremiah and I were just acquaintances who had met a few times and exchanged greetings. Recently, he asked me to be his pretend girlfriend, and we became close. I thought that was already difficult enough, but now it has developed into an engagement, and apparently, we are already considered to be getting married.

It’s too much of a leap. I can’t keep up anymore. What kind of thought process is she having?

Jeremiah must be troubled by this too. I thought that since I am just playing the role of his girlfriend, I would ask for his help and looked to him, but I collided with a sweet smile. Wait, I expected a troubled smile in return.

This is like a smile directed towards a real lover.

My heart was about to stop, but I managed to hold on.

“Don’t worry, this kind of expense is nothing. Look forward to it. There will be another ball scheduled for the last day of the gathering in this mansion, and you will be presented there. It seems like everyone will be amazed, so it will be fun.”

“Uh… but…”

I was about to say that I should pay some of it, but Jeremiah put his index finger on my lips and closed one eye.

“I won’t hear any more. You just have to wait quietly for the dress to be ready, okay?”

What a foul play. My mind went blank, and I unconsciously nodded my head up and down. There was probably some kind of hypnotic effect.

I thought he was too good at acting while looking at his finger that had left my lips.

I wanted to praise myself for not collapsing on the spot. Well, I might have looked like a young girl in love, lost in thought, but that was probably all right.

——But it’s probably better not to continue playing the role of a girlfriend for too long.

While wiping my flushed cheeks with my cold hand, I let out a small sigh. Yes, it’s not good. If I continue like this, I will definitely fall in love with him. I want to avoid that at all costs.

However, it’s too late to back down now.

——Get a grip, it’s just for viewing.

While reminding myself of that, I watched the heated debate in which Jeremiah also participated. Anyway, I’m honestly happy to be able to wear a new dress.

I wonder how it will turn out, so I turned my attention to something else.

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