I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 13

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Blood ties show up in the most unexpected places

I couldn’t just say “his face” straightforwardly.

If I said something like that, not only would I be looked down upon, but Jeremiah’s request would also be ruined. I tried to think on my feet and came up with some good things about him.

“Well, he’s very straightforward, isn’t he? I won’t say anything that I don’t mean, so you can trust me. Besides, he’s kind. Not only does he point out flaws that I wouldn’t notice myself, but he also seriously considers how to overcome them… And despite being such a handsome man, he doesn’t seem to be arrogant about it, which I think is wonderful.”

Based on the information I had obtained from observing him from afar and the recent list of rude words, I came to a conclusion and Paula’s face lit up.

“Well, that’s wonderful. You really understand the good things about him that other ladies couldn’t see. You see, he has a sweet face and a promising future. It’s so attractive that everyone is blinded by it and no one can see his true nature.

He’s actually a gentle and delicate child who can’t lie. I’m so happy that you’re going to be my sister-in-law. There’s nothing happier than that.”

Her delicate hand, wrapped in white gloves, reached out and enveloped my small hand.

My heart aches with overflowing affection from the violet-colored gaze directed at me. I want to say no, that’s not it, but if I say that, it will be over. So, I nod with a smile plastered on my face.

“I’m proud to think that I can also have a beautiful sister-in-law like you.”

“Ara, don’t praise me too much.”

Paula laughs happily.

“But first, we have to find a dress that suits you. If you enter the social season like this, people will say things like ‘she’s so dull’ or ‘she’s so plain’ or ‘she’s not stylish’ or ‘she looks cheap’ or ‘she looks shabby’ behind your backs, and they’ll just laugh at you for being a countryside Baron’s daughter.”

With good material like this, it’s a waste to let it rot before the flower blooms. You have such beautiful hair and skin, it’s such a shame.”

Paula looks at me carefully, as if pondering what would suit me.

It’s nice that she’s seriously considering what would suit me, but on the other hand, I feel it keenly.

——They are definitely siblings.

Or rather, was that line just now worse than what Jeremiah said? He said I was plain and had a weak presence, but he didn’t say I was dull or anything like that.

Or rather, a lot of insults were flying around.

I was impressed in a different way that they had such a wide vocabulary.

“My husband, Duke, isn’t very good at dressing up even though he’s at that level. He was terrible. So, when he tried to court me, I told him off and said he should pay more attention to his appearance. Then he immediately proposed and said he had been waiting for a woman like me.

He said that you’re wonderful because you don’t decorate your words, and at first, I didn’t like it, but if you keep hearing it… Oh, I’m getting off-topic.

Anyway, leave it to us today.”

“Yes, please do.”

As I answered, I suddenly thought that Duke-sama must be someone who enjoys being abused. I don’t think I’m wrong. Are there any other people who are happy to be insulted? No way.

I told myself that my face, which was now stuck with a smile, was actually serious, and I wanted to get to the city quickly. I wanted to see Jeremiah as soon as possible. It’s better to be told that I’m plain by him than to keep showing off my lovey-dovey tongue in front of Paula.

I kept praying in front of Paula, who continued to mix her poisonous tongue with her lovey-dovey talk.

Ah, the air is so fresh.

When we arrived in the city, we got off the carriage in front of a tailor’s shop. Other wealthy people were getting off their carriages and shopping in various places.

Nearby, maids and servants were running around busily.

My spirit had been worn down to the point where I felt like it was a distant memory that I could enjoy watching the two beautiful people up close. It felt like my spirit had been meticulously sanded away.

To take away even the luxury of watching was truly terrifying, my dear sister.

Even if there was no malice, I wanted to escape from reality so badly that I would catch a nearby child and advise them to stop speaking ill of others, even if it caused inconvenience.

I hope that all the members of the Castalde family are not poisonous-tongued.

I prayed to the god who would be beyond the clear sky. I understand that it is meaningless. However, even if it is meaningless, useless, or ends in vain, there are times when we want to cling to something.

“Lady Lorraine? Are you perhaps drunk? You look a little pale.”

“Oh no, no, I’m fine. I was just questioning why I was born into this world too much.”

“…Ah, I see. I’m sorry. You should ride in the same carriage as me on the way back.”

Perhaps he sensed something, as Jeremiah said with a very sympathetic face.

Internally, I became like a character in a dramatic manga, thinking, “If you knew, why didn’t you do it from the beginning?” But there was no point in blaming him.

For an unmarried woman, being alone with a man in a carriage is not a good act, even if they are acquaintances and plan to be engaged in the future.

“What are you two talking about? Come on, Madam is waiting too, Lorraine. Come over here. Look at this beautiful fabric. Oh, this fabric is also beautiful. It will definitely suit you!” Paula exclaimed as she entered the store and began to get excited about the various fabrics.

I looked at her tiredly and started to walk unsteadily. Then, Jeremiah took my hand immediately. I was truly grateful this time.

“Thank you.”

“No, I did a bad thing. But my sister’s eyes are sharp, so I brought her with us. I think you will like the finished dress.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

I smiled back at the unusually kind Jeremiah. I didn’t have the energy to admire the dresses, so I looked directly into his eyes and conveyed my gratitude as much as possible. Then, Jeremiah briefly became serious and immediately turned his face away.

Perhaps my feelings didn’t come across well. While feeling disappointed, I followed him into the store.

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