“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Birthday party for His Royal Highness the Prince 2

(I can’t forgive this. . .that failure being recognized as Zion-sama’s wife. . .)

Olivia Westmeath was burning with intense jealousy towards her sister-in-law.

As someone inferior to herself, the daughter of the former head of the family always filled the empty space in her unsatisfied heart.

It was an engagement that could never lead to happiness with a corrupt aristocrat, which is why she allowed her to leave that mansion.

She had not heard that the next head of the Duke family, who was expected to have a future, would be her sister-in-law’s partner.

(If only I had a chance. . .! If I had taken the engagement instead of my sister-in-law. . .)

She couldn’t regret it enough.

She could have been in a position that everyone envied.

Furthermore, her sister-in-law was recognized for her magical talent and was even working as a temporary researcher at the Royal Magic College.

A genius who shakes the magical world with her astonishing talent——every time she hears such evaluations, she becomes white with anger.

(Everyone is being deceived. There’s no way that wicked person has such talent. After all, she couldn’t even leave the mansion because of her incompetence. She’s just pretending to be capable by covering up her surface. . .!)

In addition, the fact that Finne’s evaluation is increasing in the Westmeath family has become a new source of worry.

[What if that child is recognized by society as the next head’s wife and gains strong influence? There is a possibility that our own reputation might be damaged.]

Having seen the inside of the Westmeath family, Finne knows about the misconduct committed by her parents-in-law and the fact that they sold off assets belonging to the previous generation against inheritance law. 

If she were to accuse them as the next Duchess, everything they had built up could be lost in an instant.

(Why do we have to suffer because of such a failure. . .!)

Olivia clenches her fist.

(To protect our family name, I will embarrass her at this party and bring her reputation down. She should regret getting carried away. . .!)

As an inexperienced future Duke’s wife, her job is to greet people and remember their faces and names, but as Finne, who was imprisoned in a ghost mansion, it is really difficult.

(I don’t think you can remember them. . .)


While trying to find some distinctive features and memorize them, she thinks about magic.

“Ah, I want to go home. . .I want to read books. I want to study magic. . .”

[Yeah, yeah. I’m happy that my disciple is diligent.]

“I want to spend all day in bed reading magic books. I want to admire the beauty of imaginary theorems and unstable magic formulas all day long. I want a life where I can eat sweets while reading books and laze around forever.”

[You’re not diligent. . .?]

As Mr. Ghost looks puzzled, she draws magic formulas in her head to calm herself down.

(Ah, why is the world of magic so beautiful?)

A beautiful world created on a neat and orderly system.

Compared to that, the human world is irregular and chaotic, making her dizzy.

(I’m still not good at socializing.)

A conclusion typical of Finne the hikikomori.

(The only time I go outside is when I go to the university to help with magic research or when I go to beat up bad guys.)

While realizing once again her active hikikomori-like personality, she waits at the back for the party to end. 

Now, an elite performance by the Royal Knights was taking place.

The knights were demonstrating their impressive sword skills using swords specifically designed for the performance.

According to insiders, this entertainment by those involved is an annual tradition at the second prince’s birthday party.

Representing the kingdom, traditional dances by renowned dancers and acrobatics by famous acrobats were performed, each having prepared their acts for today’s event.

At first, Finne had no interest in the performance, but the techniques honed through unrelenting training by these top-class performers had an overwhelming impact when seen live.

(There are so many amazing things in the world that I don’t know about. . .!)

She applauded with all her might as the knights lined up and bowed.

Just seeing this entertainment made her feel glad she came today, and she waited eagerly for the next act.

“Next up was supposed to be Clementelli-sama, the opera singer who is famous throughout the kingdom. Unfortunately, due to an epidemic, she cannot attend today. However, someone has volunteered to perform in her place.”

(I wanted to hear the singing of the kingdom’s most famous opera singer. . .)

Just as she was disappointed as a spectator completely absorbed in the performances, it happened.

“Please welcome with applause! This person who has been making a name for herself recently at Royal Magic College——Finne Creutzfeldt-sama!”

A spotlight dyed her head pure white.

It was hot like the sun was nearby, but Finne’s mind was not on that at all.

(Do I have to perform?! After those amazing people?!)

She held her head in her hands in her mind, knowing that it was a situation where embarrassment was inevitable.

All eyes in the venue were on her. 

There was no escape now.

Guided by a nobleman who was helping with the proceedings, she stepped onto the stage with a guilty gait.

(Why?! How did this happen. . .?!)

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